Low quality videos/Photo when sending with iMessage on iOS 14 [Solved]

iMessage low video quality iOS 14


Apple has recently launched its latest iOS version iOS 14 with many changes, such as widgets, app library etc. But like other updates of iOS, iOS 14 version is also affected with many bugs. There are also many system level changes then by Apple in iOS 14 which users are experiencing for the first time.  After iOS 14 Blurry videos and texts on iMessage are sent.

iMessage low video quality iOS 14

One such issue is with iMessage, while sending videos or Live Photos over iMessages, Quality of videos becomes really bad. This is a very weird issue as Low Quality iMessage Videos happened in iOS 14 only and not in iOS 13. Even when the recorded videos in HD mode and are playing crystal clear in the iPhone but after sending them over iMessage, receiver gets it in really low quality. 

There is a low resolution image setting for iMessage. But even when this option is turned off on the sender side, iMessage still sends poor quality videos. 

Why iMessage is sending low quality videos.

The iMessage low quality video or Live photo, images seems to be issue with latest iOS 14. The iMessage is sending those videos and photos in different format. Eg  images which are taken and saved as jpegs but get converted to HEIC when sending through iMessage in iOS 14 and are of bad/poor quality. gifs sent to iPhone users are being converted to .HEICS files. So the conversion is done in iOS intentionally and we cannot ignore the fact that this can be a Known-behaviour in iMessages. 

How to fix iMessage videos are sent blurru and low quality in iOS 14 : iPhone 11 Pro Max/ iPhone XS, iPhone XR/7/8/6s Plus: 

These are just workaround to fix the iMessage issue in iOS 14, please let us know in comment section if they helped you. 

Solution 1: Check iMessage settings

Check iMessage settings. Open settings, scroll down to messages, then scroll all the way down in that menu and see if “Low quality image mode” is on, if it is turn it off. Repeat on all devices. Let us know if this helps. 

Solution 2: Use 4G or WIFI then LTE

One way to fix is to use faster network connection. Please try Turning off LTE and running on 4G or WIFI and check if it sends the images and videos properly via iMessage! This is a workaround for now.

As iMessage are sent using Apple servers so all the quality control is done by Apple. Quality of videos and images sent depends upon many factors. But the same user was able to send videos in good quality in iOS 13 which is not working in iOS 14 now. Surely this is a change from Apple site or can be a bug. The permanent fix for the problem will be released by Apple in upcoming releases. Therefore we recommend you to always update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. 

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