WiFi Weak Security warning message in iOS 14

How to fix WIFI Weak Security message in iOS 14

After updating to the latest iOS 14,   many iPhone users are facing WiFi weak security issue in iOS 14. While connecting to a WiFi network from inside settings, the message is shown to the user that the Wi-Fi network you are connecting is a weak security and described that WPA/WPA2 is not considered secure, if this is your Wi-Fi router considered to agree to WPA2(AES) or WPA3 security type.  

How to fix WIFI Weak Security message in iOS 14
WIFI Weak Security message in iOS 14

The issue started after updating to iOS 14 but prior to iOS 14 there was no such error message shown in iOS 13. Wifi is on Weak Security is reported by with different type of network provider like  Virgin Media Hub etc 

How to fix iPhone showing WiFi network Weak Security on iOS 14: iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS,XR,8,7,6s Plus

Fix 1: Update WiFi Router Settings

iPhone is showing weak security Wi-Fi networks means the network you are trying to connect is not secure. You will need to update the router to more secure settings. 

Your router is set to use WPA and WPA2. By weak security message for Wi-Fi network iOS 14 is trying to let you know that your network security is weak and can get hacked easily.

How to make WiFi network secure : iOS 14

  • From your Mac or Windows computer, go into your router’s web setting pages.
  • Generally you can access your router from typing into the URL search field of web browser like chrome. If you are not sure about IP address for Router settings either check on Google or contact your network provider who installed the WiFi in your premises. 
  • The router should prompt you for an admin name and password. If you don’t know what those are, almost all newer routers have that info on a sticker, which is on the router itself. Again if you don’t know that please check with network provider
  • Once you are able to login successfully, Open Wireless settings page.
  • Change it to use WPA2(AES) or WPA3 if you have that option.
  • Click on save settings
  • Now your WIFI is on more secure network. 
  • Check back in iPhone the warning message should disappear. 

Fix 2: Upgrade the Router device

If as per above fix you do not see WPA 2(AES) , WPA3 security protocol in settings, then you need to upgrade your WIFI router. Like new 3.0 router from virgin is have these capabilities and you can fix the issue by updating that.

One important thing to note here is while updating your router security please ensure that all the devices that you connect to this router are capable of connecting on new security protocol. Very old devices may not connect to new security protocol like WPA3. 

You may ignore this submessage  “weak security” Wi-Fi network yes your router is having a security protocol but it is a bit older. We recommend you to always update to the latest security protocols.

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