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OPPO MariSilicon X In Focus: OPPO Find X5 Pro’s Cutting-Edge Feature to Empower Users’ Every Moment



Today’s smartphones enable almost anyone to take photos and videos in the best way possible. Thanks to smartphone companies, various camera technologies are now in everyone’s hands, now more exceptional and innovative, enabling them to empower every moment.


For the global smart device brand OPPO, for instance, innovation has always been its foundation to thrive in the smartphone industry. Research and development (R&D) of world-class technology became its commitment to delivering exceptional devices to customers that can cater to their everyday lives.

OPPO MariSilicon X

For instance, a decade of R&D in the mobile camera systems created the high-end OPPO Find X5 Pro, recently showcased in the Philippines–a device to empower users’ every moment, especially at night.



The evolution of OPPO’s smartphone camera technology

The quest to develop what powers the camera system of the OPPO Find X5 Series began in the early days of computer vision algorithm experiments of OPPO, breaking from the traditional model to determine how a phone camera should “think.”


In 2014, OPPO realized the pixel binning technology, where multiple sensor pixels are combined for better images in low light. It was complemented by the demosaic technique to enhance the sharpness of photos taken during the day.



Between 2014 and 2018, the brand saw the rise of optical image stabilization (OIS) and computational photography, enabling users to capture crystal clear photos easily at night. However, in 2019, these were leveled up further as OPPO devices started leveraging spectacular imaging techniques, such as advanced AI noise reduction (AINR), multi-exposure night shooting, and face recognition.

OPPO MariSilicon X

The creation of the OPPO MariSilicon X

However, these innovative features demand much work from smartphones, resulting in increased battery consumption. For OPPO, the ultimate solution is the OPPO MariSilicon X, the key to the OPPO Find X5 Pro’s paradigm-shifting photographic power.


To put it simply, MariSilicon X is a self-designed imaging Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that focuses on computational and AI photography workloads. It delivers the processing power required to support the OPPO Find X5 Pro’s next-generation and high-end imaging capabilities.



Making the 4K Ultra Night Video possible

Nowadays, computational video sets the battleground for phone cameras. While OPPO smartphones have raised the bar in low-light photo performance in the last four years, the video feature still introduces new challenges.


For instance, even a single still image can make a smartphone spend several seconds capturing and collating its data. What more for a video? The OPPO Find X5 Series requires generating 30 or 60 images per second for a video and processes at least three billion pixels of information every second.



It is where the MariSilicon X comes in, as it can handle up to 18 trillion operations per second. As a result, it makes the 4K Ultra Night Video possible, which offers low-light video with dynamic range and detail, just like the night photos of the flagship device. It enables light to darkness and restores subtle gradations that are usually lost.


But how does it work? The 4K Ultra Night Video combines AINR and 3D noise reduction (3DNR) to enhance the detail and dynamic range of the videos taken at night.



Meanwhile, the OPPO Find X5 Pro also leverages digital overlap high dynamic range (DOL-HDR) that lets users capture two frames at once for real-time HDR imaging, free of ghosting.

Delivering the Ultra Night Pro to users

The flagship device also delivers revolutionary improvements to boost its low-light stills photography performance. As it now supports SLR-level 5-axis OIS, users can flawlessly capture images to empower the moments.


When utilized, the OPPO Find X5 Pro can provide users with stunning low-light pictures at least three times as quickly as the past OPPO flagship phones. It results from a bustling hive of activity that occurs behind the scenes.


OPPO MariSilicon X

Making the Ultra HDR Photography and Video happen

Realizing the dream of finally capturing great stills and videos at night is the redefining moment of the OPPO Find X5 Pro’s camera system. However, some of the same techniques used to make this possible are also crucial components for other situations.


For instance, if users want to take a photo of a bright sunset, the rich and brilliant oranges and reds of the sky sit in stark contrast to the dark foreground. The usual phone would commonly deliver the foreground elements draped in shadow.



Because the MariSilicon X’s HDR fusion algorithm allows for up to 20 stops of dynamic range, it can provide a photo of such a scene with its every detail and not leave the sky washed out or destroy the mesmerizing colors of a fine sunset.


The flagship device can also shoot a 4K video to capture this scene with the same quality due to its DOL-HDR feature. It constructs high-dynamic-range footage free of ghosting artifacts even when the subject is on the move.

OPPO MariSilicon X


The OPPO Find X5 Pro, indeed, is the cutting-edge flagship device that would never cease to empower life’s every moment, anytime, and anywhere. Aside from these outstanding camera features, the flagship device also offers an impeccable and timeless design while delivering top-tier experiences to its users.



To know more about the latest OPPO Find X5 Pro, visit OPPO Philippines’ official website at or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.


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OPPO Achieves the Fastest Rollout with ColorOS 13, Guarantees Longer Software Updates Starting in 2023



  • ColorOS 13 rolled out faster than any other version in its operating system’s history


  • OPPO guarantees four major ColorOS updates with five years of regular security patches for selected flagship models starting in 2023

OPPO officially announced that ColorOS 13 rolled out faster than any previous version in its operating system’s history. The company also expanded its update policy for ColorOS to guarantee four major Android upgrades with five years of security patches for selected flagship models in 2023.

OPPO ColorOS 13 Update

ColorOS 13 is the latest Android-based operating system from OPPO. Designed for simplicity and comfort with its brand-new Aquamorphic Design, ColorOS 13 includes a series of impressive features, such as Smart AOD, Multi-Screen Connect, and Home Screen Management that provide intelligent and user-friendly experiences to global users.

Since launching on August 18th, 2022, ColorOS 13 has been delivered to 33 smartphone models globally, making it the fastest and biggest update in the history of ColorOS. During the same four-month time frame following their official release, over 50% more handset models were compatible with ColorOS 13 (data from August 18, to December 18, 2022) compared with ColorOS 12(data from October 11, 2021, to February 11, 2022). There are three times more users covered during the global rollout of ColorOS 13 compared to ColorOS 12 during the same period.


The Fastest Rollout with ColorOS 13



OPPO also announced the new ColorOS update policy. This includes the commitment to guarantee four major ColorOS updates with five years of security patches for global users on selected flagship models starting in 2023. Through it, OPPO aims to bring longer-lasting and more stable intelligent experiences to global users by continuing to build on ColorOS.


To know more about OPPO, visit its official website at You can also check OPPO Philippines’ official social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. To get the best care for your OPPO devices, visit your nearest OPPO Care Center or contact us on our website, via Facebook.

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#OPPO Launches “Choose Joy,” Capturing the Holiday Spirit with Inspiration and Happiness #ChooseJoy



With ‘A Miracle in the Christmas Night’, OPPO is bringing a memorable holiday to consumers

Global technology brand OPPO today announced the launch of its Choose Joy campaign and vowed to bring the first joy in the Year 2023 to all consumers with plenty of products and promotions, ready to take them to a better future with OPPO technology.

“Bringing consumers a wonderful technology experience with OPPO products and services has always been our priority,” said Andy Shi, OPPO President of Asia-Pacific. “We believe that a great brand must contain a public persona that speaks to the good qualities and beliefs of human beings, represents important technological and social trends, provides products and services, and is committed to solving important issues for individuals and society. This is where OPPO’s brand proposition ‘Inspiration Ahead’ comes from, also the initial idea why we launch ‘Choose Joy’ to consumers.”

OPPO Choose Joy Christmas

At the beginning of 2022, OPPO announced its new brand proposition, “Inspiration Ahead,” which shows OPPO’s confidence and poise when moving forward. It encourages everyone to remain resolved and graceful as they brave the storm and break the stagnation. Since then, OPPO has launched and participated in many events and campaigns globally within the year to convey and practice under ‘Inspiration Ahead,’ such as Inspirational Light partnered with Roland-Garros 2022 and OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award at Wimbledon 2022 to inspire the passion for  global tennis athletes and fans; partnering with UEFA to celebrate the beautiful game through “Inspiration Ahead”; launching OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator to accelerate the development of high-potential technology and promote innovation in the market.

Continuing the inspiration to use OPPO’s products and technology to bring joy to people, ‘Choose Joy’ has been launched as OPPO’s latest practice under the purpose of ‘Inspiration Ahead,’ specifically for OPPO fans in APAC by inspiring positivity to overcome obstacles as well as embrace new possibilities this Holiday season. The film, ‘A Miracle in the Christmas Night’, aims to remind consumers that happiness is always a choice while inviting them to choose OPPO as a partner to joy.

The inspiration for OPPO’s film came directly from micro-moments in Christmas with the beauty of cultural variety in tradition, values, and lifestyles. The film can convey happiness to the audience and reflect the humanistic care spirit behind OPPO’s technology and products, which has always been shown in the practices of OPPO’s innovations.


This season, join OPPO in celebrating the occasion with ‘Choose Joy’ and make this holiday full of inspiration and happiness with OPPO products.

A Miracle in the Christmas Night

Filled with colors, music, and celebration, Christmas is certainly the festival of happiness for everyone, especially children. Moreover, each country has a different way to celebrate Christmas, such as creating a Parol in the Philippines. The story is told through two children who were participating in a Parol Star competition, and both of them were excited while waiting for the result announcement on Christmas Day. But when the day finally came, something unexpected happened. Instead of letting the happiness end abruptly, the children decided to use OPPO to bring the joy back.


Watch ‘A Miracle in the Christmas Night’,on YouTube or Facebook.

To know more about OPPO, visit its official website at You can also check OPPO Philippines’ official social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. To get the best care for your OPPO devices, visit your nearest OPPO Care Center or contact us on our website, via Facebook.

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OnePlus Celebrates 9th Anniversary with the Launch of New Co-Creation Platform ‘OnePlus Featuring’ #OnePlus #OnePlusFeaturing



The global technology brand takes collaboration with users to the next level and reinforces commitment to its community

Global technology brand OnePlus celebrates its ninth year since its incorporation in 2013. True to its “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus continues making waves in the industry this year, mainly by growing and maintaining an active community—now with over 30 million Red Cable Club members globally. OnePlus has also marked a record this year, with several new products slated for a global launch in the coming months. 

Celebrating #9YearsofOnePlus thanks to the support and contribution of its users 

OnePlus continues its growth in the global market, outperforming in Asia Pacific and India with 43.8% and 104.6% YoY (year-on-year) growth in the first three quarters of 2022, respectively. 1 OnePlus also ranks number one in the affordable premium 5G smartphone market and overall affordable premium smartphone segment in India in Q3 2022.

OPPO OnePlus Featuring 

“2022 is a meaningful year for OnePlus. Without the support of our global users, many of our great achievements would not have been possible,” says Kinder Liu, President of OnePlus. “We live by the motto ‘Never Settle’ and are committed to delivering customers the best products and experiences. Valuable feedback, insights, and ideas from our users motivate us to keep exploring and challenging ourselves,” he added.

The #9YearsofOnePlus was not possible without its solid community. The user-oriented brand boasts one of the most active communities in the industry and constantly incorporates user feedback into its products. To better engage with its users and harness collective creativity, in May 2021, OnePlus launched a co-creation program called Power of Community. Since its introduction, Power of Community has conceived several high-quality product concepts through its close-knitted community. 


A new benchmark for co-creating with users  

To take co-creation to the next, ambitious level, OnePlus unveils the OnePlus Featuring platform. Co-creation, one of the fundamental cultures of OnePlus, will continue to be embraced and evolved by introducing 3rd parity, which shares the same vision with OnePlus. OnePlus Featuring platform will introduce co-created market-ready products. 

OPPO OnePlus Featuring

Earlier this year, OnePlus held several rounds of voting among its users to decide which new product to produce next. The verdict dictates that OnePlus will soon release its first mechanical and customizable keyboard. To bring a better experience, it will be created in collaboration with established mechanical keyboard manufacturer Keychron. It is the first time that OnePlus has introduced an industry partner to join its community co-creation process, and the product will be available globally. 

Stay tuned as more details of the mechanical keyboard will be announced early next year. Please visit the OnePlus Featuring platform and subscribe to receive timely alerts.  

To learn more about the latest innovations of OnePlus, visit the OnePlus Philippines’ official website at You can also check out the OnePlus Philippines’ official Facebook page.

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