You Can Now Stay Active and in Style with the

Smart wearable devices have become more and more important over the years because of their portability, low-power consumption, intelligent interaction, health monitoring, and entertainment features. Nowadays, smartwatches have started to become a reflection of personality and style. As a way to redefine fashions and capture the beauty of life, HUAWEI Philippines launches the newest addition to the Watch Fit Series Line — the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2, the perfect companion for the stylish and the fit. 

Trendy and fashionable design, showing unique style on the wrist 

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 inherits the simple yet fashionable design language of its series. The Active Edition which has soft and comfortable silicone straps comes in three colorways including the Sakura Pink, Isle Blue, and Midnight Black. The Classic Edition which has leather watch straps, on the other hand, offers the Nebula Gray and Moon White premium colorways. Quick disassembly and changing of watch straps according to moods or style can also be easily done with the WATCH FIT 2’s press-to-release “Link” design. 

Bigger screen with vivid colors 

This new HUAWEI fashion must-have is equipped with a 1.74-inch AMOLED HD FullView display, which is 18.6% larger than that of the previous generation. Its screen-to-body ratio could go as high as 72.2%, and it features a 336 PPI and 336 x 480 resolution display to deliver an extremely visual experience where the content is more vivid than ever. 

Managing daily life – the smart way 

Upgraded with a speaker and microphone, answering calls or sending quick replies may it be on the built-in messaging app, or WhatsApp is easier than ever, allowing an uninterrupted digital life! 

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 also features a HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY for the first time, providing a  smartphone-like control on a smartwatch. If you’re more into the voice command acts, worry no more, as it also comes with a Voice Assistant button that can help navigate, and act according to the command.

As a way to make any form of movement more efficient, it’s proven that following the rhythm of the music while working out is a must. HUAWEI stayed true to this and made sure that the new WATCH FIT 2 now supports offline and independent music playback for a more elevated user experience.

For a comfortable and undisturbed experience, HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 also features a large battery in its compact design and comes equipped with fast charging technology. With a 5-minute charge, the smartwatch can be used for 24 hours. It can stay alive for as long as 10 days, and 7 days when under a heavy usage scenario. 

Unprecedented fitness experience

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 is here to help enjoy the most out of any workout experience, with its more than 97 workout modes such as running, cycling, swimming, skipping, and even mainstream, and common movements like weight training, dancing, ball games, water, and extreme sports. If you wish to take fitness routines outdoors, there’s also the WATCH FIT 2’s upgraded satellite system for more accurate positioning during exercise – well suited for urban environments. 

Since the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 is also all about providing rich and interesting personal fitness guidance, it is fully equipped with a built-in independent animated fitness coach that can easily demonstrate and guide fitness routines, may it be a quick or an intense one!

Technology upgrade for enhanced health management

Working out, mental health, and sleep are the core of a healthy lifestyle. When the WATCH FIT 2 is synced together with the HUAWEI Health App, there’s instant access to the Healthy Living Management feature that helps develop a self-disciplined workout routine and maintain active health management. Through personalized settings, receiving regular reminders such as health challenges, daily water intake, medication reminders, daily mindfulness, early sleep reminders, exercise volume, and staying positive will already be a given! 

HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2 also provides all-rounded health management such as all-day heart rate, and SpO2 monitoring that relies heavily on the powerful anti-interference and noise reduction algorithm of HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0. There’s also sleep, breathing, stress, and menstrual cycle monitoring that automatically synchronizes data in the HUAWEI Health App, for easier progress tracking. 

With the advanced and amazing features of the new HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2, it sure is not just the newest fashion smartwatch must-have but also the most ideal health and fitness companion that can match any kind of lifestyle you may have! Head on to the HUAWEI Online Store, or snag it via leading e-commerce sites Lazada, or Shopee, and get the chance to bring home a HUAWEI Scale 3 as a freebie, only until supplies last. 

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