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Alchemy Stars – Interview with Tomori Kusonoki, the voice actor of Main Character “Vice”



Within just a few days of launching, Alchemy Stars has reached over 2 million downloads globally. To celebrate reaching 2 million downloads, Tencent Games has prepared some rewards for everyone!

The voice actor for one of the main characters – Vice, is voiced by Tomori Kusunoki who started voice acting in 2017. She has played many roles in different Anime series such as Sword Art Online, Love Live, and also on video games.

Tomori Kusunoki Interview: 

In this interview with Tomori Kusunoki, talks about her impression of Alchemy Stars and also more about her character; Vice. Some interesting points that she brought up are that Vice has a special connection with the main protagonist and for some reason, she can control Soroz; one of the Colossus.

For those new to the game, a Colossus is an enormous vehicle equipped with self-aware AI that is used for combat, transport, and flight. However, a Colossus can only be navigated by a Caelestites. The main question here is, how is Vice, an Aurorian able to control a Colossus? What is her past? Is she really an Aurorian? Players will find out about this during the playthrough!

Vice is an Aurorian, age 17, female, a member of Illumina Federation. Gentle, talented, smart, and was once groomed by the Illumina Federation for greatness, only to lost confidence after failing a test. She is currently the captain of the Illumina Expedition Team. As she wanted to prove herself to the federation, she decided to explore the dangerous remote ruins, leading her to meet the protagonist. While trying to prove herself, she gradually learned of the protagonist’s plight and discovered that the Aurorians are facing a great threat once again, thus joining the protagonist in the fight against the Eclipsites.


World Overview

The world of Alchemy Stars is set in an Earth-like planet called Auroria which got caught in an orbital change caused by war and was drawn towards a giant star known as the “Sun”. Under the scorching sun, only the areas around the twilight rim have a diurnal cycle and moderate climate for beings to live. The biggest known continent in the world is the central mainland. Astra is located on the west of the mainland and is its subcontinent.

The story begins with Vice from the Illumina Federation, discovering the main protagonist during an expedition, which subsequently attracts incoming Eclipsites. Players will take on the role of the main protagonist who is a survivor of the Caelestites. The protagonist grew up in a Colossus hiding under the ground and was isolated from the world for 17 years. The players’ job is to guide Vice and the other Aurorians in battles to fend off incoming Eclipsites and eventually activate your Colossus and flee the ruins.

While escaping, the protagonist receives distress signals from a fellow survivor and learns about the presence of Schummer, a member of the Eclipse. Schummer is revealed wanting to locate Battle Modules to refit her Colossus, the Aviduz, and restore its might.

Upon learning that Schummer plans to pilot Aviduz and attack Lumopolis, the protagonist hurries to the city in the sky just in time to see Schummer launching her assault.

Lastly, if you haven’t tried out this awesome game, just head on to App Store or Google Play Store to download the game. All the rewards from pre-registration will also available!


You may download Alchemy Stars HERE!

Do also check out the Alchemy Stars‘ social media below for more information:

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Revolutionary Dress-and-Earn GameFi Vampire Game ‘ClawKiss’ Launches Globally on iOS and Android #ClawKiss



Discover the world of vampires in the mysterious, kawaii, free-to-play avatar fashion game ClawKiss.

Cocone Corporation, the Tokyo-based game studio behind many successful avatar dress-up games, is proud to announce the launch of the newest title in their Web3 gaming library — ClawKiss — a free-to-play dress-and-earn GameFi vampire-themed dress-up game that utilizes blockchain technology. Claw Kiss is available now to download on AppStore and Google Play, here.

ClawKiss Android NFT Game Mobile


In ClawKiss, players take on the role of a vampire who lives with and cares for their loyal avatar companion in this vampire life simulator. While taking care of their avatar, players will dive into self-expression, endless dress-up, and interior design options featuring rare and limited-edition virtual fashion and interior design items.


The game also utilize Selfy, the popular avatar generator whose games have been enjoyed in over 170 countries. ClawKiss provide two types of tokens with unique functions and will be deployed by the MOOI network.


Collect and Convert Token into Crypto

Avatars in ClawKiss are known as Ethereal Symbiotic Automatons (or ESA for short). They are the key to your success in ClawKiss. Alongside dressing them up, players care for them by casting magic to increase their happiness levels until they are ready for a “ClawKiss” (the ritual of taking your avatar’s blood).


By doing this, players will earn tokens that can be used to grow their avatar’s clothing collection or converted to cryptocurrency.


ClawKiss Android NFT Game Mobile

Dress-Up Play Meets Blockchain Mechanics

Powered by blockchain technology and developed under the MOOI Network, ClawKiss players can earn tokens by caring for their avatars and completing quests. These tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency via MOOI Wallet.


NFTs are also at the forefront of ClawKiss’ gameplay. The avatar itself is an NFT. Using NFTs is optional, and ClawKiss is free-to-play. However, ClawKiss’ NFTs serve a practical function; limited-edition design avatars open up more gameplay opportunities and increase token-earning potential.


NFTs can also be minted and listed on MOOI Network’s NFT Marketplace, JellyMe, giving players even more chances to earn tokens.


ClawKiss places a particular emphasis on user-friendliness, built so that users who may be less familiar with blockchain games or NFTs can make the most of their gameplay experience!


ClawKiss Android NFT Game Mobile

A World Made Exclusively for Vampires

ClawKiss is a space for those who may feel like outsiders from mainstream society to come and enjoy a world where they can be who they truly are and express themselves however they wish in a virtual space. Adopting the role of a vampire, they can connect with their fellow vampires and find a welcoming community.


Develop Your Passion for Fashion

Using the avatar generator ‘Selfy,’ players select their first avatar from 20,000 variations. From there, players are free to show off their style and dress their avatars how they please.


From Japanese Kawaii to dark styles, fantasy fashion, streetwear, and beyond, the regularly expanding catalog of dress-up and interior design items means endless self-expression opportunities!


ClawKiss Android NFT Game Mobile

Supporting Women Gamers in Blockchain Spaces

It’s no secret that blockchain games targeted specifically towards women are still few in number. ClawKiss aims to be an outlet for women gamers who may feel excluded from the blockchain gaming space, especially players in Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia, where Japanese Kawaii culture has proven to be popular.


Cocone and ClawKiss are excited to welcome players to the next generation of dress-up games, allowing users to play with Japanese fashion alongside easy-to-play blockchain functions and NFTs to bring real-world value to the lives of its players. Will you embrace the darkness and enter the world of vampires? We’ll be waiting for you….


Follow ClawKiss’ Official Social Media Accounts, check out the Official Website and jump into the world of vampires and fashion!

ClawKiss Social Media




Official Website

ClawKiss Official Website:


Enter the shadows and join us in expressing your true self in the best free-to-play avatar dress-up game! Download ClawKiss Now!

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PKCL Twins: NFT x Dress Up Game Officially Released November 29! #PKCLTwins



Uniting NFT and fashion element, PKCL Twins is a women’s blockchain game from Japan!

Riding the Web3 phenomenon that is seen to be the future of the Internet, Cocone Corporation (Cocone) has dropped the world of Avatar into Web3 through a mobile game called ‘PKCL Twins.’ The new game is officially being released in the Philippines today, November 29, 2022 and is now available at App Store and Google Play.


With over 130 million users worldwide, Cocone Corporation has been known to craft top-class avatar app services. At the forefront of Web3 with a 10-year history in avatar app development, Cocone has created and designed over 1 million digital items, with over 13 billion digital items currently in circulation.


In PKCL Twins, users can now enjoy expressing themselves by using their senses to create a new personalized world.


PKCL Twins Philippines

Here are the details of PKCL Twins gameplay and how players can earn money through NFT:


Gather items, create and express your styles, then turn it into NFTs!

PKCL Twins is a blockchain service version of one of Cocone’s signature avatar app titles, “Pokecolo Twins”.  Using the 2D picture book-like world of the service that launched in 2019 as a base, this new title has a refreshed look with the addition of many new great features.  ‘PKCL’ is an abbreviation of ‘Pokecolo’, as well as the initials for the service’s important themes of “Pop, Kawaii, Cool, and Lovely.”


The word ‘Twins’ comes from the two avatar twins that you need to dress up and take care of in the game.


No tokens! A service that is easy to understand for those unfamiliar with Web3.

As with all of Cocone’s services, an MOOI Wallet is required to export and import digital assets.  However, the game and its UIs are designed in such a way that those unfamiliar with blockchain and NFTs can easily jump right in. In particular, PKCL Twins have not included any token elements that are currently widespread in blockchain gaming. Rather, it has placed a higher focus on the NFT element and assets that users can obtain by using the service.


PKCL Twins Philippines


The main target audience, women in Southeast Asia!

Blockchain games that target women players are rare among blockchain services. Thus, PKCL Twins expects to find success by tapping young women as its audience, especially in the Southeast Asian market. The reason is simple: blockchain games are currently enjoying great success in the region, where the appeal of Japanese ‘Kawaii’ culture is widespread and well-understood. In addition to the Philippines, PKCL Twins is now also being released on a global scale, but it is not yet available in Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, France, and Belgium.


The app will use the Cocone Group blockchain network, ‘MOOI’.

MOOI blockchain network was released in the summer of 2022 and Cocone currently continues to develop and create a variety of future technology products, including Web3 apps, an NTF Marketplace, and a wallet. As the first NFT-based service out of Cocone’s office in Tokyo , PKCL Twins allows its users to create NTFs by putting together the items used to dress up their Twin avatars. From there, players can simply buy and sell it via NFT Marketplace.

PKCL Twins Philippines


There will be a series of events with various prizes to celebrate the launch of PKCL Twins, so make sure to follow PKCL Twins social media on Twitter @PKCLTwins in order not to miss out. For more details. you can also visit the official website of PKCL Twins at

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Biggest League of Legends (LoL) Fan event in Southeast Asia Conquerors Manila 2019 on October 25-27



conquerors manila 2019

All is set for the biggest League of Legends (LoL) fan event in Southeast Asia to celebrate one of the most played games in the world and its ever-expanding community in the Philippines!

conquerors manila 2019

conquerors manila 2019

Globe and Garena promise to make Conquerors Manila 2019, which is set to unfold on October 25-27 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, more engaging not only to League gamers but also to the entire esports community as they watch, cheer and participate in several events designed to make their experience unique and unforgettable.

Select celebrities, bloggers and influencers will also take to the limelight as they battle in a friendly competition-for-a-cause in the highly-anticipated “Celebrity Showmatch.”

Fans, on the other hand, are welcome to join the cosplay competition and visit the gaming merch store and various exhibits. As early as now, fans can purchase tickets to Conquerors Manila 2019 at all SM Ticket outlets with a 20% discount given if fans buy tickets for a two day pass, instead of one day, to watch the competitions. The discount will be given until September 22 or until supplies last.

“Esports is one platform Globe is truly excited about. Its huge—and still growing—the global fan base of this enormous entertainment platform can’t be ignored. It is due to this why one of our major thrusts is to develop strategic partnerships with the best game developers and publishers in the world like Garena and Riot to make the game more accessible to everyone in the Philippines. And with faster connectivity provided by Globe, gaming will be more exciting and competitions will be more challenging,” explains Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

“Fan acceptance last year was truly overwhelming so we decided to change the format to celebrate LoL fans themselves and their huge contributions to the growth of the game in the country in particular and the acceptance of esports in general,” Nikko Acosta, Globe SVP for Content Business Group and Product Management, says.

Jamie Lewin, Head of Strategic Partnerships for SEA – Riot Games, reveals how the Philippines has been one of the most high-performing markets in the region for Riot Games.


“Our focus in terms of gaming market development is really the Philippines, and we’re looking at how Filipinos will look at esports, especially now that it is included in the SEA Games Calendar this year. We’re truly excited about our prospects,” he adds.

Aside from the PHP 3.5 million+ in prizes up from grab across competitions and activities during  the two-day event, Conquerors Manila 2019 is also aiming to break last year’s attendance records where more than 16,000 fans trooped to watch the competitions live.

“We are honoured to have Globe as our partner in growing the esports audience in the Philippines. The Philippines remains one of the strongest and most competitive countries in the global esports arena. Our partnership with Globe is fully in line with our mission of building stronger gaming communities, and ensures that we continue to discover and develop more esports talents who can compete at the highest level” says Jason Ng, Garena’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.

Globe’s commitment to esports began through its groundbreaking LTE network that raised mobile and broadband gaming to the next level. This was followed by the company’s strategic partnerships with Riot, developer of League of Legends; Garena, Philippine publisher of League of Legends; and market leader Mineski, which led to the formation of Team Liyab, the company’s official esports team as well as a multi-platform gaming league called the Philippine Pro Gaming League (PPGL) .

For additional details, please visit

For more about Globe Telecom, visit


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