Unable to transfer photos to PC after iOS 14.3 Update

After updating to latest iOS 14.3 many iPhone users are facing issue in transferring photos to the computer/PC running on Windows. It seems to be issue in iOS 14.3 and iPhone 12 Pro,11,XS etc are not able to open internal storage DCIM and transfer the photos. 

Before installing iOS 14.3 the process of transferring photos to the computer was very simple, just connect through USB from iphone 12 pro max to windows desktop and in file explorer, directly drag and drop photos.

unable to transfer photo video iOS 14.3

In iOS 14.3 when the iPhone is connected to PC go to Internal Stoage > DCIM > 100APPLE , the users are seeing less photos and moreover the photos can’t be dragged from iPhone storage to PC. 

This seems to be issue in iOS 14.3, as many iPhone users are not feeling annoyed with this and can’t transfer photo to computer on iOS 14.3. The Apple has not given any warnings about change in photo transferring process, also uses are not able to transfer the photo from iTunes.

How to fix unable to transfer photos from iPhone 12 Pro Max, Mini, 11 Pro, XS MAX to PC in iOS 14.3

There is no settings which will allow you to access photos in drag them to windows. As this seems to be a change from Apple side, therefor Apple is only responsible for turning the feature back.

There is a workaround to access your photos using a third-party software called 3uTools let you go into the file structure of the iPhone. The software you can easily extract files and folder to desktop of your computer.

Hope this article helps you to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC on iOS 14.3

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