Why iPhone 11/8/6s is showing Airplane mode icon on some screens

Apple recently launched the latest iOS 14 version with lots of new features and performance improvements. But like older version of iOS, the iOS 14 is also affected with some bugs.

One of the issue faced is iOS is iPhone showing airplane more Icon randomly on different apps, Safari browser, some random screens.  With airplane mode OFF, iPhone users still see the airplane mode icon in some apps, start Screen Recording etc. The issue started after updating to iOS 14, surely it’s a bug in the latest iOS as this was never the case with older version of iOS 13. 

iphone showing incorrect airplane mode icon iOS 13/iOS14

The bug does not make a big harm to iPhone functionality but it’s very confusing and annoying to always see Airplane Mode icon on the iPhone top side. What is more annoying is you cannot remove the airplane mode icon from the iPhone screen using settings. In control centre and airplane setting there is no option to turn off the Airplane Mode because Airplane Mode is not actually active -“Airplane icon won’t go away in iPhone”. We have listed some workarounds to fix the issue, you are suggested to please follow these steps and check if it helps to remove the buggy/false airplane icon.

How to fix iPhone 12/11 /XS Max Pro /8 /7/6s showing false Airplane Mode icon on top of iPhone screen after iOS 14 update: 

To remove Airplan mode icon from iPhone screen please follow below steps:

Fix 1:  Turn off WIFI calling feature

Restart the iPhone. 

Now turn off WIFI calling. 

Next step is to  dial a number.

You will be prompted to turn off airplane mode.


Fix 2: Reset Network settings:

What other easy way to get rid of false aeroplane mod Icon from iPhone screen is to do a network reset. Network resetting will help iPhone to it is at its network settings like cellular, WIFI.


Your iPhone will reboot once in this process. 

Other Workaround to remove airplane icons from iPhone screen : 

  1. With airplane mode OFF, if you still see the airplane icon in some apps, swipe up to go to Control Centre, and start Screen Recording. Two to three seconds after you start Screen Recording, you will see the cellular signal bars, service provider name and Wi-Fi signal (if you’re near a known Wi-Fi network) return. Turn Screen Recording OFF.
  2. or Restart iPhone.
  3. or Soft reset iPhone.

Hopefully above solutions helps to remove airplance mode icon from iPhone screen. 

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