Widget Smith Home Screen Ideas for iPhone


 iOS 14 is supporting home screen widgets and this will allow iPhone users to customize their home screen using different widgets in different sizes. Now iPhone users can customize home screen with widgets and there are not many new ideas to customize iPhone home screen now.

Widgetsmith home screen ideas

But with so many widgets available on iPhone and third party developers, you may find it difficult to manage home screen with widget and setting up each and every widget on home screen.

WidgetSmith is application developed by David smith which will help you create different type on widget in it, best part is you can create widget in three different sizes and customize its look in different ways. There are lots of ideas about creating home screen with widgetSmith. If you are looking for best ideas for your iPhone Home sceen, we have listed some best WidgetSmith Home screen ideas in this article.

As mentioned, in  iOS 14 and also in WidgetSmith you can create three different size widgets for placing on home screen.


How to add a widget in WidgetSmith.

1.   To create a widget in Widget Smith open the WidgetSmith app -> select the size of widget you want to create eg small,medium or large.

Please note that you can create more than one widget in of same size.

2.Next you should chose which widget you want to display there, for example you may want a weather widget, a photo widget to show your favorite photos. 

3. Select the style of widget. Tap on it to add the widget.

4.Hit Save and Go back to home screen.

5.Long press on blank space in Home Screen until it jiggles-> Press + on top left side to add a widget

6.This will List all available widgets, scroll down to find widgetSmith-> tap on it to add, Select the size you want to add.

7.This will insert widget in home screen

8.If you have added more then one widget in same size, long press of the widget you have recently added, -> Edit Widget-> select the widget you want to show.

This way you can add widget to home screen using WidgetSmith but if you are looking for some good ideas to customize your iPhone home.


Home screen idea with WidgetSmith for iPhone 11 Pro Max, XR,XS, 7,8 Plus : iOS 14:


Here are some home screen design with widgets : (credit)


Widget Smith Homescreen idea
Widget Smith Homescreen idea

Widget Smith Homescreen idea

Widget Smith Homescreen idea

Widget Smith Homescreen idea

Widget Smith Homescreen idea

Widget Smith Homescreen idea

Widget Smith Homescreen idea

Widget Smith


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