Why widgets are grey in iOS14, shows “No content available”

Widget not loading ioS 14

IOS 14 has come out with a great new feature which allows users to place Widgets of their favourite app on their home screen. There are not so we chat like weather, clock, photos which you can place and quickly access them from your home screen.

But lots of iPhone users after updating to iOS 14 are finding that widgets are not working in iOS 14. After adding the Widget from the home screen + icon, the Widget starts to appear on the home screen but does not show any content.

Widget not loading ioS 14

Some users are facing issue after adding or deleting content from their iPhone. For example in case of photo Widget if you delete some photos  from Memories section, it will cause Photo Widget to Show show grey.

How to fix Widgets not working in iOS 14, showing no content available: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 8,7 Plus

Fix 1: Tap on the widget

In iOS 14 many of the iOS widgets are reported with issues like widgets not refreshing. No issue is reported with clock widget and weather widget. Same is for News widget where news widget it is blank. Widgest’s not loading or the refreshing can we issue with iOS 14 or something selective with the widget. If you want to refresh the Widget you will have to tap on it, so if your Widget is grey and not showing any content on it and check if it updates.

Fix 2: Make sure content is available for the widget

Lots of lots of Widgets depends upon your phone content or media or calendar for displaying widget content. In case your phone does not have relevant data , the Widget would not be able to show anything and will be shown as grey box. For example photo Widget will take photos from photo app of your iPhone, from the photo app in section ‘For You’ Will have all the photos that will be shown in the photo Widget. 

Please go and check, if there are no photos in for you section, Photo Widget will not be able to show anything. Unfortunately iPhone users are not allowed to add photo in for you section, so make sure to add or click some photos from your iPhone that will start to appear in For you section followed by photo Widget.

Fix 3: Remove and re-add the widget

If Widget in iOS 14 still showing green, then you should consider removing the Widget and re-adding it. Check again if Widget is loading fine.

Fix 4: Try adding different type of widget

If a certain type of Widget is not working you should crosscheck by adding some different type of Widget and see if that is also giving error like grey box or “No content is available”. If all the Widget are not loading in your iPhone then most likely it is an issue with iOS 14 in this case you should consider resetting your phone or doing a full restore. 

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