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Epic Seven Tier List – Best Characters for Each Class



epic seven wiki

Epic Seven Tier List: Epic Seven is one of the most popular RPGs these days. This anime-based game with 2D graphics is something most people are loving in the current period. Excellent visuals, turn-based strategy, and real-time player-versus-player options in this game are attracting the players.

Epic Seven is a turn-based mobile RPG game with 2D graphics. This game is developed by Smilegate and was released on August 20, 2018, for Android and iOS devices. There are nearly 200 characters in the Epic Seven game that boasts their combat skills, weapons, and much more.

epic seven tier list

By knowing the Epic Seven tier list, one can understand which players have the strongest combat skills and which characters are easy to defeat. If you were looking for the Epic Seven tier list, then we have prepared it for you. Get the complete tier list Epic Seven below.

About Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a turn-based mobile RPG with excellent 2D graphics. This game is developed by Smilegate and was released on August 20, 2018, for Android and iOS devices. Epic Seven game is exclusive for mobile devices only. With anime-inspired 2D visual graphics, Epic Seven will make you feel nostalgic for sure. Role-Playing Games are all about your strengths, reflexes, and skills.

epic seven tier list 2021

With a turn-based gaming format, the players can enjoy the adventures of the game and fight with their opponents. One of the highlights of this game is the gacha system in it. The players can randomly summon heroes or NPCs to join their party in Epic Seven. It is a common thing to expect your team to be fabulous in RPGs. Therefore, knowing the characteristics of the players is very important in Epic Seven.


There are nearly 200 characters that belong to different tiers in this game. You can choose from these characters based on their tier level and star ratings. Each character in this game has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. On an overall range, the character is given a tier level in the Epic Seven tier list.

What Is Epic Seven Tier List?

A tier list of a video game is a ranking given to the in-game characters based on their characteristics. Tier lists are a popular method to evaluate the cast of playable characters in fighting games such as Epic Seven, OverWatch, etc. The characters who are listed high on a tier list are considered the most powerful and those who are listed last will be the least powerful. The same goes with Epic Seven Tier List.

The Epic 7 Tier List consists of players from S to F tier with several tiers in between. The S tier players are the highest powerful characters of the game whereas the F tier players are the least powerful characters. Knowing what is the star rating and which player belongs to which tier is very important to know about the Epic Seven characters.

Epic Seven Tier List

The Epic Seven characters have their own strengths and weaknesses and are unique in their own. Based on their overall characteristics, the Epic Seven Tier List will be made. The Epic Seven tier list consists of 6 tiers which are S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier, D tier, and F tier. The following table will give you the Epic Seven tier list for all the Epic Seven characters.

1. Epic Seven S Tier List

epic 7 tier list

The S-tier players of the Epic Seven are the most powerful creatures. They possess strong combat skills and can defeat anyone with their exceptional powers. These characters are very difficult to defeat and fight with. The s-tier characters are considered the heroes of Epic Seven. The following is the Epic Seven tier list for s-tier players.

S-Tier Characters Ratings
Arbiter Vildred 5-star
Auxiliary Lots 4-star
Iseria 5-star
Landy 5-star
Martial Artist Ken 5-star
Roana 5-star
Ruele of Light 5-star
Seaside Bellona 5-star
Specter Tenebria 5-star
Vivian 5-star
Yufine 5-star

2. Epic Seven A Tier List

epic seven tier

A-tier characters are the second most powerful characters on the Epic Seven tier list. They may not be as powerful as the s tier characters, but they are still strong and possess good combat skills which can be used to defeat anybody, even the s tier players. Here are the Epic Seven A tier characters and their ratings.

A-Tier Characters Ratings
Achates 4-star
Adventurer Ras 3-star
Alencia 5-star
Angelica 4-star
Angelic Montmorancy 3-star
Aramintha 5-star
Basar 5-star
Bellona 5-star
Blaze Dingo 4-star
Blood Blade Karin 4-star
Briar witch Iseria 5-star
Celine 5-star
Challenger Dominiel 4-star
Charles 5-star
Crimson Armin 4-star
Dizzy 5-star
Elena 5-star
Elphelt Valentine 5-star
Ervalen 5-star
Fallen Cecilia 5-star
Judge Kise 5-star
Kayron 5-star
Ken 5-star
Kise 5-star
Krau 5-star
Lilias 5-star
Little Queen Charlotte 5-star
Luluca 5-star
Melissa 5-star
Mort 5-star
Operator Sigret 5-star
Ravi 5-star
Sez 5-star
Silver Blade Aramintha 5-star
Sigret 5-star
Sol Badguy 5-star
Tamarinne 5-star
Top Model Luluca 5-star
Tywin 5-star
Vildred 5-star
Violet 5-star

3. Epic Seven B Tier List

epic seven characters

The third most powerful characters in Epic Seven are the B-tier ones. The B-tier Epic Seven characters are above average who have strong skills and a few of them can also win over the stronger opponents.

B-Tier Characters Ratings
Lidica 5-star
Tenebria 5-star
Assassin Coli 4-star
Ray 5-star
Maid Chloe 5-star
Cermia 5-star
Karin 4-star
Falconer Kluri 3-star
Charlotte 5-star
Diene 5-star
Destina 5-star
Champion Zerato 4-star
Baiken 5-star
Last Rider Krau 5-star
Celestial Mercedes 4-star
Flan 5-star
Kawerik 5-star
Remnant Violet 5-star
Shooting Star Achates 4-star
Chloe 5-star
Apocalypse Ravi 5-star
Cerise 5-star
General Purrgis 4-star
Haste 5-star
Kitty Clarissa 4-star
Shadow Rose 4-star
Leo 4-star
Specimen Sez 5-star
Rose 4-star
Rin 4-star
Researcher Carrot 3-star
Mascot Hazel 3-star
Baal and Sezan 5-star
Assassin Cartuja 4-star
All-Rounder Wanda 3-star
Guider Aither 4-star
Ludwig 5-star
Fairytale Tenebria 5-star
Zealot Carmainerose 3-star
Watcher Schuri 4-star
Assassin Cidd 4-star
Faithless Lidica 5-star
Tempest Surin 4-star
Mirsa 3-star
Lots 4-star
Guider Aither 4-star
Mercenary Helga 3-star
Dingo 4-star
Blood Moon Haste 5-star
Crescent Moon Rin 4-star
Magic Scholar Doris 3-star
Fighter Maya 4-star

4. Epic Seven C Tier List

tier list epic seven

The C-tier characters in Epic Seven can be considered good players but still can’t defeat the stronger opponents. They are average players who shine up when they are in a team. Once their weakness is found, the enemy can easily defeat these characters.

C-Tier Characters Ratings
Yuna 5-star
Benevolent Romann 4-star
Holiday Yufine 5-star
Silk 4-star
Cidd 4-star
Dark Corvus 5-star
Luna 5-star
Commander Lorina 3-star
Serila 4-star
Carmainerose 3-star
Lilibet 5-star
Mui 5-star
Lucy 3-star
Politis 5-star
Batisse 3-star
Wanderer Silk 4-star
Chaos Inquisitor 3-star
Sonia 3-star
Senya 5-star
Bomb Model Kanna 5-star
Designer Lilibet 5-star
Ambitious Tywin 5-star
Glenn 3-star
Great Chief Khawana 4-star
Solitaria of the Snow 5-star
Choux 5-star
Zerato 4-star
Gloomyrain 3-star
Requiemroar 3-star
Sinful Angelica 4-star
Cecilia 5-star
Free Spirit Tiera 4-star
Hazel 3-star
Roman 4-star
Kizuna Al 4-star
Furious 4-star
Ainos 3-star
Schuri 4-star
Sage Baal and Sezan 5-star
Church of Ilryos Axe 3-star
Jecht 3-star
Crozet 4-star
Surin 4-star
Pavel 5-star
Khawana 4-star
Captain Rikoris 3-star
Lena 3-star
Hurado 3-star
Wanda 3-star
Mistychain 3-star
Righteous Thief Roozid 3-star
Kikirat V2 3-star
Khawazu 4-star
Dominiel 4-star
Clarissa 4-star
Coli 4-star
Celeste 3-star
Doll Maker Pearl 3-star
Aither 3-star
Armin 4-star
Carrot 3-star
Taranor Guard 3-star
Zeno 5-star
Ras 3-star

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5. Epic Seven D-Tier List

epic seven tier list reddit 2021

The D-tier characters on the Epic Seven tier list are the below-average ones. They are the second least powerful characters in the game and can’t win over S, A, B, and C tier characters. The D-tier characters can only defeat the E-tier characters.

D-Tier Characters Ratings
Hataan 3-star
Ian 3-star
Eda 5-star
Eaton 3-star
Gunther 3-star
Bask 3-star
Troublemaker Crozet 4-star
Elson 3-star
Mucacha 3-star
Sven 3-star
Doris 3-star
Maya 4-star
Alexa 3-star
Pyllis 3-star
Otillie 3-star
Cartuja 4-star
Desert Jewel Basar 5-star
Corvus 4-star
Butcher Corps Inquisitor 3-star
Arowell 3-star
Godmother 3-star
Purrgis 4-star
Rikoris 3-star
Lorina 3-star
Montmorancy 3-star
Archdemon’s Shadow 5-star
Ains 3-star
Chaos Sect Axe 3-star
Helga 3-star
Nemunas 3-star
Roozid 3-star

6. Epic Seven F Tier List

epic seven wiki

The F-tier characters are the least powerful players on the Epic Seven tier list. The F-tier characters have the lowest power among the Epic Seven tier list players and are easily defeated.

F-Tier Characters Ratings
Taranor Royal Guard 3-star
Roaming Warrior Leo 4-star
Adlay 3-star
Mercedes 4-star
Muse Rima 3-star
Kiris 3-star
Azalea 3-star
Kluri 3-star
Tieria 3-star
Judith 3-star
Pearlhorizon 3-star
Rima 3-star
Enott 3-star
Jena 3-star


What is Epic Seven?
Epic Seven is a turn-based mobile RPG with excellent 2D graphics. This game is developed by Smilegate and was released on August 20, 2018, for Android and iOS devices.
What is Epic Seven tier list?
Epic Seven tier list is the ranking of characters based on their skills. The Epic Seven tier list consists of 6 tiers which are S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier, D tier, and F tier.
Vivian belongs to which Epic Seven tier list?
Vivian belongs to the strongest tier list, which is the S-tier list. This character is one of the strongest and has a 5-star rating in the game.
What is the benefit of Epic Seven tier list?
The tier list of a game makes it easier to understand the combat skills of the characters. The Epic Seven tier list will show you which characters are the strongest and which are the weakest.
Who are the least powerful in Epic Seven tier list?
The F-tier characters are the least powerful in Epic Seven. Some of the F-tier characters are Roaming Warrior Leo, Mercedes, Kiris, Azalea, and Rima.


That was all about the Epic Seven Tier List based on the characteristics of the players. The S-tier characters are the strongest and the F-tier characters are the weakest among the Epic Seven characters. You can choose your character wisely based on your needs. We hope this article was helpful. Keep visiting TechRulz to get updated information.

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Grammarly for Students: How It Can Help You Succeed in School



grammarly premium free for students

Grammarly for Students: When it comes to writing, it can be difficult for many students to find enough time to get everything done. Between studying for tests, participating in extracurricular activities, and maintaining a social life, students often find that writing takes a backseat to other priorities.

Grammarly has been designed to be user-friendly, allowing students to quickly and easily find and correct errors in their writing. Plus, it can be used with any web browser, making it accessible to any student. Additionally, Grammarly has a wide range of features and customization options, so students can adjust the tool to their individual needs.

Grammarly for Students: How It Can Help You Succeed in School

This means students can use Grammarly to help them improve their writing over time and ensure their writing is always as good as it can be. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Grammarly for Students and how it can help you succeed in school. Keep reading to learn more!


Why Should Students Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the most popular and reliable automated proofreading and grammar-checking tools available. It is an invaluable resource for students of all ages, from elementary school to college and beyond who need assistance in writing and editing their work.


Grammarly addresses the most common writing mistakes and helps students to communicate more effectively. It has a range of features that make it easy to use, including an AI-powered writing assistant, a library of grammar rules, and a plagiarism checker.

 grammarly for education

The AI-powered writing assistant uses advanced algorithms to provide feedback and suggestions to improve writing clarity and content. It can point out mistakes such as typos, spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammar mistakes, and more. It also gives personalized tips and guidance to help students become better writers.

The library of grammar rules is an extensive selection of grammar guides and tutorials that can be used to quickly and easily find the right grammar rule for any context. The plagiarism checker can detect copied or paraphrased text and alert the user so that they can make the necessary changes.

Grammarly is the perfect tool for students who want to improve their writing skills and polish their work. It is easy to use, comprehensive and provides detailed feedback and guidance to help students become better writers. With Grammarly for students, students can be confident that their work is accurate and error-free.

Grammarly for Students: How It Can Help You Succeed in School

Grammarly for students is a powerful tool that can help students improve their writing. It allows users to check grammar and spelling, as well as identify and eliminate common writing errors. Grammarly can be used by students of all ages and proficiency levels to increase their writing accuracy and proficiency.


By using Grammarly for students, yous can quickly identify any mistakes they have made and correct them right away. In addition to grammar and spelling checks, Grammarly also provides users with a wide range of writing feedback which can help them become better writers.

 grammarly premium free for students

Grammarly can also be used to teach students grammar rules and styles. It comes with a vast library of grammar rules and styles that can be used to help students become familiar with proper writing conventions.

Through its grammar and style guides, Grammarly can make it easier for students to understand and apply these rules as they write. This will help them to write better and faster, allowing them to focus on the content and ideas rather than worrying about grammar and style.

Finally, Grammarly can help students to express themselves clearly and confidently. By providing detailed feedback and personalized suggestions, Grammarly can help students to become more articulate and persuasive in their writing.



As a result, Grammarly for students is helpful in effectively conveying their thoughts and opinions in their written work. With Grammarly, students can become confident and proficient writers, and have a great writing tool to help them get their job done.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Grammarly is a great tool for students to use to help them improve and maintain their writing skills. It can help them spot errors and make corrections to their writing quickly and easily. With Grammarly, students can use its features like grammar checking, plagiarism detection, and citation support.

Overall, Grammarly for students is an excellent resource for students to use to ensure their writing is up to standards. With its user-friendly interface, wide range of features and customization options, and helpful feedback, Grammarly is a great tool for students to use to make sure their writing is as good as it can be. Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Visit Techrulz for more similar guides.

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F(DEV)’s Crowdfunding Venture Investree Philippines Maintains Optimistic Outlook, Eyes to Provide Accessible Financing Amid Predicted Global Recession



Investree Philippines, the first crowdfunding intermediary and funding platform in the country, maintains a positive outlook on financing this year amid predicted global financial crisis. The leading crowdfunding platform is set to launch initiatives to accelerate post-pandemic recovery and promote recession resiliency through accessible and inclusive financing.


Experts have warned national leaders of a possible global recession that’s predicted to hit a third of the world’s economy this year. Although the Department of Finance (DoF) recently claimed that the Philippines may avoid the recession, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) move to raise policy rates in addressing inflation posts additional challenges to startups and SMEs.[1]


We’ve been monitoring industries that will continue to be resilient. Being SME-focused has its pros and cons. In this case, it helps that our focus can be concentrated on the SMEs that we can build relationships with in the next 12 months and do our best to help them connect with the right investors for whatever financing assistance they might need. In this regard, we can contribute what we can to helping the Philippines avoid recession,” says Investree Philippines Country Manager Alexander Capulong.



Investree Philippines notes that investors will be more cautious this year. However, they are positioned to help SMEs grow their businesses and help investors find the right opportunities amid the economic headwinds.


We have a positive outlook for 2023. We see an opportunity despite the predicted global recession and the ongoing inflation. We’ve been making many tweaks in our business model over the past year. We’re excited to bring about these changes this year as we get closer to our dream of being the foremost SME crowdfunding platform,” says Capulong.


Capulong added that 2023 remains one of the best times to crowdfund in the Philippines. The current economic challenges prompt traditional sources of funding like banks or mature institutions to be more conservative. “Sometimes they can be portrayed as impediments but we can’t blame them. They have a duty to manage their risks especially for those handling public deposits. Our goal at Investree is to develop ways to help even conservative players safely deploy capital to the market because we have the capability to help mitigate the risks. It’s an extremely complex endeavor given the complexities teams like ours have to juggle but that’s part of the excitement. The good news for potential investors or issuers (SMEs) is that we do the heavy lifting so they can focus on their main needs,” Capulong explains.



Investree Philippines retains optimism and encourages stakeholders (lenders and borrowers) to share their confidence in its sustainable crowdfunding business model that can withstand the current market condition. Its platform optimizes data and technology to connect small and medium enterprises with institutional investors, creating an environment where #EveryoneCanGrow.

F(DEV)’s Crowdfunding Venture Investree Philippines Maintains Optimistic Outlook,  Eyes to Provide Accessible Financing Amid Predicted Global Recession

Investree Philippines, a venture of F(DEV) Digital Innovations and Ventures, Inc. and Investree Singapore Pte Ltd, was the first to secure an SEC-granted permanent license early last year. Its 2-gether Towards the Future campaign launched financial inclusion and business management programs that empowered local enterprise owners through knowledge-sharing #BeyondACrowdfundingPlatform. Its planned nationwide expansion, which kick-started in the last quarter of 2022, is slowly solidifying Investree Philippines’ presence in Central and Western Visayas and the Davao region.


“We’ve been working hard to improve our strengths in making SMEs a viable opportunity especially against other more traditional options like the stock, bond, or crypto markets. As a crowdfunding platform, our long-term goal is to have a diverse set of investors with varying appetites. This broad participation will help us match them with the many different types of SMEs in the Philippines,” says Capulong.


Under its 2023 campaign 202TREE: Renew, Refresh, Reactivate, Investree Philippines will launch SME-focused educational programs on financial inclusion and modern-day business management techniques. The campaign also seeks to establish and strengthen Investree’s governmental and nongovernmental  partnerships  through participating in SEC Roadshow 2023, networking initiatives with Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Philippine SME Business Expo (PhilSME), and Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP), and educational campaigns with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).



Investree Philippines also remains consistent with the development of its online platform to improve customer experience. New services are expected to launch soon to cater the needs of other critical segments of the industry.


F(DEV) Founding  CEO Xavier Marzan expresses his support for Investree Philippines’ strong financial inclusion agenda. “We are one with Investree Philippines in their mission to back SMEs in achieving their full potential amid these challenging times. Our vision is for local businesses to get access to financial solutions that can help them recover and grow – SMEs are the backbone of our local economy so we need to constantly look at helping this base,” said Marzan.



Investree Philippines is open to interested SMEs, institutional investors, and anchors for partnership opportunities. Visit Investree Philippines’ channels and learn more about the 202TREE campaign at or contact Follow its social media channels on Instagram and Investree Philippines on Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn.


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Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers: Which is the Best Choice for You?



grammarly vs prowritingaid

Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers: Which is the Best Choice for You? Are you confused about the same thing? You are not alone. Grammarly is a comprehensive grammar-checking program that offers an extensive range of features to help users improve their writing.

It is considered one of the best grammar checkers available, as it offers an array of features that other grammar checkers simply cannot match. It is a widely used grammar checker that claims to fix up to 250 types of mistakes.

grammarly vs. other grammar checkers

However, there are a number of other grammar checkers that can also check your writing. With so many grammar checkers available on the internet, how to choose one? In this blog post, we will compare Grammarly to other popular grammar checkers to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers: Which is the Best Choice for You?

Grammarly is a powerful and comprehensive English grammar checker and proofreader. It is an automated grammar checker that is widely used to proofread a text and detect errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

 is grammarly better than other grammar checkers

It can be used by both native and non-native English speakers. It has a wide range of features, from detecting grammar and spelling errors to suggesting synonyms and better word choices. Grammarly is widely considered to be one of the best grammar checkers on the market.


Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers: Accuracy

When compared to other grammar checkers, Grammarly stands out in terms of accuracy, speed, and user-friendly interface. It uses advanced algorithms to detect errors and inaccuracies in English writing. It goes beyond basic grammar rules to offer suggestions on how to improve the writing style and clarity. Grammarly is also very fast, with an average analysis time of 1-2 seconds.

Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers: User-Friendly

Grammarly stands out from other grammar checkers in terms of its wide range of features like a user-friendly interface and speed results. It is able to detect more errors and suggest more precise corrections. It also provides helpful insights on how to improve the writing style and clarity. Furthermore, its user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it ideal for both new and experienced users.

Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers: Budget-Friendly

Grammarly is available in both a free and paid version. The free version offers a basic set of features that can help identify common errors, while the paid version offers a more comprehensive set of features. The paid version also offers advanced grammar and spelling checks, customizable writing style checks, and access to a range of other tools and resources.

All these factors make Grammarly the ideal choice for those who want to perfect their writing.



Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers in terms of Features

Grammarly and other grammar checkers are indispensable tools used by both native and non-native English speakers to improve their writing. When it comes to grammar checker tools, Grammarly stands out from its competitors due to its comprehensive set of features.

Firstly, Grammarly is equipped with an advanced AI-powered engine that helps with grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks. The engine is capable of understanding the context of the words used and can detect even the most subtle mistakes.

 best grammar checker for academic writing

Additionally, Grammarly also provides detailed explanations for flagged issues, giving users a better insight into their errors and how to fix them.

Furthermore, Grammarly also offers a range of stylistic features such as readability score, tone detector, and vocabulary suggestions. The readability score helps users understand how comprehensible their text is, while the tone detector identifies the sentiment behind the words used.

Last but not least, Grammarly’s vocabulary suggestions help users find the right words to express their thoughts. This is particularly helpful for non-native English speakers as they can easily find words to fit into their writing without having to look them up.


Overall, Grammarly stands out from other grammar checkers with its comprehensive set of features. Not only is it able to detect and explain grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, but it also provides users with additional tools to improve their writing.

Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers in terms of Writing

Grammarly is a comprehensive grammar-checking program that offers an extensive range of features to help users improve their writing. It is considered one of the best grammar checkers available, as it offers an array of features that other grammar checkers simply cannot match.

Unlike other grammar checkers, Grammarly provides a complete suite of services that help users identify and correct errors in their writing. It offers a comprehensive range of grammar and spelling checks, as well as offering various writing style checks and a range of other features to help make writing easier.

 grammarly vs prowritingaid

Grammarly also provides detailed explanations for each error and offers suggestions for how to correct them. Moreover, Grammarly is designed to be easy to use, and the user interface is intuitive and straightforward. It also offers a range of customization options, which allows users to tailor their experience to their own needs.

Additionally, Grammarly provides a suite of other services such as a thesaurus, dictionary, and a writing style guide, which can help users find the right words to express their ideas. Overall, Grammarly is a powerful and comprehensive grammar checker that offers a range of features and customization options to suit any user’s needs.


Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers in terms of Pricing

This is another one of the best features that you should consider while searching for Grammarly vs. other grammar checkers.

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checkers on the market, and its free version is often compared to other grammar checkers. While other grammar checkers may offer similar features, such as spell and grammar checks, Grammarly’s free version has a few advantages.

Firstly, Grammarly’s free version is capable of detecting more complex errors, such as incorrect verb usage, incorrect punctuation, and issues with sentence structure.

Secondly, Grammarly’s free version is updated more frequently, meaning that users can always access the most up-to-date grammar rules and checks.

Finally, Grammarly’s free version offers a range of other features, such as an advanced vocabulary checker and an essay plagiarism checker.


Final Words

Overall, for those who are looking for a reliable and comprehensive grammar checker, Grammarly’s free version is an excellent choice. It offers a range of features that can help users quickly identify and correct errors in their writing.

Furthermore, with its frequent updates, users can be sure that their text is checked against the most recent grammar rules. If you are not comfortable buying the premium, you can always benefit from its basic free plan just by signing up. Hope this guide was helpful. Keep visiting our Techrulz for more interesting and useful tutorials.

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