TikTok link opens in Safari instead of the app on iPhone 12/11 [Solved]

Link sharing is a very common practice, specially when you want to share a video you like, for example a tick-tock video, Instagram video, Facebook with video. But many users are facing issue in iPhone while sharing a tiktok video link. The issue is that in iPhone when you try to open a tik-tok with your link it will get opened in Safari or default browser instead of ticktock app. The links open in safari browser always even if you have latest version of TikTok app installed.

iphone tiktok link not opening in app

Whenever iPhone gets a tiktok links through whatsapp, the links open through Safari not through the app which is really annoying as it does not get opened in user account. If you try to like it, it takes iPhone to the App Store for the app that already have downloaded and will not take to the actual video on the app.

If you are also facing the issue we have listed below some of the possible workaround to fix the issue.

How to fix TikTok video links open in safari browser instead of tick-tock app on iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 11/XS Max/ XR, 8/7 Plus: iOS 14

Fix 1: Reinstall the app

One of the easiest way to fix the issue is to reinstall the TikTok app. Delete and reinstall the tiktok app. Now try opening the tick-tok video link and should get open in TicTok app.

Fix 2: Launch Link from Notes app

This is more like a workaround. All you have to do is to copy the TikTok link from iMessage/Whatsapp and past in the notes app. Now click and hold on the link and select β€œOpen in TikTok app” from the popup menu. Now all TikTok links should open in the TikTok app by default once again.

Fix 3: Tap on TikTok App logo in Safari

Open the link in Safari now scroll up the page more until a button showed up across from the Tik Tok app logo that is BLUE and says OPEN, click that and it will open the tik tok video in Tik Tok. Now close the Safari tab & try to opened the link in Whatsapp/ iMessage and it should open in Tik Tok by default.

Hopefully after trying above mentioned fixes you should be able to open ticktoka links in the TikTok app.

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