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9 Best Working Methods to Fix Instagram Music Not Working Issue



instagram music not working in my region

Whether you are an Instagram fan or not, if you love to shoot and share pictures and videos on Instagram, you might have noticed that the music option was introduced for posts and stories in December 2017.​

The Instagram music not working issue has been a headache for many Instagrammers. However, we at “Techrulz” will walk you through the best possible methods to get rid of this issue.

instagram music not working

In this article, we will cover the 9 best working methods to fix Instagram music not working issues. Read the complete guide and fix it right away.

What is Instagram Music?

Instagram music is a system that allows Instagram users to add songs from the popular streaming platform “Spotify” as background music for their posts and stories.

The official launch of this option was done in December 2017, by the founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.


Why is Instragam Music not Working?

There are many reasons for the Instagram music not working issue, however, most of them come from a simple reason- The lack of knowledge about the service. Many Instagrammers don’t know how to set up a Spotify account and link it with their Instagram account. Let us see some common problems that arise in using this option along with their solutions.

What are the Reasons for Instagram music not working?

The reasons for Instagram music not working are many. Users report that they can see the option but not all songs will play. The second problem reported by most users is, “how to add a song as your story background”.

Other than these simple problems, there is one more common issue with this service and that is, “Instagram music is not available for some accounts”. Let us see how to fix each of them in detail.

9 Best Working Methods to Fix Instagram Music Not Working

We will be covering all these details in detail with proper screenshots and images as well. Let’s check the working methods one by one.

1) Update Instagram app

The first and foremost thing that you should check is whether your phone has an updated version of the Instagram app or not. If it is outdated, then there are high chances for the music feature not to work properly. So make sure that you update your Instagram app to the latest version. Cheers, your problem is fixed now!


instagram update

2) Check Spotify Connect Account

The second thing that you should check is whether your Spotify account is connected with your Instagram account or not. If this feature has been turned off and if there is a mismatch between your phone number and linked Facebook account, then you would not be able to use the service.

So you must go through the steps listed below in order to connect your Spotify account with Instagram:

  • Launch Spotify app on your phone
  • Head over to Menu and Tap Account

 instagram music not working business account

  • Now, Scroll down and tap linking options
  • In this step, you need to add your phone number and tap “Confirm”

The above steps will help you connect your Instagram to your Spotify account. Cheers, now your problem is sorted.

3) Deactivate the Restriction option in Instagram Account

Some users have reported that they see the feature but songs will not play or results are not displayed. This comes from the Restrictions option in the Instagram account settings. This is a very simple thing to do and all you need to do is deactivate this option.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your phone
  • Head over to your profile by tapping your username at the top right corner
  • Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the screen

instagram music not working reddit

  • Now tap on the “Restrictions”
  • Toggle off all restrictions and your problem is solved!

4) Try Signing In & Out Of Instagram

If the above methods do not work, then you can try to resolve this issue by signing out of Instagram and then Signing in again.

why is my instagram music different

  • Head over to your profile page by tapping your username at the top right corner
  • Tap the “Sign Out” button.
  • Now again Sign In and this time all your songs, posts, and stories will play as normal.

5) Reinstall Instagram

In case all the above methods do not work, then it is possible that your Spotify account is blocked from using this service as a precautionary security measure. In order to fix the Instagram music not working problem, you need to uninstall the Instagram app and re-install it.

instagram music not working today

It’s important to note that your songs will not be removed when you reinstall the app. So your music library is safe and secure. Cheers! Your problem is solved now.

6) Ensure The Correct Privacy Settings For Instagram Account

It’s important to ensure that you have set the correct privacy settings for your account before using this service as it may result in blocking the interaction with Instagram and Spotify accounts.


Go through the steps below and set the correct settings:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your phone
  • Tap your profile picture at the top left corner. Your account page will open up now.
  • Tap the “Edit Profile” option in the top right corner of your screen.

instagram music no results found

  • Now tap the “Privacy and Security” tab and make sure the switch at the top right corner of your screen is turned on.
  • This will ensure that no one can use this service without your permission and thus solve the Instagram music not working problem.

7) Clear Cache Data On Instagram App

Sometimes a simple issue like an error in cache data is present which causes this Instagram music not working issue to occur. In order to fix that, you need to clear the cache data on your Instagram app.

instagram music not working in my region

Go through these steps to clear the cache data:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your phone
  • Now go to Menu and tap “Help & Support”
  • Tap “Storage Usage”. Here you will find a graph showing how much storage the app is using.
  • Tap the Instagram app and then tap “Clear Cache”
  • This will clear any cache data and it should also fix your problem of Instagram music not working.

8) Restart Your Device

It’s strange but sometimes restarting your device can help in solving minor issues like this one. So go ahead and reboot your device to see if that helps.

9) Contact Instagram support

If none of the methods work then you have to contact their support team. Use the Instagram help center to contact them for instant solutions. This is the best way to fix the Instagram music not working problem.


The above methods are the easiest ways to fix Instagram music not working issue. We have tested them on multiple accounts with different phones. So if you still face problems while using these methods then please let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more tech updates!

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Find out how to increase the number of Instagram readers in 2022



Follow the trends

Instagram is an ideal platform for promoting an actual or personal account. Besides the fact that it already has almost 2 billion active users, the issue of introduction promotion remains relevant for some.

Many questions just like How to gain subs, simple tips to keep your audience, how to improvement reach, how to monetize your, and how to properly manage keep in mind this? are the many important things to the Instagram promotion.


So in this guide, I will show you the best ways to increase your Instagram followers using a few tips and some methods. You need to make certain to follow all those tips to delay your followers. Let’ s begin.

Increase Instagram Followers in 2022

We will not say the well-known things that it is important to send in the bio correctly, make a choice an avatar, and consider hashtags, but we will apart move on to specific facts which help to increase the followers right away.

Interact with the subs own competitors’ accounts

Find a great many accounts with blog discussed topic similar to yours and be activated with their audience — your, comment, subscribe to them, and therefore on. Since users are already serious about this area, they may be interested in this remarkable blog.


Increase Instagram Followers

Take charge of various contests and free incentives for your audience

Its terms of the contest may include advice, likes, and stories naming your profile or a friend’ s mark. This way you’ll certainly greatly boost the activity of your profile, and as you know, the higher the statistics, the more likely it is that particular IG will recommend ones publications to other users.

Promote your profile on other social and in real life

If you have your own youtube channel, Twitter, nor profile on another social networking, invite other users to subscribe to your IG profile. And you can sometimes place your nickname or perhaps QR code on specific brochures and other printed advertisement publications.

Follow the trends

Reels , hashtags, dispute — all this is constantly considering changes. If you are in the design, then the chance that all new users will find out about who you are is very high. This features especially effectively with regard to reels.

Follow the trends

Outfit secrets of popular writers

Now no one hides if they are fully using the opportunity to actually purchase real Instagram followers . After all, you increase activity on the description page, inspire confidence and give a powerful00 impetus to the development of each of our profile. This way of deal works very fruitfully — the more viewers you have, a lot more likely it is that new folks will also want to subscribe.

Load more

You can answer subs’ questions, share news, amuse expertise or collaborate to bloggers. All this increases the trustworthiness of the audience and gives you the opportunity to advertise or re-sell your services and get creative subs.


Create masks

Outside furniture, it may contain a mention of your overall brand or something that could be associated with your page. Should mask goes viral when a large number of people use it, quite a bit of new people will find out for your brand.

Order advertising from the bloggers

Bloggers are viewpoint, perspective leaders and have an audience within trusts them. Before you start synergy, pay attention to the statistics of the blogger’ s account, its audience, and the style of presentation associated with. It is best to find a blogger about long-term cooperation.

So these are the ways to increase your Instagram followers any quick time. All these equipment work and you can see the most efficient results instantly.


As you can see, branding an Insta account frequently large complex of various activities that require time, perseverance, using little creativity. It may not you should be easy at the beginning, but overall you will be able to delegate many of these responsibilities to other people. Y ask your questions in the remark box below. Stay tuned that will Techrulz for more informative Conseiller.

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Download Instagram Plus Mod APK V10.21.0 Latest Anti-Ban



instagram plus followers apk

Download Instagram Plus Mod Apk: As a smartphone user, you must be having an Instagram account, right? Besides being able to share photos and videos with each other, there is a lot of interesting content on this social media platform.

However, have you ever felt dissatisfied with the features and performance of the original Instagram version? If yes, then no need to worry. You can use the modified version of the Instagram application which is now widely found on the internet.

instagram plus

Well, one of the famous Instagram mod applications is Instagram Plus. The following is a brief description of the application and also the download and installation procedure is explained below.

What is Instagram Plus?

Instagram Plus is an application similar to Instagram in general. However, the interesting thing about this application is that there are a number of features that you cannot find in the original version of Instagram. So, you could say this is a modified Instagram application.

Of course, you already know that Instagram does not provide a content download feature in it. So, users have to use the help of third-party applications or websites if they want to download videos or photos in full resolution.


instagram plus features

But by using this one application, you have the option to download videos and photos on Instagram. In addition, you can also one special people who follow. Then there is a feature that allows you to view and enlarge the profile picture of an IG account.

It can be said that many IG users are starting to turn to this Instagram mod application. And they also say that this application is very satisfying with the functions that it offers according to exceed the original version of Instagram. This application can only be used on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Differences Between Instagram Plus and Instagram Original

Instagram Plus Instagram Original
  • Can download video content directly.
  • Instastory can be downloaded and saved to the HP memory.
  • View other people’s stories without being noticed.
  • More choices of attractive and cool themes.
  • Can see the full profile photo.
  • The posted photo and video content cannot be downloaded.
  • Can’t download Instagram stories.
  • The story owner will know if you’ve seen the story he created.
  • There are only two choices of themes, namely the original theme and the dark theme.
  • Can’t see the full profile picture.

Instagram Plus features

Talking about features, of course, you will find various features that will not be found in the original version of the Instagram application. So, this modified application was deliberately created so that its users can experience the desired features that do not exist. Here are the features of IG Plus.

 instagram plus followers apk

1. Download Video Post Content

When you want to download videos on posts on an Instagram account, you need to use a third site or application. But if you use this IG mod application, then you don’t need to bother doing it anymore. So there is a feature to easily download Instagram video content.

2. Download Instastory Content

If you are using the original version of Instagram, then the other account stories can only be seen. And less possibility to download the story. Well, by using this application, you can download Instastory content. Whether it’s Instastory in the form of photos or videos.

3. Monitoring Followers Easily

For true Instagram users, of course, getting a lot of followers is a fun thing. To support this, this Instagram modification application has been equipped with a feature that functions to monitor other IG accounts that follow your account.


4. Hiding in Story Viewers List

Of the several features previously mentioned, perhaps this one is the coolest feature. Yes, you can view other people’s stories, without worrying that they will see your profile photo on the list of people who have viewed the Instastory. So your privacy can be further improved.

5. Lots of Cool Theme Options

As is well known, in the original version of Instagram, there are only two themes to choose from. Namely the original theme and the dark or dark theme. If you feel bored with a theme that seems monotonous, then this mod application provides more cool themes that you can use.

6. View Full Profile Photo

Unlike other social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter where you can see the profile photo of another account in full size, Instagram does not provide this option. But not with this mod application, which you can use to do it.

7. Virus and Malware Free

It’s not new anymore if an unofficial application alias modification is vulnerable to virus or malware attacks. But you don’t need to worry, because the developer has guaranteed that the IG Plus application is safe to use in the long term and free from virus and malware attacks.

8. Update Periodically

If you use this IG Plus mod application, it is necessary to monitor available updates. Because of this update, is done so that the security of the application is guaranteed. In addition, this is also done to overcome existing bugs and add new features.


Download Instagram Plus

Are you also among the people who are curious about the performance of this Instagram Plus mod application? Yes, because this is not an official app, it cannot be found on the Google Play Store. But you can get and download it via the link below.

Download Link

Instagram Plus

How to Install Instagram Plus

You need to know that how to install modified applications with original applications from the Google Play Store is different. Before this application is installed, you need to do a few settings. For more details, see the following information.

  • The first step is to download the APK file from IG Plus via the link that was given earlier.
  • If the APK file has been successfully downloaded, don’t install it right away.
  • You need to delete the original Instagram app that is currently installed.
  • After that, go into the settings or settings first.
  • Then scroll down, find and open the security menu.
  • Within that menu, you need to find the security menu and open it.
  • Now, in the Unknown sources section, you can tap the option to activate it.
  • If so, go to the download folder or the folder where the APK file from IG Plus is stored.
  • Open the APK file, and do the installation by pressing the next button and install.
  • Wait until the application installation process is completely finished.
  • When it’s finished, just open the application and log in using your Instagram account.

Done, you can use the IG Plus mod application in full and all the features in it. Oh yes, don’t forget to re-disable the installation option from unknown sources to support phone security.


From the little information described above, it can be concluded that Instagram Plus has many advantages when compared to the original version. But you still need to be careful, because this application is not official. Therefore, regular updates are very necessary. Hope this article was helpful. Visit Techrulz for more information.

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GB Instagram Mod v6.30 APK Download for Android & iOS Official



gb instagram latest version

Do you like feeling bored with the same look and Instagram features? Don’t worry, you can use the GB Instagram Apk. Are you curious about the application? So, let’s take a look at the full review below.

Now it’s clear, isn’t it, that IG is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. However, if you use GB IG, you can try new features that are not available on the official Instagram.

gb instagram mod

If you are interested in downloading and installing the GB Instagram apk on your Android or iOS device, then this post will help you out. Know the GB Instagram mod download and install procedure below.

What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram is a modified version of Instagram developed by Atnfas Hoak. Actually, this mod version is not much different from the original version. The only difference is the features. Where the features on Instagram Mod Apk are not necessarily on the official IG, so it provides a separate experience for its users for the better.

 gb instagram pro

To use this application, your mobile phone does not need to be rooted first. And this IG Mod has a smaller size when compared to the original version, so it doesn’t take up much space on your phone’s internal memory. The condition that you must follow if you want to use this application is that the phone is already using the Android operating system above 4.0.


This application is also very suitable for use by those of you who want to stalk your ex or friends without fear of being found out by them. Even with the features in this application, you can copy captions, copy comments, and so on. So if you are curious about its features, I have summarized them below.

Advantages of GB Instagram

There are various advantages available to this application. And of course, you can’t find these advantages in the original Instagram version.

gb instagram latest version

With the advantages it has, it can certainly make you feel more at home using social media on this one. So, so that you are not curious anymore, below I have explained the advantages of GB Instagram, such as:

1. Viewing Stories Unknown

The first advantage that you can enjoy when using this application is that you can see other people’s stories without the owner knowing.

It’s no wonder that with these advantages, this application is now widely used by people. The reason is with this feature you become freer in playing social media.


So if you are still curious about your ex-girlfriend, you can use this IG Mod application for stalking without fear of being caught.

2. Hiding Online

Another advantage that you can enjoy when using the GB Instagram application is that it can hide online status. So that other people do not know that you are online.

This embedded feature is perfect for those of you who are afraid of being known by your girlfriend if you are online or playing this social media.

The reason is that many young children tell their boyfriends that they want to sleep, when in fact he wants to open the Instagram application.

3. Automatic Translate

Instagram is one of the most popular applications in the world, no wonder it is used by billions of people around the world. So, don’t be surprised if it provides an automatic translation feature like Facebook.


But unfortunately, the official version of the Instagram application does not support this feature. So it gets a lot of people in trouble. But now you don’t need to worry anymore, because the GB IG Apk application has this feature embedded.

So it is very useful for you. With the presence of this feature you no longer need to open Google Translate to translate captions on other people’s statuses.

4. Copying Captions Or Comments

The next feature that can be used on the GB Instagram application is being able to copy other people’s comments or caption text.

So if you come across other people’s words or comments that are unique or inspiring, you definitely want to copy them, right? But if you use the official Instagram application then you can’t do it.

But it’s different if you use the GB IG application, which has provided cool features, so you can copy it anytime. So you don’t have to remember the text and then write it manually.


5. Changing Themes On Chat Screen

If you feel bored with the appearance of the chat screen that is just like that. Then you can try using this Modified Instagram application. Because with this IG you can change the appearance of the conversation screen.

There are various themes embedded in this application, so you can freely choose which one suits your taste.

6. Zoom Profile Photo

One of the most common problems faced by Instagram users is a profile photo that is too small and cannot be enlarged. Even though looking at the profile photo is very important to be able to recognize the person.

Of course, this applies to those of you who use the official or original version of Instagram. But it will be different if you use GB Instagram. Where this application has provided a very useful feature, namely zooming in on profile photos.

That way you can identify the person. Now for the very easy way, you just need to long-press on the profile photo. Later the zoomed version of the image will appear. Because it is enlarged, so not all profile photos can be seen clearly. Which is already cracked or blurry.


GB Instagram Download Link

For those of you who are really interested in this application, you can’t wait to experience its interesting features in it. Don’t worry, because I have provided the download link. By using this application, you will certainly be more flexible in playing social media on this one. Here’s the download link:

How to Install GB Instagram Mod APK

Installing the GB Instagram application is not difficult. Just a little different from installing the original version. This is because this is not an official application from the Play Store. So you have to give permission first so that there are no errors during the installation.

If you are still confused, it’s natural, especially if it’s the first time you want to install someone who downloads it outside the Google Play Store. So, so that you understand the steps, please follow the guide below:

  • First, download this application from the link provided above.
  • After the download is complete, please enter the Settings menu on the cellphone.
  • Then press the Additional Settings menu. Then press the Privacy menu again.
  • Please press or activate the installation from Unknown Sources.
  • If it is active, please go to File Manager.
  • Next, search for downloads and select the GB IG APK file that was previously downloaded.
  • Then automatically a new appearance will appear.
  • Please click on the Install button in the lower right corner.
  • Finally, wait until the installation process is complete.

How to Download GB Instagram for iOS

If you are looking for GBInstagram and want to download it to your iOS device, just take a look below. We will explain step by step how to install GBInstagram on your iOS device. This will work fine. Make sure to uninstall Official Instagram from your phone before installing this APK. So let’s take a look at the below steps to get it now.

  • Visit the Tweakboxapp website.
  • Make sure you only open websites in Safari. Then click the Install Now button.
  • This will download the profile and allow permission if you want to download it.
  • Then go to your iPhone settings -> General -> Profile.
  • Click on Tweakboxapp Profile and click Install in the top right corner.
  • Once installed, open the Tweakbox app on your home screen.
    At the top right, click Apps -> Optimized Apps.
  • After that, you will see the Instagram Rocket app (like GBInstagram)
  • On the next screen, click on the Install button and the app will download.

Once downloaded, click Instagram Rocket on your home screen and enjoy GBInstagram on your mobile. The main thing that you always think about while downloading any app on your phone is you may get banned. You don’t have to worry because you can easily install this app on your Android phone without getting locked out or facing any issues. You can enjoy this app without any problem and your credentials are safe.

GBInstagram vs Instagram – What’s the Difference?

Below is a list that can give you an idea of ​​the main features you can get with GBInstagram. We created a table so you can easily understand it.

Feature GBInstagram Instagram
Anonymous Story View X
Save Story to Gallery. X
Save Posts to Gallery. X
Repost from Feed X
Check Your Followers X


GB Instagram is an application that is your solution if you want to try cool and interesting features that are not in the official Instagram version. Now you can play social media on this one freely and don’t get bored quickly. Hope this article was helpful in knowing more about GB Instagram mod. For more related posts, stay tuned to TechRulz.

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