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TPV Leads the Philippines as #1 in Unbundled Market for 2021 – International Data Center



TPV Technology Limited, the global manufacturer of leading PC Monitor brands AOC and Philips Monitors, is #1 in the Philippines in the Unbundled Market in 2021, according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker, 2021 Q4.

In its Fourth Quarter report, the International Data Corporation revealed market figures capturing the performance of different monitor brands in the Philippines. The data shows that for the entire 2021, TPV leads the market as the #1 monitor manufacturer in unbundled sales in the Philippine Market.

TPV, which manufactures AOC and Philips Monitors, sold over 155,000 units in 2021, representing 18.46% of all unbundled units sold in the Philippine market for the year. This large market share is a testament to the continued trust that consumers put into monitors made by TPV – showing how many users still prefer AOC and Philips Monitors over other brands, especially coming from a very unprecedented time in global events these past few years.

TPV Leads the Philippines as #1 in Unbundled Market for 2021 - International Data Center

Many users continue to trust TPV-manufactured monitors because of the consistent high-quality products that TPV produces. Both AOC and Philips Monitors offer products that showcase innovation on different use cases. AOC and Philips Monitors are known for innovative features that make their products more productive for work like the SmoothTouch-enabled Philips Monitors 242B9T, and give a better entertainment experience for gaming and movies, like the entire line of AOC AGON Gaming Monitors.

With this recognition, TPV will not be resting with its laurels. Being #1 inspires TPV to continue bringing to market innovative monitors designed with the users’ experience in mind as the first and primary consideration.

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Unpacking Cybersecurity: Examining Its Gears With Today’s CISOs



As breaking news of the latest online scams and security breaches continue to make the rounds, so do heated conversations about cybersecurity such as large companies being hacked, customer data leaks, and the all too common email phishing, among others.


“Millions of people are going online for their everyday transactions,” says Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business, Enterprise Group. “But whether it’s personal or for business, it seems that, for many, cybersecurity is still quite an abstract concept—until, of course, you become the victim.”


While cybersecurity has become a strategic priority for enterprises in this time of widespread digitalization, challenges still abound. Cyber threats and cyber attacks continue to rise, and threat actors are finding more sophisticated ways to put organizations at risk. Coupled with existing gaps in cybersecurity skills and infrastructure, as well as regulatory and compliance issues, it makes for the perfect storm of cyber vulnerabilities.



“There’s a lot of benefits to digitalization, of course. But it does tend to heighten your exposure to cyber attacks. So, you need to have a cybersecurity strategy along with your digitalization journey,” adds Maquera.


So, how does cybersecurity affect businesses? And how can businesses have a better handle on cybersecurity? These are the questions that punctuated the latest episode of CLOCKWORK, a podcast from Globe Business that provides meaningful, genuine, and humanized conversations about business, technology, and industry insights.


Maquera hosts CLOCKWORK and is joined by two of today’s leading Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs): Anton Bonifacio of Globe Telecom, and Ken Dietz of Secureworks. In this conversation, Maquera, Bonifacio, and Dietz took a deep dive into the technologies and trends that can help businesses secure their digital transformation journey.



Proactive approach to cybersecurity


“There’s no denying the reality of cybersecurity—you can’t do anything digital without anything that is related to cybersecurity,” says Bonifacio. As such, businesses must be proactive when it comes to cybersecurity, instead of just reacting to security breaches as they happen.


Cybersecurity is the practice of deploying people, policies, processes, and technologies to protect organizations, their critical systems, and sensitive information from digital attacks. As cyber threats run rampant amid advancements in digitalization, cybersecurity must become a strategic business priority.



Indeed, cybersecurity has become a board-level issue for organizations. Given the nature of the cyber attacks, and how sophisticated cybercriminals have become, businesses must be able to anticipate possible threats. Fortunately, cybersecurity and improved legislation to better protect consumers are now at the forefront of business decisions.


Gartner predicts more decentralization, regulation, and safety implications over the next few years, and encourages organizations to build these strategic planning assumptions into their cybersecurity roadmap for the years ahead.


“The best forms of communication I’ve seen with boards are those that have conversations around, how much risk is the company willing to take?” says Dietz. “How much risk does the cybersecurity area actually pose to the business, and how can we quantify that? And how can we put in place programs that will keep that risk in the area where we think it’s acceptable?” adds Dietz.



Communicating to external stakeholders, such as partners and customers, is an often overlooked part of cybersecurity, says Maquera. Therefore, it must be integrated into an organization’s cybersecurity strategy, rather than become an after-thought once an incident happens.


“At Globe Telecom, we have a degree of customer obsession that we ensure that we can communicate immediately, and this actually solves a lot of things,” shares Bonifacio. When an incident happens, such as a security breach or a cyber attack, the organization must communicate immediately to reassure their customers and regain their trust.


“But swift communication doesn’t just happen—it’s something that you need to practice,” reminds Dietz. As such, make sure you have a communications plan in place and that you actually practice it. Make sure that you’ve thought about what you’re going to do to make your customers restore their trust in your company after a major incident. “This should be top of mind and should be well-rehearsed before you actually have to use it,” adds Dietz.

Unpacking Cybersecurity: Examining Its Gears With Today's CISOs

Address gaps in skills and infrastructure



“You can kind of tell the level of maturity [of an organization] just based on how much of the technology spend is going to cybersecurity,” says Bonifacio.


Indeed, cybersecurity is now a top priority for new spending across organizations. According to Gartner, worldwide spending on information security and risk management technology and services reached USD 150.4 billion in 2021, a 12.4% growth compared to the 6.4% growth in 2020. And this number will continue to grow beyond 2022.


Part of this investment is training and developing a pipeline of cybersecurity professionals. “Talent is not easy to find as a security provider,” shares Dietz. As such, Secureworks prefers to train their own fresh out of school, and then put these graduates through their pipeline to build their cybersecurity expertise.


“We’re going to have that level of expertise because we built it and we have a program to foster it. It’s something that a lot of other companies whose focus isn’t cybersecurity are going to have a hard time competing with,” adds Dietz.



Businesses can also benefit from a Security Operations Center (SOC) to support their digitalization plans and implementations, says Bonifacio. Not only does it help operationalize cybersecurity, but having an SOC gives round-the-clock visibility that enables teams to resolve cybersecurity issues in real-time.


Having an SOC also gives teams an end-to-end view of their cybersecurity operations—from defining policies and governance to threat intelligence, incident response, and security awareness, all of which contribute to an organization’s effectiveness at fending off cyber threats and cyber attacks.



Cybersecurity as part of company DNA


At Globe Telecom, tying in the cybersecurity strategy with the company culture was really the key, shares Bonifacio.


“This cybersecurity strategy, this transformation journey, is to be able to secure our customers. It’s to be able to ensure that we can give them a great and wonderful customer experience, and that’s the cost of doing business now. It’s not an investment, and there’s no ROI to it per se—it’s really just tied into the overall customer experience,” explains Bonifacio.



“It’s crucial to educate all employees on safety measures, from the executive-level to the rank-and-file,” adds Maquera. “Cybersecurity awareness has to be part of the company’s DNA.”


Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the UN Global Compact principles and contributes to 10 UN SDGs.


For more business insights from industry experts and enterprise executives, listen to Globe Business’ CLOCKWORK podcast— streaming on Spotify. You may also visit our Cybersecurity page to know more about our threat defense solutions.


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List of Food PandaPro Dine-In Restaurant Deals in Cebu



Cebu’s food scene just got more exciting with great deals from pandapro dine-in. It’s time to savor your favorite dishes and rediscover the pleasure of eating out, while enjoying awesome perks from pandapro! 

Whether you’re itching to visit your favorite restaurants or thinking of exploring a bunch of restaurants in your neighborhood, being a pandapro will give you all these perks: free delivery, vouchers, and discounts of up to 40% on dine-in orders at partner establishments in Cebu.

Sunset Sports Bar

With pandpro dine-in deals, you can enjoy the experience of fine dining at Tin Gow by Waterfront Casino & Hotel, with delectable dishes like Shrimp Dumpling, Seafood Beancurd, Deep Fried Pork with Sweet and Sour Sauce, and their Assorted BBQ Platter. For more Chinese choices, Harbour City in Cebu has yum cha delights such as Shaomai, and Sweet and Sour Pork paired with their signature Steamed Fried Rice. 

Harbour City

For Filipino indulgence, head to Cebuano classic Golden Cowrie for favorites such as the Baked Bantayan Scallops. International flavors come to the fore at Sunset Sports Bar by Dusit Thani with Pad Thai Goong, Tom Yang Goong, and Gambas Al Ajillo. More local favorites are available at Kuya J Restaurant which serves up Sinigang na Baboy, Kuya J Bulalo, Grilled Scallops, Crispy Pata, and Chopsuey. 

Golden Cowrie

“We want to give our customers that enjoyment of dining in restaurants again, this is why we have partnered with these restaurants for pandapro. This is also our way of supporting the F&B industry, to help everyone bounce back together to the next normal,” says Daniel Marogy, foodpanda managing director.  

Kuya J

Becoming a pandaro is never a stressful undertaking, especially since it’s only P50 a month or for more savings, P399 a year. If you’re 18 years old and above with a valid credit or debit card, subscribe now by clicking your profile icon on the top left corner of the home screen and fill in the details on the “Become a pandapro” page. 

Dusit Thani

So, hack it like a pro, and get ready to enjoy exclusive promos on delivery and dine-in!

For more information and updates on exciting foodpanda promos and a  pandapro membership, visit  

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Attacks Surge in 1H 2021 as Trend Micro Blocks 41 Billion Cyber Threats



Global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704) announced in early September that it blocked 40.9 billion email threats, malicious files, and malicious URLs for customers in the first half of 2021, a 47% year-on-year increase.

Ransomware remained the standout threat in the first half of the year as cybercriminals continued to target big-name victims and used Advanced Persistent Threat tools and techniques to steal and encrypt victims’ data.

Ransomware was a major threat to global organizations in the first half of 2021, but it was not the only one. Trend Micro’s report also reveals:

●      Business email compromise (BEC) attacks increased by 4%, potentially as a result of new COVID-19 opportunities for threat actors. The Philippines ranked fourth among Southeast Asian countries that encountered BEC threats at 8.4%, with Singapore ranking first at 55.8%.

●      Cryptocurrency miners became the most detected malware, having surged ahead of WannaCry and web shells in recent months.


●      The Zero Day Initiative reported 770 vulnerabilities, a slight (2%) drop from 1H 2020.

●      A total of 164 malicious apps related to COVID-19 scams were detected, 54% of which impersonated TikTok.

●      Healthcare is the top industry affected by ransomware in the Philippines, followed by food and beverage, then banking.

According to a report by Hootsuite, the Philippines ranks the highest in internet and social media usage in the world. A Pew Research study conducted in 2020 also revealed that 60% of Filipinos own a smartphone. Given this, Filipinos are more likely to be exposed to malicious links and Android malware, especially if not equipped with proper internet security knowledge. The Philippines ranked first among Southeast Asian countries and third globally after the US and Japan in terms of users accessing malicious URLs, and second among Southeast Asian countries in terms of Android malware detected.

“Mitigating cyber risk effectively necessitates the thorough understanding of the scale, complexity, and specific characteristics of the threat landscape.” said Alma Alvarez, Trend Micro Threat Hunting Director.

“Alongside the comprehensive protection Trend Micro provides against fast-evolving threats and our biannual roundup reports, our annual cyber security conference DECODE brings together industry professionals and presents the latest in local cybersecurity to empower and inform the continuous transformation of organizations’ digital infrastructures.”

The report’s overall findings highlight the effectiveness of – and increasing need for – a holistic and scalable cybersecurity solution at the enterprise level. As threats continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, enterprise SOC teams will require a platform that can streamline security processes without sacrificing reliability.

To read a full copy of the report, Attacks from All Angles: 2021 Midyear Security Roundup, please visit:



DECODE is the premier cyber security conference in the Philippines hosted by Trend Micro. It aims to decode to local technology professionals the up-to-date information about the threat landscape, industry trends, and new technologies in order to empower them to secure the digital infrastructures of their organizations, as well as to inspire them to embark on a continuous learning journey.

This year’s theme:

IT professionals who are equipped with cybersecurity know-how are more likely to rise above a crisis, make informed decisions, and win the war against cyber threats. Understanding new threats comes with the acceptance that all systems and processes need to transform.



DECIDE to act with certainty. Timing matters when it comes to making security decisions amidst a threat. What’s in your toolbox and your ability to deploy solutions quickly and seamlessly will make all the difference.  

DECODE will equip you with the cybersecurity expertise to recognize and isolate real security threats. This expertise sets you apart from those without it — and the contrast is like night and day, black and white, 1’s and 0’s.

Let DECODE push you towards a commitment to win the war against digital threats no matter what the situation is. Transcend the ordinary and become a cybersecurity expert!

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