Whatsapp calls keep reconnecting/disconnecting on iPhone 12/11 : iOS14

iPhone users with latest iOS 14 are facing issue in Whatsapp that whatsapp call keeps on reconnecting and then ends. iPhone user when you call someone or receives a call on WhatsApp it receives the calls it shows reconnecting and cuts the call. Whatsapp calls on iPhone keeps on disconnecting very frequently. What’s up calls on iPhones are frequently dropping if you are using Wi-Fi network for making calls. When iPhone users are using mobile network the call goes fine but with Wi-Fi only WhatsApp calls are giving issue.

Whatsapp call reconnecting and disconnecting iPhone XR, 8,7,6s Plus,

This issue is very annoying as it is very difficult for the iPhone user to make calls using WhatsApp. The issue started majorly after updating to iOS 14, therefore it seems that some changes in iOS 14 is causing this Whatsapp bug in Whatsapp. 

Whatsapp calls not working on iphone is very common issue across different iPhone models including flagship phone – iPhone 12 Max Pro, iPhone 11/XS Max/XR. Even on the latest iOS 14.3 beta issue still exist. There are no updates from Whatsapp or Apple on this, but surely this is irritating bug for iPhone users.

How to fix iPhone Whatsapp calls constantly disconnecting and reconnecting : iPhone/iOS 14/ Android 

If WhatsApp Calling not working after iOS14 Update, We have listed some workaround, fixes that you should try to fix WhatsApp audio calls reconnecting issue.

Fix 1: Turn on Local Network

Open iPhone settings. – > then tap on WhatsApp -> look for ‘Local Network’

If this is turned off. Turn this back on.

After telling this feature on you should be able to make WhatsApp call on iPhone

Fix 2 : Allow Whatsapp Notification  

This is more like a workaround for WhatsApp call dropping on Wi-Fi on iPhone. It is found that if you have turn on WhatsApp notification the WhatsApp audio calls will keep on dropping on on Wi-Fi connection. You should allow for the new notification of iOS 14 which is “Whatsapp”Would like to Send You Notifications.

Fix 3: Reset Network setting on iPhone

If you’re not able to turn on the notification of WhatsApp on iPhone, you should try network resetting and accept the notifications request post reset. 

Settings –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings.

Fix : Reboot the Router

None of the above fixes work for you then you should try restarting the Wi-Fi router. By after restarting the router and check if WhatsApp calls are going fine. 

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