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Download Harvest Moon Game Back To Nature Android Apk



Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

For those of you fans of gardening simulator games, you must be familiar with the Harvest Moon game, right? The legendary Harvest Moon Android game will invite you to enjoy the excitement of living life in the village.

You will also be invited to survive by farming or farming. Harvest Moon Back to Nature is one of the top most popular games in the series of Harvest Moon. If you are a fan of Harvest Moon and want to play it on your Android mobile, then this article is for you.

download harvest moon game

Here, we are going to share the review of this game. To find out interesting facts about the Harvest Moon game along with the download link, let’s look at the following review.

Harvest Moon Android Review

For those of you who have never tried the Harvest Moon Back to Nature game, you must be wondering what is it and how to play it. This legendary game was first released in 1996 and was originally made for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) console.

This game was originally present for the PlayStation 1, but as technology developed and the times changed, this game was finally developed for mobile devices. This game, known as Story of Seasons, will invite you to enjoy the fun of farming and raising livestock.


download harvest moon for pc

In this game, you will be invited to play the character of a young man who inherits from his grandfather who died. The inheritance from his grandfather is in the form of a plot of agricultural land that must be treated as well as possible.

This young character once spent summers on the farm with his grandfather as a child. From there, this young character becomes close friends with a girl.

After so many years, the young man finally returned to his grandfather’s farm. The mayor will also convey the will from the grandfather to the young man.

The contents of the will are orders from the grandfather to his grandson (the young man) to work on his grandfather’s farmland so that he can return to success and survive. The young man was also given a time limit of 3 years to restore his grandfather’s agricultural glory.

That way, he will get recognition from the townspeople as the rightful owner of the farm inherited by his grandfather. Although this game focuses on farming and farming activities, you are not only required to plant and harvest in the fields.


download harvest moon - friends of mineral town

You will also be invited to socialize with local residents. If your relationship with the local people is good, the more benefits and prizes you will get. Not only that, but you can also marry a girl character of your choice.

Apart from doing farming activities, you can also feel the excitement of raising animals such as sheep, cows, and chickens. The farm animals can later be directly sold or processed first to increase the selling price and increase the virtual game coffers.

From the sale of agricultural and livestock products, you can later use it to buy food and build houses. So that you are not only focused on agricultural activities, Harvest Moon Back to Nature also provides several events or events that you can participate in.

From events or events that you participate in, you can collect points and various other attractive prizes. Just like sandbox games in general, you will not be able to finish the game.

This is because the Harvest Moon game is designed as a relaxing game and there is no winner or loser. That way, you can enjoy every activity or activity in it without rushing.


Interesting Facts about Harvest Moon Games

This farming simulator game also offers various advantages that you must try. Here are some interesting facts about the Story of Seasons Online or Harvest Moon Android game.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Can Choose Character Gender

In the previous explanation, you have got an idea about the storyline of this game. Not only doing youth characters but you are also given the freedom to choose the gender of the character you want to control both male and female characters.

Even so, it is still unknown what features can be used to design the shape of the face and body in the Harvest Moon game. In fact, if there is a facial makeover feature, the Harvest Moon game is guaranteed to be more exciting and fun.

3D Graphics

Game Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons has adopted 3D graphics with very good quality so that the picture of the environment in the game feels more real and alive. With neat graphic details, the appearance of the Harvest Moon game is also more attractive than the Nintendo DS game series.

The Harvest Moon Name Debate

Another interesting fact about this game is that there is a debate between the name Harvest Moon and Story of Season. Recently, there’s even been a lot of posting of the latest Story of Season game for cars broadcast by social media from China, Weibo.


This account contains a number of videos and teaser images that are predicted to be the Story of Season game instead of Harvest Moon. In their opinion, Harvest Moon is a title owned by Natsume as the first creator of this game.

Meanwhile, because the latest Harvest Moon game was developed by Marvelous developers, the name used is no longer Harvest Moon but has changed to Story of Seasons.

Developed By Marvelous Inc

Harvest Moon or which has a new name Story of Seasons is a game developed by Marvelous Inc. This Japanese company has been established in 2011 and consists of a combination of Marvelous Entertainment, Liveware, and AQ Interactive companies.

From the results of Marvelous’ development, the Story of Seasons series is divided into 2 titles, namely Story of Seasons: Reunion with Mineral Town and Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. Not only producing game applications, but Marvelous also produces popular action anime such as Tokyo Ghoul.

Distributed By Tencent

A game will not be complete if it does not have a publisher who acts as a distributor. In the latest version of Harvest Moon Android aka Story of Seasons, the developer, Marvelous, cooperates with Tencent.


Tencent not only publishes the best battle royale games but re-publishes the legendary farming simulator game that can be enjoyed by all, both children and adults.

Free to Play

This online game does not use the Free to Play system like PUBG Mobile which was finally released for free. However, it is also possible that Tencent will make the Harvest Moon game aka Story of Seasons a free-to-play game, right?

Even though it’s still not free to play at this time, maybe in the future Tencent will release this game for free and can even make money just like the PUBG game through the treasure box, speed up time, and so on.

Maintain Fishing Features

As a game developed by Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons Online still retains the fishing feature. That way, you are not only invited to grow crops and take care of livestock, but you can also try the fun of fishing.

In this one feature, you can fish for various types of fish or other aquatic animals that can be used for cooking. For fishing locations, it can also be done in ponds, river banks, or waterfall areas as in Harvest Moon Back to Nature.


Download Game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Apk

After you understand the interesting facts of the Harvest Moon Android game, you may be impatient to download it right away, right? If in general, this game uses English, you don’t need to worry anymore because there are other languages available too.

Downloading this game application is also very easy because it is the same as when you download other applications. You just click the following Harvest Moon download link.

App Name Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Developer/Developer Natsume Inc.
App Size 2 MB
Version Android
License Free

Download Link

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Click here


How to Install the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Android Game Application

Even though you have downloaded the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature game application via the link above, you also have to install the application so that it can be used on your Android device. How to install the Harvest Moon application on Android is also very easy, even without root.

You only need a PS1 emulator application to be able to run the game. Also, make sure your Android device already has qualified specifications so that the installation process can run smoothly. Well, here’s an easy way to install the Harvest Moon game on Android.

  • Before installing, make sure that you have downloaded the Harvest Moon Back to Nature bios file and the epsxe+bios first.
  • After that, you can open the RAR application, then find the file with the name “ePSXe.apk +++BIOS.rar” that you downloaded earlier and extract the file by pressing the arrow icon.
  • Open the extracted folder in the selected location, then install epsxe by clicking epsxe.
  • Open the successfully installed ePSXe for a while, then close it again. This step aims to provoke the emergence of the BIOS.
  • In the next step you can open the extracted folder, then copy and paste the file with the name SCPH1001.BIN to Internal Memory > epsxe > bios.
  • If you have done all these steps, then the Harvest Moon game is ready to be played.

How to Play Harvest Moon Android No Root

After successfully installing Harvest Moon, some of you who are trying this game for the first time are certainly still confused about how to play it, right? The following are the steps to play the Harvest Moon no root game.

  • Open the epsxe application first, then you can click or press run bios.
  • Wait until epsxe finds the SCPH1001.BIN file that you moved earlier during the installation process.
  • The next step is to click “Run Game” so that epsxe searches automatically for the Harvest Moon Back to Nature iso file that you have downloaded.
  • Wait a few moments until the Harvest Moon game iso file appears and click If this process fails, you can try again by deleting several other files because usually, the process failure is due to a full HP memory.
  • After that, click the Harvest Moon game to try the fun of playing a fun farming simulation.


The reviews about the Harvest Moon game above can be a reference for those of you who are looking for recommendations for exciting and fun farming simulator games. Not only fun, but this game also teaches you to be patient and work hard. Download this game today and have fun! Visit Techrulz for more useful guides.

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16 Lightweight Launcher Apps to Make Life Easier



Hyperion Launcher

One of the interesting features of the Android OS is that users can choose the interface design according to their wishes. This can be done by using a light launcher application that you can find on the internet.

The launcher itself is software that serves to change and beautify the home screen appearance of your Android phone. There are lots of themes to choose from for a launcher.

Lightweight Launcher Apps

Interested in using the launcher application? Check out the information that will be explained as follows. We have provided the 16 best lightweight launcher apps to make your home screen looks better.

Lightweight Launcher App

Usually using a launcher will make the battery run out faster. This is because of the many features provided. But don’t worry, there are several lightweight launcher applications that you can make as an alternative. For that, here are some launchers that you can try.

1. Action Launcher

Action Launcher

In its development, the developer of Action Launcher also presented many invasions in this launcher. Examples include application shortcuts, widgets at a glance, and adaptive icons that allow you to choose an icon style as you wish.


The two things that best describe this launcher are sharp and intuitive. Perhaps, one drawback it has is that it is quite slow to run on lower-middle-class Android devices. But for the upper middle class, there is almost no problem at all.

2. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Even though the Windows Phone platform is long gone, you can still enjoy some Windows experiences on mobile devices by using Microsoft Launcher. Don’t worry, because the application can be downloaded and used for free.

3. Power+ Launcher – Battery Saver

Power+ Launcher – Battery Saver

As the name implies, this one application is the most popular and efficient thanks to the battery saver feature. The advantage of this launcher is that it is able to actively analyze and detect applications running in the background and then close unnecessary applications.

So when an application is running in the background for too long, this launcher will immediately stop the process. This will reduce the overall battery consumption. There is also an instant feature that works to quickly find the application you are looking for.

4. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a launcher application that is relatively light and can be used smoothly on various versions of Android. This launcher is able to offer the best balance of features and performance. Apart from that, Nova Launcher has customizability, and precision for its users.


5. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher

Applications made by Evie Labs Inc. This one, was designed with performance over display in mind. So this launcher application is not only able to run with minimal power, aka battery saving.

Not only that, this launcher also makes your Android performance faster and easier to use because of its simple interface. There is also a feature that allows you to find apps with just one touch.

6. Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Launcher Pro 3 is a launcher application that was launched in 2016. This application carries a minimalist design and is certainly energy efficient. This launcher will help you to organize your apps on your Android screen so that they look neater and cleaner.

7. Kiss Launcher

Kiss Launcher

Kiss Launcher comes with a light size without annoying ads when used. This is what makes the large number of users of this one launcher application. This application, able to adapt to the way you use it.

The interface that is owned by Kiss Launcher looks very simple and intuitive, because it doesn’t have any application groups. However, it displays applications in rows that look neat, easy to rearrange, and delete.


8. ap15 ​​Launcher

ap15 ​​Launcher

When compared to several previous launcher applications, you can say that this ap15 ​​Launcher is the lightest. This app will give you experience to use Android to a higher level with unusual features.

9. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher

It can be said that Niagara Launcher is very light and ergonomic. In addition, this launcher can also help you to get a minimalist but functional homescreen. Niagara Launcher uses a model of arranging app icons in a vertical row.

The interesting thing about this launcher is that you can customize the color and type of font used, the appearance of the application icon, and the color theme according to the wallpaper. This application is quite stable, saves battery, and is also light in size.

10. Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2 is an example of a lightweight yet stable launcher application. This launcher, is really easy to navigate and also has easy access to Google. You can use this application for free, without paying anything.

11. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is a launcher application launched directly by Google Inc. the application is present for free and without ads for all Android smartphone users. So just try this one launcher.


This Google Now Launcher comes with a pure vanilla Android look, and also direct integration with Google Now. Of course you already know, if Google Now is able to provide various kinds of the latest information from all countries in the world.

12. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Maybe you are already familiar with Apex Launcher. Yes, this launcher is an amazing launcher application, especially in the visual aspect. This has also been proven by the large number of downloads on the Google Play Store.

This lightweight launcher, has been optimized for both smartphone and tablet users. You can find thousands of themes and icon packs that can be downloaded again on the Play Store. Although it is free, it is guaranteed that its features are no less cool than paid launchers.

13. Slim Launcher

Slim Launcher

As the name implies, Slim Launcher is a launcher that has a clean look. Launcher created by Beautus S. Gumede prioritizes reducing accessibility to applications on your smartphone. So battery usage can still be maintained.

14. ADW 2 Launcher

ADW 2 Launcher

ADW 2 Launcher is a user-friendly launcher app, doesn’t slow down your phone, is stable, and provides lots of personalization features. The uniqueness of this application, which allows you to make the color of the interface to match the wallpaper.


15. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher

You’ll find hundreds of launcher apps on the Google Play Store, and each one offers something different or a special feature. But not with AIO Launcher, which prioritizes the use of screen space just to display important information.

16. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher

If you’re looking for a lightweight launcher with impressive visuals and performance, then you can try this launcher. Yes, Hyperion Launcher will change the interface of your smartphone almost completely, but still, save battery.

In addition to the several launcher applications above, there are still lots of launchers that you can find on the internet. However, some of the applications above are lightweight launcher applications that are guaranteed not to drain too much battery power and are certainly smooth.


Getting the lightweight launchers on your phone gets it easier & simpler. We hope we have provided the top 16 best launchers apps for android phones which are trending in the present market. Make sure to check all the launchers and pick the best one for you. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below. Stay tuned to techrulz for more informative guides.

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Get ready! Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now Available on Smartphones



VNG Philippines prepares a hack and slash RPG game, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords!

Report! Dynasty Warriors: Overlords has been released by VNG Philippines. To download it you can visit the following link

Get ready! Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now Available on Smartphones

Finally, the long-awaited game is out. Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, the latest incarnation from the legendary Dynasty Warriors series, is now available on smartphones. Imagine, legendary games that used to only be played via expensive consoles or PCs, can now be enjoyed anywhere and anytime using smartphones


This game features hack and slash gameplay adapted from Dynasty Warrior 7 and Dynasty Warrior 7: Extreme Legends. The seventh series is very famous because it has the most balanced gameplay with the most complete lineup of Generals.


Get ready! Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now Available on Smartphones

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords will present various systems that were first introduced into the Dynasty Warriors series. The system is Synergy Musou Skill and various upgrades and customizations that will strengthen and glamorize the appearance of your heroic Generals in battle.


It’s even more exciting with the PVE feature in Dynasty Warriors: Overlords which has a variety of interesting modes. Currently there are 8 PVE modes that can be played in Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, namely: Blossom, Storm, Lightning, Combined War, BOSS War – Beast, Army Advisor Activities, Fighter Skills, and Great Competition.


Get ready! Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now Available on Smartphones

In order to welcome the launch of Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, VNG Philippines also held various in-game events. You can follow the Extraordinary SR Diao Chan by doing the first top-up, the Legendary SSR Guan Yu by logging in every day and also the 50x General Recruit Prize which you can get on the first day of server opening, Daily Sign-In, Special Prizes and many more.



Make sure you download Dynasty Warriors: Overlords right now and take part in all the events held by VNG Philippines.


To download, please visit the following link

The latest information about Dynasty Warriors: Overlords can be found at:



Facebook Page:

Facebook Group :

TikTok :

YouTube :


Website :

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What are the Best TV Remote Control Apps?



ZaZa Remote

The best and latest solution if you lose your TV remote control is to turn your Android phone into a versatile TV remote controller.

This solution can be a surefire solution if you can’t find your lost remote or can’t find a replacement at the nearest electronics store. Converting an Android cellphone into a TV remote can be done by downloading an application that provides an Android to TV remote conversion feature.

10 TV Remote Control Apps

Currently, many of these applications have been widely circulated. We have listed the 10 best tv remote control apps for android. Let’s check them now.

Best TV Remote Control Apps All Series

The TV remote control application can be downloaded via Google Play or a site that provides an application (apk) for Android. The majority of these apps are 100% free. Before downloading, make sure you first check the availability of infrared, Bluetooth connection, and Android wifi.

The majority of applications can react and become versatile TV remote controllers because it supports IR Blaster technology. If the technology does not exist then you can use Bluetooth and a wifi connection as a signal sender. Here are 10 apps that can turn your Android phone into a TV remote.



SURE or Smart Home and TV Universal Remote have been downloaded more than 10 million times. A large number of downloads certainly indicates that this application is true of high quality and can be trusted. SURE can be used on almost all TV sets in various models.

Sure Remote App

This application already supports IR Blaster and wifi. There is also an intelligent assistant feature that will help you operate the remote with more intelligence. The size of this application is light (63 MB) with the minimum operating system to run it is Android 5.0 and above.

2. Mi Remote Controller

If you have a Xiaomi cellphone, this application must be included in the list of mandatory applications. Mi Remote Controller was indeed developed to maximize the IR Blaster technology in Xiaomi cellphones. It’s a shame if you don’t take advantage of this versatile application. This application is developed directly by Xiaomi.

Mi Remote Controller

Android 4.4 and above is required to use this app. Besides being able to remotely control various types of TV. This application can also be used as a remote control for various other household devices, for example, air conditioners, DVD players, and up-to-projectors.

3. Universal TV Remote

Universal TV Remote is arguably the most widely used TV remote app. The main reason why this application is widely used is that it looks simple, supports infrared, and can be used for almost all types of TV. The number of downloads of this application reaches more than 1 million.


Universal TV Remote

Not only the latest LCD and LED TVs, but this application can also be used as an old tube TV remote. A capability that makes it widely used. Its appearance is very similar to a TV remote. Also gives a positive impression and adds to the selling point of this application.

4. ASmart Remote IR

The next versatile TV remote controller is the ASmart Remote IR. NXRsoft as the developer created this application with the aim of providing an application that can control various electronic devices in the entertainment sector, including TVs, DVD players, DSLR cameras, to projectors.

ASmart Remote IR

To use this application, you only need an Android phone that already uses IR Blaster technology. ASmart Remote IR has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Android requirements to be able to use this application are already using Android version 6.0 and above.

5. Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control

This application that is considered in terms of remote control for Smart TVs has been downloaded more than 10 million times. This application is equipped with various features that are guaranteed to make users satisfied. Its control functions and support for various smart TV models are also commendable.

Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control

Another thing that has earned this app such a good rating is the extra features that give you knowledge and recommendations for quality television series currently available. Because its features focus on viewing pleasure, this application is suitable for lovers of foreign films and television series.


6. Unified Remote

As the name implies, this application is trying to unify all devices into one remote. The goal, of course, is to make the user’s Android phone a central control device. This application is also able to connect the television with the laptop and computer that you are using.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote already supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. By connecting your TV, and apps, to your computer, you can even control your TV via a laptop or computer keyboard. This feature is unique and worth a try if you are someone who finds it difficult to leave your laptop and still wants to watch TV.

7. AnyMote Universal Remote

While most universal remote applications use infrared as the command link, AnyMote Universal uses the wifi network as the command medium. This certainly indicates that this application is more easily accepted by Android HP users from a higher class.

AnyMote Universal Remote

Supports more than 90,000 devices, you can control devices from just 1 phone. Unfortunately, AnyMOte Universal Remote is not suitable for users of mobile phones from Huawei, Sony, LG, Vizio, etc. due to the reason that infrared technology is not used in this application.

8. TeamViewer

The main concept of this versatile TV remote control application is that it can control various things in busy situations and busy schedules. It is hoped that by using 1 centralized remote control, you can find out the condition of your computer, laptop, television, and other devices easily and quickly.


TeamViewer Remote

TeamViewer is indeed more suitable for those of you who are workers and must always control every device. TeamViewer is suitable for a professional multi-tasker. Control with an internet connection can even let you control the device remotely.

9. TV Remote Control for Samsung

The owners and users of televisions from Samsung can use this application if the TV remote used is lost or damaged. Instead of looking for a replacement in the market, it’s better to make an Android phone as a replacement. This application uses infrared technology to connect to the TV.

TV Remote Control for Samsung

The control distance is even up to 15 feet. For business support, this application can be used as a Samsung TV remote from 2007 to the latest. Almost all Samsung Android phones also support the use of this application.

10. ZaZa Remote

Not much different from other applications, ZaZa Remote can be relied on as a TV remote to replace a lost or damaged TV remote. This application can already be used for various types of TV remotes. Almost all types of cellphones, from Huawei, Oppo, and HTC, to Samsung, are compatible with this application.

ZaZa Remote

The minimum Android operating system to be able to operate ZaZa Remote is Android version 4.4. This application, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times, can also be used as a remote for air conditioners, DVD players, DSLR cameras, and smart lights.



The 10 versatile TV remote control applications have recommended status. Always pay attention to the brand and type of TV used to then match its availability to the application used. Now, you will no longer be angry and upset if the TV remote is out of reach. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative guides.

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