Why email not working in iOS 14 ? [Solved]

Office Email not working in iOS 14

iPhone users after updating to iOS 14 are facing issue in the opening their office email, exchange account on iPhone email app. After iOS 14 lots of users are reporting issues connecting iPhone and iPad to Exchange email. 

iOS 14 office email account not working Fix

While trying to login to office email, exchange account iPhone users on iOS 14 are seeing an error “Need admin Approval”. The issue started soon after the iPhone user updated to iOS 14 and the users are prompted to enter password for the exchange or office email account.

“Corporate account email is not working on iOS 14 is really annoying issue as many employees are not able to work with iOS 14 now. MAC despite iPad and iPhone is not affected with this issue.

The issue is with Company exchange, office 365 email accounts only, however gmail.com works fine on the iPhone with iOS 14. Office email account not syncing on iOS 14 iPhone is widespread among all the Apple devices like iPhone 11 pro, iPhone XR , iPhone X/7/6s and iPad also. It seems to be issued with iOS 14 is Asin email accounts were working fine with iOS 13. Sometimes the user is not able to sleep they need admin approval page, and getting “Account not authenticated” message.

Fixing iOS 14 – Admin Approval for exchange account is not easy issue for IT people in the company as they are not aware of the changes made by Apple in their email account policy. It is always better that Apple publishes details about changes in specific features like exchange account etc.

How to fix office email/exchange/office 365/ Hotmail / Outlook  email accounts are not working with iOS 14- ‘Need admin approval’ : iPhone 11 Pro, XR, XS MAX, iPhone 8,7, iPad (iOS 14)

Solution 1: Add email using IMAP Protocol

If still you are not able to add corporate email account to Apple email app try Adding the email via IMAP protocol manually, BUT doing that you will have no access to calendar so far.

Solution 2: Dismiss the admin approval page

Try returning (hitting cancel ) from the page which is asking for admin approval for synchronising office even account on iPhone with iOS 14.

After you have dismissed the message it will show a password field. Enter the password there and then should work.

Solution 3: Delete and re-add the offie account

Make sure you give Exchange/Office/ OUTLOOK or HOTMAIL permission to communicate with iOS. 

If office exchange email is not working on iOS 14 iPhone, then one of the easiest method to fix the issue is to remove the office account from your iPhone and re-add.. A dialogue page will open within same spot have MICROSOFT asking permission to connect 

Got to settings -> Calendar -> Accounts -> O365 account and deleted your account.

Now add the same account again.  

Check again and the email should work fine now.


Please note that this is just a workaround, and for some users got this done after trying multiple times.

Fix 4 : Update the iOS 14 

There are chances that changes made in iOS 14 has caused bug in office email account. Four stable version of email accounts it is always recommended to update to the latest version of iOS 14.

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