Safari tabs not syncing between devices iPhone/iPad/Mac 2020 [Fix]

Apple keeps on releasing new version of its OS , iOS 14, iPad,  macOS Catalina, but recently in iOS 2020 release, Apple users are facing issue that safari tabs not syncing between devices. The iCloud tabs are bugged and not synching between iPhone, iPad and MAC devices. Tabs removed or added on iPhone does not show in Macbook. 

Safari tabs not syncing iOS 14, mac OS 

The issue is also widespread to bookmarks, reading list and tabs. It could be issue with new version of macOS because the tabs are synching properly between old imac but not with the latest version of iMac. iCloud tabs not updating and synching devices is really annoying issue as users are not able to open tabs in macbook and iOS devices. 

Below we have listed some workaround or troubleshooting steps that can help you to sink taps across different Apple devices synced on iCloud. 

How to fix iCloud tabs not syncing between macbook, iPhone, iPad: 

Fix 1:  Restart Safari synching

  1. 1.Make sure you have Safari syncing enabled under Settings [Your Name] iCloud (or System Preferences | iCloud).
  2. 2.Close all tabs and windows on the device which is not showing up (Mac mini in my case).
  3. 3.Force quit Safari on that device: if iOS, open the App Switcher – swipe up and hold from the bottom of the screen – and then swipe up on Safari’s card to kill it; on Mac go Apple | Force Quit and select Safari.
  4. 4.Now reboot the affected device.
  5. 5.Open a new webpage in Safari on affected device.
  6. 6.Check iCloud Tabs on another device.

Fix 2: Toggle iCloud and Safari

Try turning off Safari sync off and back on and also signing out of iCloud. Check again if it fixes the issue and check if the tabs sync properly now.

Fix 3: Update iOS and mac

 Tabs not synching in iCloud seems to be issue with software compatibility. Apple will probably address the issue in upcoming releases of macOS and iOS. Please keep your devices on latest version of mac and iOS. 

Hope this article helps you to fix tab not syncing issue in Safari. 

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