Why Shortcuts app not working on iPhone

Why Shortcuts app not working iOS 14

Shortcuts app not working on iOS 14

Shortcuts app is a complex app for new iPhone users and after update of iOS 14 many users are interested in using it as Shortcuts app let you indirectly customize app icon in iOS 14. 

Why Shortcuts app not working iOS 14
Shortcuts app not working

Basically Shortcut are made of actions and will execute on after other. You can create shortcut for an app, or for an action in app like sending message to someone over Whatsapp You can create automation in Shortcuts app which will run as routine once you set it. It also offer readymade Starter Shortcuts, which are most commonly used and can be configured easily. 

But many user after updating to iOS 14 are reporting that Shortcuts are not working in iPhone. Shortcuts app is giving more issue after update to iOS 14 and shortcuts stopped working after that. None of my shortcuts will run from the widget(unable to load), also they won’t run when activated with Siri. It just opens the Shortcuts app and selects the right shortcut, but stops short of actually running it.

Shortcut app 

Further in some of your custom routines fail to work completely, while some work like the way they should. 

Sometimes the Shortcut app keeps on crashing and shortcuts opens and then spontaneously closes.

How to fix Shortcuts app not working in iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR/XS MAX , iPhone 8,7 Plus : iOS 14

Fix 1 : Allow untrusted shortcuts

If your Shortcut routine originate from outside iOS 14 will not support it by default eg using Instagram shortcut. Apple doesn’t allow ‘Untrusted Shortcuts’ to run if they originate from a place outside of Apple’s. But you can easily fix this by editing settings of shortcut app.

Go to Settings -> Scroll down until you find Shortcuts app-> Tap on that -> “Allow untrusted Shortcuts”

After you are done , try running the Shortcuts routine which was failing before.

Fix 2 : Fix Shortcut App crash

If shortcut app keeps on crashing for you then issue can be due to bad iCloud syncs. If you have multiple Apple devices and you create shortcuts on all of them, then these shortcuts will get merged with every other device. But due to this sync issue, Shortcuts app may crash. If You want to avoid this turn off iCloud :

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down until you find Shortcuts
  • Turn off iCloud Sync
  • Force quit the Shortcuts app if it’s still open.

Fix 3: Trigger Automation manually 

The following automations cannot be run automatically

  • Arrive
  • Before I Leave
  • Bluetooth
  • Leave
  • Time of Day
  • Wi-Fi

So if you are using any of above in Shortcuts automation, it will not work. 

Fix 4: Update the shortcut apps

Shortcut apps in released by Apple and is complex in nature . There are many bugs reported and getting fixed in new version of it. So it is highly recommended to update Shortcuts apps for iOS 14 stable support. 

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