Is Widget Smith safe to use iOS 14 ?

Is Widget Smith using Key logger to hack iPhone: IOS 14

The new iOS 14 released by Apple has added many new features and one of the major change added is Widget. Widget were also part of iOS 13 but all of them were inbuilt and users have limited control over Widgets. But now in iOS 14 there are lots of widget added by Apple that user can place on home screen of iPhone. Which is really cool ! As previously Apple never allowed its users to make any changes to home screen. But in OS 14 now you can customize home screen as per your design idea.

Is Widget Smith Safe App ?

As there are many different types of Widgets in different sizes, and  for managing them there is a good app called WidgetSmith, which lets you add or remove different widgets to iPhone home screen. As Widget Smith can access your phone data to show Widgets, it is a genuine question that is Widget Smith safe to use on iPhone or how safe is Widget Smith. We have tries to answer this in this article.

Recently there are many rumours spreading across internet that widget smith being used as a key logger for iOS 14  which means widget smith can steals passwords and cryptocurrency wallets, and it can also download and install new malware. 

So many iPhone users using widget smith are actually worried about safety as can Widget Smith can steal data and hack your phone. 

Is Widget Smith Safe to use : iOS 14

Does widget smith hack your phone !!! ????  We don’t think so.

In iOS 14 widget are not even full fledge application and they run in background very briefly, and not allowed to run all the time.  For iOS 14 WidgetKit developer framework provides a limited set of tools that developers can tap into when designing and developing their home screen widgets.Generally speaking, sandboxing protection within iOS 14 also prevents any sort of key logger application, for widgets and apps.  

Widget Smith is also an App (developed using Widget Kit) that is developed by David Smith. The app can create and add widget to home screen of iPhone. To show the data, no doubt the App will have access to data that is shown on Widgets but it is more important to know if What App is doing with your data. So is your data Safe with Widget Smith. App safety is a big question in today‚Äôs world.   Many countries are banning apps for privacy , misuse of data. Below are some Widget Smith Safety related points that you may would like to read before coming down to any conclusion about Widget Smith Safety.

1.       Widget Smith is also an App: Just like any other app in your iPhone, Widget Smith is also an app which is developed by third party. Therefore all the Developer guidelines for safety of user data are valid for Widget Smith app as well.  Before publishing app in App Store Developer have to go through a very long list of checks regarding app privacy, data collection, Data linked to the user, Tracking, advertisement etc. You can go through the list of checks here. If the app is found to be not complying to any of above it will not be allowed to be published on App store and it the app is already on App store and any complaint regarding compliance is found, the app can be turned down by  Apple.

2.      Widget Smith Permission access: Widget smith do have privacy control eg if you want to add any health widget in your iPhone using Widget Smith you will be asked to allow access to Health data, it is totally upto you to grant access. Same is for weather Widget, it will ask for location access. If you want to manage Widget Smith permission go to ->Setting-> scroll down and find widget smith-> Tap on it and check list for what permission it asks for.

Data security is a big question for all third party app and is applicable to big apps like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram. So if what makes you trust on these app can also help to trust WidgetSmith.

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