Why Widget Smith is Crashing and Fix it !

How to fix WidgetSmith crashing in iPhone 

Widget Smith is now popular app for managing Widgets in iOS 14 on iPhones. Widget smith gives you options to add lots of useful widget like weather, custom photo and many more. You can manage widget in many ways like timed widget, colour and font and size of widget etc.

Widget smith crashing in iPhone

But many iPhone users are facing issue in using Widget Smith as it keeps on crashing. Widget Smith will crash moment after it is opened, Thus those users are unable to use this app. This is really annoying as other apps are working normally on the same device, but freshly installed Widget Smith keeps on crashing in iPhone / iOS 14

We have listed some fixes to solve Widgetsmith crashing in iPhone: iOS 14

How to fix Widget Smith app keeps on crashing when opened: 

Fix 1: Reboot the iPhone 

Sometime there are software glitches in Software, which can be in iOS 14 or Widget Smith app itself. A normal reboot or restart will fix these issue. Reboot your iPhone and check if Widget Smith launches normally.

Fix 2 :Reinstall the app

App installation can also get corrupted in iOS and thus deleting the Widget smith app and reinstalling the app us highly recommended. A lot of users have had success with reinstalling the app.

Fix 3:Check iPhone storage

All apps require some space to run and if iPhone runs on low memory then issues like app crash will happen frequently.  Please free up some space and check again.

Fix 4: Check for widget smith updates

App crashing issues are likely with app bugs or issues. The developer are aware of this or even you can contact them, and most probably they will fix issue in upcoming releases.  Check for pending updates in Appstore for Widget smith.

Fix 5: Turn on background app refresh

Widget Smith requires background data refresh to turned ON as widget will keeps on changing in background, if you have this setting OFF, turn it On and check it Widget smith still crashes. 

Fix 6: Reset All Settings

Resetting the iPhone is also a great way to fix any configuration related issue in iOS 14.  When you reset all settings on your iPhone, everything in the Settings app gets reset to factory settings. You’ll have to reconnect your Bluetooth devices, reenter your Wi-Fi passwords,

To reset all the settings on your iPhone, open Settings and tap General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. You’ll have to reenter you passcode and confirm your decision by tapping Reset All Settings.

Hopefully this article solves your issue, please let us know in comment section. 

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