Best Teleprompter App for Windows, iPhone & Android

best teleprompter app

Want to know about the best teleprompter app for Windows and Android? Well, if you see, there are various smartphones introduced to this wonderful world. In that case, various innovative and advanced features were also included with it. People who are looking after purchasing a smartphone, try to learn the features involved in it.

Photoshoot lovers or those who are crazy about taking selfies prefer high-quality camera phones without making second thoughts. In the same way, few people like to record or lock some beautiful memories with their respective phones. Therefore, the users make sure the video they record is totally in HD format without any interruptions.

Best Teleprompter App for Windows, iPhone & Android

There you are. Keeping this in mind, we are talking about Teleprompter apps. There are multiple teleprompter apps that help in recording high-quality videos with HD scrolling script instantly no matter whatever device you use. It can be Windows, iOS, or Android OS, one can make use of these apps irrespective of time and place.

Best Teleprompter App

As discussed!! Here we go with the most popular teleprompter app list supported by iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. Let us go and analyze all the details involved in it.

  1. Parrot Teleprompter
  2. PromptSmart
  3. DV Prompter
  4. Selvi
  5. Teleprompter Pro for Windows

Pick the one you like to go with and also remember the app you have chosen must be supportable or compatible with your respective device.

1. Parrot Teleprompter

The Parrot Teleprompter is generally supported by both iOS and Android operating systems. This app has come with a simple user interface where any user can make use of this wonderful app. The app is designed in such a way of including all the most advanced features turning up into the most professional teleprompter.

best teleprompter app

Features like controlling speed, one can change text size, adjusting all the foreground and background colors for getting easy visibility, remote control functionality, having an unlimited number of scripts, and much more are adding an advantage to this particular app. Just simply try out by tapping on the below link.

Get Parrot Teleprompter App for Android

Get Parrot Teleprompter App for iPhone

2. PromptSmart

In short and simple words, one can say this is the only speech-recognition-based teleprompter app supported by both iOS and Android operating systems. This app acts like the best companion and controls the scrolling of all the scripts with a single tap of your finger.

best teleprompter apps for android and ios


This means one can move forward or backward, start or stop, or else return to the beginning with the Bluetooth connection is all done with this particular app. Features like voice tracking, importing documents from iCloud, dropbox, recording audio at the time of presentations, and much more are present in it without any fail.

Get PromptSmart Teleprompter App for Android

Get PromptSmart Teleprompter App for iPhone

3. DV Prompter

This is the most famous and trending scripting application that is supported by both iOS and Android operating systems. It is a standalone application that greatly looks after expanding the range of wireless, wired, and Bluetooth remote controllers respectively.

teleprompter app for windows

Moreover combined with the data video pertaining TP-100, 200, 300, 500, and 600 range of teleprompters where both the Android and iOS are mounted on or off-camera in the respective professional rig. Therefore, if you are looking for the most amazing scripting teleprompter app, tap on the below link.

Get DV Prompter Teleprompter App for Android

Get DV Prompter Teleprompter App for iPhone

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4. Selvi

Keeping all the apps aside, Selvi is one of the best teleprompter apps that is greatly compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Speaking up the text you like to include especially when you are running a video recording is the most amazing and unique feature it has comparatively.

teleprompter app for android

Features like one can greatly create and import the text from the respective device memory itself, the possibility of exporting all the text from the browser and other apps, changing or modifying the video resolution, and multiple features are greatly involved in it. Therefore, tap on the below link to get it right immediately.

Get Selvi Teleprompter App for Android

Get Selvi Teleprompter App for iPhone

5. Teleprompter Pro for Windows

Well, while getting back with Teleprompter Pro, this app is greatly supported by Windows OS. One can access this wonderful app on their system itself and have a better experience with it comparatively. This is highly designed to produce all the scrolling text used by various movie industries and TV companies respectively.

best teleprompter app

In a simple way, one can say this is ideal for both video and podcast production. With the help of this, the user can greatly load and save the scripts from the standard text files. And what not!! Also, this app includes webcam support so that the user can easily record the speech, podcast, or singing directly with the help of this particular app.

Get Teleprompter Pro App for Windows


According to my thoughts, the apps related to Teleprompter are totally clear. If you like to learn more apps related to it, we are here to mention them in the form of lists. For any doubts, provide a comment in the below rectangular section so that we can help and guide you. Also, if you like the article, try to share it with friends and also through any of the social networking sites without stepping back. Keep connected with TechRulz to learn more interesting apps updated right here.

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