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Find out 8 interesting Facts about foodpanda on its 8th birthday in PH



Thanks to online food and groceries delivery services, getting your food is so much easier now. With platforms like foodpanda, you can order instantly and enjoy a delicious meal within minutes. And nothing beats the excitement of getting a call from a Kuya or Ate Ka-Panda rider/biker/walker to tell you that your order has arrived.

As the leading quick commerce digital platform, foodpanda lets you order from your favorite restaurants and shops offering a wide variety of choices – meals, snacks, groceries, and other daily essentials. With 8 years of delivering food and more in the Philippines, life would never be the same without our favorite pink panda brand that has captured the hearts (and tummies!) of many Filipinos. But aside from satisfying your cravings, your curiosity will also be captured by these mind-blowing facts about the country’s go-to online food and groceries delivery app.

As foodpanda turns 8 this year, we’re treating you to some interesting trivia that you probably don’t know about them yet.

  1. From orange to pink
    Find out 8 interesting Facts about foodpanda on its 8th birthday in PH

If anything, foodpanda is best associated with their logo – the pink panda. But you’d be surprised to know that it was originally orange before they made the switch to pink, back in 2017. The fuschia-pink look is definitely a lot of fun, and clearly shows that foodpanda is ever-growing, expanding, and not afraid to take that big leap to cater to all of your food needs.

  1. Leadership at a crucial time

Find out 8 interesting Facts about foodpanda on its 8th birthday in PH


Transitions are hard enough to begin with, but to do it at the most crucial of times would require exceptional skills – one that Daniel Marogy, managing director of foodpanda Philippines, proved to have when he joined the team a day before the lockdown. “That was a very challenging time for me, but it was made bearable because of the competitive foodpanda team led by very compassionate leaders and dedicated team members who helped me steer the ship in the right direction,” shares Dan.

  1. Revolutionizing  the food delivery space

foodpanda was the first online delivery service in the Philippines to house all of your favorite restaurants in an app and deliver food right at your doorstep with just a few taps on your mobile phone. Before foodpanda, do you remember how you would collect delivery hotline numbers, so you know who to call when ordering food? Or how frustrating it is that some of your faves are not available for delivery? Now, Ka-Panda riders not only deliver the meals you’re craving, but so much more – you can shop for groceries from pandamart, pick-up your ordered food if you’re in the area, or enjoy exclusive discounts for dine-in offers from their restaurant partners.

  1. Putting the digital in digital delivery

It’s called quick commerce for a reason because in as fast as 30 minutes or even less, your order is already at your door. The reason behind this fast delivery service, aside from having a massive fleet of riders, bikers, scooter-riders and even walkers, is that foodpanda pioneered the use of internet connection to their vendors. Prior to that, other online food delivery services had to manually use fax and call center agents to relay the orders to the restaurants, so imagine how long it would take. As the first one to automate the ordering process, they definitely transformed the way online food deliveries work so your food will be delivered still hot and fresh – just the way you like it.

  1. Shining the spotlight on “dark” kitchens…

Find out 8 interesting Facts about foodpanda on its 8th birthday in PH


The term ‘dark kitchen’ might sound a bit scary, but a delivery-only restaurant is all there really is to it. It means these food brands do not have physical stores; just take-out outlets designed to deliver only. For foodies who are tired of eating from the same restaurants, you might want to try foodpanda’s concept brands for your next meal. They are present in key cities in Metro Manila and the North Luzon area. (Extra fun fact: some of these brands are created by foodpanda so you can only get it exclusively from their platform).

  1. You can never go wrong with pizza and burger!

Find out 8 interesting Facts about foodpanda on its 8th birthday in PHFind out 8 interesting Facts about foodpanda on its 8th birthday in PH

Any time is pizza and burger o’clock. It’s probably why these two fast-food staples hold a special place in foopanda’s 8-year journey in the country. The very first order to be placed in the app is none other than everyone’s OG snack, pizza, while topping the order list in the app are burgers.  As the leader in the online food delivery marketplace, foodpanda continues to offer food items that will meet the fast-paced lifestyle and current needs of their consumers.


  1. Employee #1 is still with them

Find out 8 interesting Facts about foodpanda on its 8th birthday in PH



Kristine Luneta, who is part of the Commercial team, currently holds the title of foodpanda’s longest-tenured employee. Like the company, she is also celebrating her 8th year anniversary with them as their employee #1. When asked what made her stay for that long, Kristine shared, “I am drawn to how progressive the mindset is and how connected the people are.”

  1. FP = For the People

Find out 8 interesting Facts about foodpanda on its 8th birthday in PH

Making a difference in the community is also part of the company’s advocacies. One of the many initiatives they do to nurture and help the communities they serve is the ‘BuyAnihan Palengke’ program, aimed at assisting enterprising Filipinos become resellers of fresh produce sourced directly from local farmers. To date, more than 10,000 kilograms of fresh produce have been sold to consumers at an affordable price through various partnerships with local government units since the program was launched last year. Watch out for their next food bazaar exhibit to get your stash of fresh fruits and vegetables.


For 8 years, foodpanda has been a prominent presence in the digital food space in the Philippines – and they vow to continue deliver food, groceries, and more for many years to come.

Celebrate with foodpanda’s Pau-tastic birthday: be on the lookout for surprises and announcements for special treats made just for you!

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Dine-In ‘Sinulog Eats’ and more: foodpanda Treats Pandapro Dine-in Subscribers in Cebu #SinulogEats #foodpanda #Cebu



The on-demand delivery subscription platform made this year’s Sinulog Festival extra special with exciting discounts and surprises

Aside from marking the epic return of what’s considered the country’s biggest annual party, this year’s Sinulog Festival was one to remember for pandapro subscribers as foodpanda treated them with tons of amazing surprises.

Pandapro, the on-demand delivery subscription platform, followed through on its promise to give only the most exclusive deals and best experiences to pandapro subscribers. Amid Sinulog’s vibrant festivities, subscribers enjoyed benefits such as 25% off dine-in discounts, free delivery, free merch, free tickets, and so much more.

pandapro dine-in mounted its widely successful Dine-in: Sinulog Eats event at Ayala Cebu Terraces from January 6 to 8. Members of the exclusive club enjoyed access to the event, which gathered Cebu’s top 15 food establishments that presented their offerings through their own dine-in nooks. As members of pandapro, attendees were also able to make the most out of their up to 25%-discount perk on their total bill.

What’s more, pandapro dine-in gave away free tickets to the much anticipated Wavy Baby Fest, an arts and music festival that featured local and international artists. Presented by Careless Music, the festival ran on January 13 and 14, where the lucky pandapro subscriber ticket winners enjoyed top acts such as Pink Sweats, Sunmi, James Reid, Ben & Ben, and more.


pandapro Dine-in’s Sinulog Eats only got things going for this year that’s jam packed with more exciting events and surprises. Never miss out on all the activities and benefits exclusive for pandapro subscribers by signing up today.


All you have to do is to update your foodpanda app, head on to your profile and look for “Become a pro,” then check out all the awesome perks by clicking “Subscribe now.” Finally, add your chosen payment method details and you’re in for a world of amazing discounts, exclusive deals and fun treats.

Part of the benefits is daily free delivery up to 30 times every month, on top of other unlimited savings from food delivery, grocery and dine-in. You also get up to 40% off on food delivery, 10% off on groceries, 5% off in-shops and 25% off your total bill on dine-in. How’s that for ordering and dining like a pro?

Know more and order your favorites now at the foodpanda app and at Follow foodpanda’s official social media pages on Facebook at and Instagram at

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