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why are my shortcuts not working iOS 14



Why Shortcuts app not working iOS 14

How to Fix Shortcuts not working on iOS 14

Apple has launched Shortcuts app way back in iOS 13 and it is evolving since then. It  is a complex app for new iPhone users and after update of iOS 14 many users are interested in using it as Shortcuts app let you indirectly customize app icon in iOS 14. 

Why Shortcuts app not working iOS 14
Shortcuts app not working

Basically Shortcut are made of actions and will execute on after other. You can create shortcut for an app, or for an action in app like sending message to someone over Whatsapp You can create automation in Shortcuts app which will run as routine once you set it. It also offer readymade Starter Shortcuts, which are most commonly used and can be configured easily. 


But many user after updating to iOS 14 are reporting that Shortcuts are not working in iPhone after iOS 14 update . Shortcuts app is giving more issue after update to iOS 14 and shortcuts stopped working after that. None of my shortcuts will run from the widget(unable to load), also they won’t run when activated with Siri. It just opens the Shortcuts app and selects the right shortcut, but stops short of actually running it.

Shortcut app 


Further in some of your custom routines fail to work completely, while some work like the way they should. 

Sometimes the Shortcut app keeps on crashing and shortcuts opens and then spontaneously closes.

How to fix Shortcuts app not working in iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR/XS MAX , iPhone 8,7 Plus : iOS 14


Fix 1 : Allow untrusted shortcuts

If your Shortcut routine originate from outside iOS 14 will not support it by default eg using Instagram shortcut. Apple doesn’t allow ‘Untrusted Shortcuts’ to run if they originate from a place outside of Apple’s. But you can easily fix this by editing settings of shortcut app.

Go to Settings -> Scroll down until you find Shortcuts app-> Tap on that -> “Allow untrusted Shortcuts”


After you are done , try running the Shortcuts routine which was failing before.

Fix 2 : Fix Shortcuts App crash


If shortcut app keeps on crashing for you then issue can be due to bad iCloud syncs. If you have multiple Apple devices and you create shortcuts on all of them, then these shortcuts will get merged with every other device. But due to this sync issue, Shortcuts app may crash. If You want to avoid this turn off iCloud :

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down until you find Shortcuts
  • Turn off iCloud Sync
  • Force quit the Shortcuts app if it’s still open.

Fix 3: Trigger Automation manually 


The following automations cannot be run automatically

  • Arrive
  • Before I Leave
  • Bluetooth
  • Leave
  • Time of Day
  • Wi-Fi

So if you are using any of above in Shortcuts automation, it will not work. 

Fix 4: Update the shortcut apps


Shortcut apps in released by Apple and is complex in nature . There are many bugs reported and getting fixed in new version of it. So it is highly recommended to update Shortcuts apps for iOS 14 stable support. 

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STEAM “purchase for myself” link not working [Fix]



Many users are facing issue while making a purchase on STEAM. When you try to buy Valve complete bundle on Steam, it will not work. Also if you have few games in the cart and when you will press purchase for myself or purchase as a gift nothing happens, it will not work.

Steam purchase link not working : 2021

Even if you have money in your wallet or you have a gift card the user is not able to purchase the game on steam. Even if you succeeds to purchase the game and bought a game but it will get stuck on pending transaction.  Payment is still pending for my games.

For example While trying to buy life is strange episodes and rocket league , added them to cart and click on purchase for myself nothing happens , tried multiple time but not working. After clicking “Purchase for myself” button and see only “Login” title and white empty page


How to fix Steam purchase not working/ Payment Stuck 2021

Solution 1: Check Server Status

If you are also not able to make a purchase on STEAM then this could be issue with their server getting slow. You can check server status here at and it this show server in your region is not working properly then you might face issue like STEAM “purchase for myself” not working. 

Solution 2: Try on different devices


If you are doing it in the app, do it in the browser, if you are in the browser do it in the app. Worked for me

Solution 3: Pay using Steam Wallet

This is a workaround which can help you to purchase game if Steam. First you should try adding money to steam wallet. Now try to make a purchase on steam. This may now work with better chances.

Hopefully this helps.

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Gif file saved as normal photo on iPhone 12 [Solved]





Many iPhone user are facing issue with  downloaded gif files. The downloaded gif files in the iPhone are saved as normal photo. Any GIF file downloaded from browser only save a photo of it and not the actual gif with multiple frames.

Gif not playing iPhone

The issue in happening on the latest iOS 14 as well. The issue is with only downloaded gif in the iPhone from internet using a web browser. There is no problem in downloading the GIF to google chrome but the problem is downloading a gif from chrome to your photo album on iPhone. In the iPhone Gif Animation is not playing.   This can be issue with iOS version or with the GIF file itself.


If you are also facing this issue than we have listed below workaround for the issue. Please try these and let us know if it helps to fix the issue.


How to fix iPhone GiF Animation not playing : iOS 14/ iPhone 12, 11 Pro Max, XS,XR,8/7/6s Plus


If Gif in the iPhone album is saving as normal photo  then this could be issue with the Chrome as other browsers are working just fine. In iPhone if a GIF are saving as normal photo then try changing the browser to download the GIF file. Like in Bing Browser or  , Aloha browser etc works well. The GIF downloaded from these browsers opens normally in the iPhone album.



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Why is Instagram not letting me like Phots/posts 2021?



Many a times you may face a situation where Instagram don’t let you like, comment or follow people. This is very common policy from Instagram. A very common reason is you have crossed the limits set to like posts. This may be limited to number of post sent in a day or rate at which you are liking the photos on Instagram.

Unable to like Instagram posts

While there are chances that Instagram is a Block distantly in this case you can try to send or contact them through their contact page. 

So below are the possible reason if you are not able to like picture in Instagram:


  1. Using  Autobots to like post – – Instagram have strict policy against Autobots. If it finds you are using Bots to like posts it may permanently disable your account. .
  2. You have crossed the limit of post in an hour. Same is the case or commenting and follow request. 
  3. Instagram had mistakenly detected your account for spamming. You should contact Instagram with valid reasons. 
  4. You are using a VPN. In this case also Instagram finds your request from suspicious IP address and may block your activities. 

How to fix Unable to like post on Instagram on iPhone/Android/iPad/PC/Mac:

Quick Fix: Log Out/ Login or Uninstall Instagram and reinstall 

If you are in hurry and can’t wait for Instagram team to reactivate all your ID access. First Try logging out from your Insta account and login back again. If still issue persists uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram app should help. 

In general you should wait for some time or a day to reactivate all access of your account. If after couple of days your account is not working normally you should contact Instagram.  Follow link to access help centre of Instagram

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