Photo Widget “No Content Available” and Blank: iOS 14/ iPhone

After updating to iOS 14 many iPhone users are facing issue with broken widgets, one such examples is photo visit which is not loading the photos properly and showing “no content available”.

Soon after updating to iOS 14 many iPhone user found that there are no photos shown in the photo widget. Photo visit fast working perfect with iOS 13. 

This is not the only Photo Widget that is not working in iPhone but also weather Widget and clock widgets are also reported with some issues.

How to fix Photo widget showing – “No Content Available” after iOS 14:

If you are also seeing no content available in weather widget, then it might be possible that photos will take some time to load from your iCloud library. Please make sure your phone is on a good Wi-Fi as it has to download many photos from iCloud library.

Many iPhone users over facing issue with photo widget found it working after some time like one or two days. So the solution is to leave your phone alone for couple of days and check back later.

If iPhone still does not show photos in photo widget, then there might be any other problem in your iPhone.

This case please follow below listed troubleshooting.

Fix 1: Toggle iCloud

You should try logging out and logging back to your iCloud account on your iPhone. To settings and tap on your profile photo, from there you can sign out from the iCloud account. Login back again after sometime. Now leave the iPhone on a good network connection for one or two days. Hopefully your photos will start appearing in the photo Widget.

Fix 2: Re add the widget

It might be possible that after lunch iOS 14 the photo visit is not working properly in this scenario you should delete the Widget from iPhone and re- add it. 

Fix 3: Reset iPhone

If the issue is caused by some software glitch in your iPhone quick way to fix the issue is to hard reset your iPhone. If that also does not help you you should try to reset your iPhone by taking back up in advance.

Hopefully these workaround helped you. Let us know in comments section.

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