Whatsapp videos not playing iOS 14 /iOS 14.2

iPhone users after updating to iOS 14.2 are facing issue that after the update WhatsApp videos are not playing. 

Got the same problem here, but videos can play if you edit it (if you click on the video and then play the little weird icon between the share icon and the play icon). After iOS 14 you won’t be able to play the videos, drag the play. 

What’s the video not playing was reported on iOS 14.2 beta, an iPhone user finds it very annoying. There is a workaround for the issue which we have mentioned below, but actual fix for this issue will have to come either from Whatsapp or Apple side.

How to fix Whatsapp Videos not playing on iPhone iOS 14.2

Workaround 1: Tap on edit option on WhatsApp screen

Whatsapp video not playing iOs 14

Easy way to play what’s up videos in iOS 14 is to tap on edit button on bottom left side of button. Now in the edit mode you will be able to play the video normally.

Workaround 2: Save the video to iPhone 

 Do you want to see the video then one other easy option is to save to your camera roll and it works, not ideal but a work around.

Workaround 3: playing it on Whatsapp Web or Desktop.

one other workaround to play what is the video on iOS 14.2 is to play the video on the desktop version of WhatsApp, it seems that the issue is with only WhatsApp app and the videos please find on the store version of it.

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