Weather Widget Not working in iOS 14 on iPhone 11 Pro/XR/XS Max/8/7

iOS 14 weather widget not working

iPhone users after updating to iOS 14 are facing issue with weather widget not working or not showing weather details properly. The issue is after updating iOS 14 the weather app not showing any info, or weather widget is  gone from iPhone. The issue also causes not to load weather for the new location edit in the weather visit doing all data for the already added locations in the weather widget.  

Weather  Widget on iOS 4/ iPhone 11 doesn’t  work or shows nothing on Smart Stack, does not display anything, just a black screen. 

iOS 14 weather widget not working

Some of the iPhone user the weather widget is not showing it at all, and even after multiple restarts the weather widget is not shown. In IOS 14 the weather widget is gone and doesn’t show in the widget menu when creating widgets.

 Same is the case with Clock widget Clock out of sync and weather either blank or just wrong. When changing clock widget to local time, the clock does not keep time. Slowly becomes inaccurate overtime.

The issue is not only with the clock widget with also with the weather visit in the iOS 14, weather widget is is stuck on last night forecast and The clock is working but will not update time. Surely Apple should give a good round of testing to its new feature before releasing it to its customer and confusing them very badly.

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How to fix Weather widget not working on iOS 14

Fix 1: Turn on background app refresh

For weather visit to work properly you need background refresh turned on. Turn it on, and reboot your phone. With background app refresh on widget should show whether correctly in iOS 14. 

Go to Settings —> General —> Background App Refresh —> Turn “weather” on.

Fix 2:  Edit location for weather widget 

  1. Long press weather widget
  2. when it shows a drop down menu, click “ edit widget”
  3. Choose a location you need instead of “ my location” option.

Fix 3 : Reset Network Setting

Network settings are very important for setting your time zone and your location, if you are facing issue like whether o’clock visit not working in iOS 14 then you should consider resetting your network setting. Just Go to General settings and reset your iPhone network settings.

Fix 4: Reinstall the weather app

If weather visit is not loading on iOS 14, one easy way to fix the issue is to uninstall the app for my iPhone and reinstall the app. By doing this will also update the weather app to the latest version which surely will be stable than the earlier version.

Fix 5: Reset Location 

If clock visit is not working on iOS 14 properly, In Setting -> Reset Location & Privacy data.  And also Make sure the apps are turned on for Background App Refresh. This has fixed the issue for many iPhone users.

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