Photo widget : How to add feature image and select photos

how to set photo as featured image in iOS 14 Photo widget

In the latest version of iOS 14 Apple has finally given the option to customise the home screen. From past many iOS versions uses had very limited or no access to the home screen looks. But finally the Apple has decided and now giving options to its user to edit or customise the home screen using widgets.

how to set photo as featured image in iOS 14 Photo widget

What are widgets in iOS 14:

In iOS 14 Apple have released visits in all new dimensions, now you can please visit in your home screen and can control which app preview you would like to see there. It’s likely that more and more have developer will come up for Widget support for user experience. 

Photo Widget in iOS 14

There are lots of widgets available and most famous one is photo Widget.  This is a great inbuilt widget which will show you memorable pics from your iPhone. There are three sizes available in photo widget that you can place on your iPhone home screen in iOS 14. 

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How To Add Photo Widget:

  • On your home screen blank space, do a long press until you see jiggling effect.
  • Tap on plus sign which is at the top of screen.
  • You will see a list of visits, scroll down until you find photo widget. 
  • Add the widget. Done. 
  • Now you will have to visit on your home screen and you can Place it as per your wish. 

How to add featured image in Photo Widget : iOS 14/ iPhone 11 Pro,XS MAX, XR, 8,7 Plus. 

Unfortunately there is no way to select a particular image and set it as a feature image in the photo widget section. But there is a way you can control which photos are shown as feature image in your Photo widget. 

To control featured image in photo Widget please follow below steps:

  • Featured image in photo Widget is taken from your iPhone photos app. The image is taken from memories or features section.
  • As you cannot add any photos to above those albums, but definitely you can remove or delete the photos you don’t like.

  • For removing a photo from feature section in photo Widget on iOS 14, in the photo app go to ‘For You’ tab.

  • Featured photo in Photo widget iOS 14

  • Where you will see memories and future photos.
  • Long press on the photos one by one and remove from featured image- which you don’t want to see as featured image in the photo widget. 
  • This way you will only see those photos has featured image in photo Widget that you liked. 
  • Further it is recommended to customise your memory images for example if you don’t like a certain type of picture then long press on the photo and choose show fewer Memories like this. This will help iPhone to manage featured images as per your like and dislike. 

Since you cannot set a particular image as a featured image in photo Widget,

Hopefully above mentioned steps help see you narrow down your selection as featured image in photo visit on iOS 14.

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