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Filipina Nat Geo Young Explorer Issa Barte Leads vivo Imaging Academy Masterclass



Barte’s “Impact of Storytelling through Purposeful Photography” class tackled how to create social media-ready images for advocacy awareness

To change lives through storytelling using the art of photography is to fuse imagery with advocacy, social consciousness, empathy, integrity and respect. 

For Issa Barte, artist, photographer and 2021 National Geographic Young Explorer, this meant photographing real on-ground situations and sharing the images with the world, hoping they reach enough viewers who would then be challenged and moved to think of solutions and effect change that ripples. 

In the second installment of vivo Philippines’ Imaging Academy online masterclass, Barte and her students, themselves young advocacy leaders, talked about the value of photography as a tool to show realities that would have otherwise stayed hidden and the value of social media as a channel to raise awareness about these stories. 

The first day of the masterclass tackled ethics and purpose, with Barte sharing her pro tips. On the second day, the students shared their photographs, each taken with the vivo X80 series and showcasing the students’ advocacies. 

A movement of not forgetting 


As the co-founder of For the Future, an NGO run by young people fueled by storytelling and photography, Barte has witnessed how photography can move people, create empathy and ignite change. She stressed the importance of photography as a great tool for social change using her Bicol 2020-2021 photo series as an example where she showcased the devastation several typhoons left the region and their way of life a year after the tragedy, when everyone else has moved on. Through these photographs, she hopes to remind the country of the victims’ situation after the donation efforts have stopped and media attention has run out.

Barte talked about photography as an enabler. She explained that photographs enable people to gain awareness or see things differently and have another perspective, which gives them the freedom to challenge the norm and change the narrative. This difficult yet necessary work is what she called the movement of not forgetting, the act of photographing real lives and real people and the images created being a way to remember realities hard and painful they may be. These realities include those of typhoon and climate change victims who place their hopes on photographs of their circumstances to secure help for basic necessities such as food, slippers and roofs over their heads.

Barte’s pro tips 

Before sending off her students to put their lessons to test, Barte shared four pro tips to create better photographs and tell compelling stories. 

Foremost is to remember ethics – to ask permission and share one’s goals with the people being photographed or the subject. Second is to build a relationship with the story and the people. This means allowing yourself to be vulnerable to your subject so they can in exchange be vulnerable and comfortable in front of the camera. 


The third tip is to use the background to help tell the story. Lastly, Barte said to use a reliable smartphone camera, a more accessible and less intimidating tool for creating portraits and intense situations. Barte says the vivo X80 series’ ZEISS natural color, auto focus and ultra-wide-angle lens features are vital in accurately capturing human emotions and expressions as well as on-ground scenes, including those in climate crisis-devastated areas. 

Recognizing the power of modern technology to raise awareness and inspire action, Barte sees the smartphone as a very handy tool to capture on-ground situations. She further says that the smartphone is a good device to break the barrier between the photographer and the subject who can be alienated by big, bulky cameras. She recalled how she started as an amateur, and encouraged her students to start where they are and with what they have. 

Photography and storytelling do not discriminate whether you use a professional or a smartphone camera, Barte shared. “What matters is the story you’re telling and your willingness to share it with the world,” she added.

The two-day vivo Imaging Academy masterclass ended with the students sharing their photographs and the inception, goals and progress of their respective projects. Barte concluded the class by saying that stories, when shared using the right tools, deliver a message that then become an inspiration or a symbol of hope, which is exactly what the world needs today. 

Toward owning your masterpiece

The vivo Imaging Academy masterclass series hopes to give Filipino photography enthusiasts a chance to own their masterpieces by refining their skills. New York-based expert photographer Michael Halsband shared his insights on how to create powerful photographs by capturing authentic details and expressions during the first vivo masterclass session released a few weeks ago. 


Other professional photographers such as Peter Van Agtmael, E-Jay Zhang and Raul Romo will lead their own vivo Imaging Academy masterclass episodes where they will share their photography philosophy and discuss strategies and tips.

You can check out upcoming episodes of the vivo Imaging Academy on vivo Philippines’ Facebook, YouTube and TikTok platforms.

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vivo Launches X90 Series Flagship Smartphones Internationally #vivoX90 #vivoX90Pro #vivoPH



X90 and X90 Pro deliver all-around performance upgrades powered by a state-of-the-art dual-chip technology, ideal for professional-grade photography or gaming, a robust triple-camera system with ZEISS optics, and much more packed in an all-new premium design.

vivo announced the global launch of X90 and X90 Pro, the company’s latest X90 series flagship smartphones. The series delivers a whole new set of advanced camera features and all-around performance upgrades powered by a state-of-the-art dual flagship chip technology featuring vivo’s exclusive V2 chip, in addition to the company’s continuous collaboration with ZEISS in terms of imaging and camera system innovation, including optics, anti reflective coating, software and system integrations.


“The new X90 series combines our in-house innovation with some of the industry’s leading imaging technologies to bring consumers a smartphone lineup equipped to tackle some of the most challenging scenarios, such as night photography and videography,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of vivo. “I’m proud of our progress towards making the flagship X series the industry’s go-to flagship line for all-around superb performance.”


Powerful Imaging Specs, a Big Leap Forward


Honed over the course of more than two years, this generation of the vivo ZEISS co-engineered imaging system brings forward a blend of hardware upgrades and software breakthroughs to offer an unparalleled experience. It boasts improved light sensitivity, aperture, natural color processing, and stabilization for an easy and intuitive point-and-shoot camera experience. X90 and X90 Pro feature triple rear camera systems, each with certified compliance with ZEISS T* Coating.​


X90 Pro pushes the limits of smartphone imaging with a 50MP ZEISS 1-inch Main Camera, 50MP Portrait Camera with a Large Sensor, and a 12MP Wide-Angle Camera. The main camera on X90 Pro uses a 1-inch IMX989 sensor, the industry’s largest to date. Compared with other models with a 1-inch sensor, the f/1.75 large aperture and 3.2 μm large pixel (4-in-1) size of X90 Pro increase the light intake per pixel, allowing for brighter, purer night images. Compared to the GNV sensor used in the previous X generation, the new IMX989 sensor’s photosensitive area has increased by 77%, with its light intake capacity going up by 43%.


The 50MP Portrait Camera features an ultra-sensing portrait lens, with an IMX758 sensor that helps to achieve an aperture of f/1.6. With the support of the stabilization system, an exclusive large-aperture lens, and 4-in-1 sensor technology, it delivers subtly detailed portraits, even in low light.


X90 Pro introduces independent optical image stabilization (OIS) technology, developed by vivo, allowing for more intelligent and precise stabilization correction compared to standard OIS. It also supports Active Centering OIS System, significantly reducing smears between frames and motion blur.


X90 boasts a 50MP VCS True Color Main Camera, a 12MP Professional Portrait Camera, and a 12MP Wide-Angle Camera. The VCS True Color Main Camera optimizes the sensor spectrum to achieve the target RGB colors better, improving native image colors, ensuring color consistency, and lowering the noise level.


Pro-level Camera Features to Capture Life’s Moments, Day or Night


The upgraded sensors, vivo’s exclusive V2 imaging chip, the in-house developed AI algorithms, and ZEISS Optics with T* Coating work together to further enhance the capability of night photography and astrophotography, making the new X90 series the perfect stargazing companion. New tools for unique and professional-grade content creation are also introduced.


4K Ultra-Sensing Night Video is now made effortless with vivo’s Super Night Video 3.0 algorithm, supporting exceptional photosensitivity in extremely dark environments. What’s more, the V2 chip ensures clarity even at high ISO settings with its noise reduction algorithm.


X90 Pro comes with an overhauled Handheld Astro mode to capture the starry sky with greater clarity without the need of a tripod in a matter of seconds. This feature is supported by the device’s enhanced light sensitivity, upgraded stabilization technology and a new AI PD Extreme Night focus technology, that improves focus accuracy. Furthermore, taking landscape moon photos is made possible with the Super Moon mode, available on both X90 and X90 Pro, which combines the hardware upgrades and the new Super Night 3.0 algorithm. At blue hour, the period right after the sun sets, vivo’s sky-segmentation technology optimizes blue-tone colors while its Double Exposure algorithm integrates the landscape and the moon into one stunning image.


AI Night View tackles the challenge of getting the tone just right in night photos. Powered by AI network learning, AI Night View can shoot up to 10 frames in RAW while maintaining a high dynamic range. It recognizes elements such as the sky and human faces in night scenes and carries out segmentation to fine-tune the tone and color of each segment. It processes HDR tones with a color depth of up to 22 bits for more subtle color transitions.

vivo X90 Series Flagship Smartphone

ZEISS Natural Color 2.0 in the new X90 series has been further calibrated to present colors with more authenticity and accuracy, bringing captured images closer to what is seen with the naked eye.


For the first time, a new ZEISS Natural Color Display is now added to screen color style settings, to ensure the captured colors are not affected by the display. Now every individual display of vivo X90 and X90 Pro gets calibrated to guarantee that the color rendition of the display is close to perfect.


Another powerful creation feature is the Zero-Shutter-Lag Motion Snapshot, which makes capturing motion easier than ever before. The zero-second delay means what you see is what you get in key moments, even in low light. In Sports mode and Night Sports mode, the combination of the high-speed shutter and motion detection algorithm can instantly freeze frames, keeping any fast-moving subject clear.


The series also brings new creative effects jointly developed by vivo and ZEISS. The new ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait style simulates the flare effect seen in many classic films. Users can also capture unique miniature landscapes using the ZEISS Miniature Effect. This effect only keeps a small part of a landscape image sharp to generate the illusion of a miniature scene with no post-editing needed.


Powerful Device for All-Around Performance and Gaming

X90 and X90 Pro are equipped for high performance, featuring powerful processing capabilities, a large battery, fast charging technology, and a stunning display, ideal for work or gaming. The dual-chip setup of the new X90 series includes MediaTek Dimensity 9200 and vivo V2 Chip. With Dimensity 9200, X90 Pro and X90 have ultrahigh AnTuTu Benchmark scores of 1.26 million and 1.22 million, respectively, representing a massive leap in performance. X90 and X90 Pro come with LPDDR5X (X90 Pro)/ Enhanced LPDDR5 (X90), Extended RAM 3.0, which adds up to 8 GB of extended memory, as well as UFS 4.0 + MCQ and UFS Deep Defragmentation, offering smooth processing and supporting more active apps.


The new X90 series supports 120W Dual-Cell FlashCharge which, combined with an equivalent 4870 mAh (X90 Pro)/ 4810 mAh (X90) large battery, improves both the charging speed and the battery life. X90 Pro also supports 50W Wireless FlashCharge.


The new X90 series offers two charging modes: fast charging mode and balanced mode. In fast charging mode, X90 Pro can be charged to 50% in 8 minutes and 10 seconds while X90 can be charged to 50% in only 8 minutes. The balanced mode is ideal for everyday charging, taking only 29 minutes for both X90 and X90 Pro to get the battery charged to 100%.[1] Moreover, the devices have 24-Dimension Security Protection and TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System Certification for guaranteed charging safety.


X90 Pro has an Ultra Large Vapor Chamber Liquid Cooling System made with a 24-layer cooling structure and the largest vapor chamber among X Pro models covering an area of 4,002 mm², for more efficient heat dissipation and insulation. Additionally, an innovative frame design reduces the heat transfer from the CPU to the frame, thus allowing for the key areas where the users’ hands touch the phone when held horizontally to remain up to 2℃ cooler in heavy-load scenarios.


X90 and X90 Pro have a 6.78-inch Ultra Vision Eye Protection Screen, bringing cinema-like display effects and professional-grade eye protection. The 3D curved screen features a larger viewing area, 1.07 billion colors and a 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, delivering rich and natural colors. To top it all off, the display boasts HDR10+ and SGS low blue light, low motion blur, low flicker, AI low blue light certifications, as well as a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, ideal for gaming. The X90 series smartphones offer chip-level Smart Eye Protection Mode, developed by vivo and MediaTek to intelligently monitor and control the proportion of blue light in real time while balancing the colors for added eye care. The display is made of a new Q9 luminescent material, which also effectively reduces blue light. High-frequency Pulse-width modulation (PWM) at a high frequency of up to 2,160Hz is used to reduce screen flickering, while 16,000-level smooth dimming helps adjust the screen brightness based on the light conditions, ensuring eye comfort.


The X90 series smartphones also boast a Dual Stereo Speaker and an X-Axis Linear Motor for a more immersive audiovisual experience and rich tactile feedback for top-notch mobile gaming. In X90 Pro, a SpeakerBoost 4.0 algorithm expands the sound field and extends low-frequency range for a more immersive experience, while the X-Axis Linear Motor provides vibration feedback for over 200 different scenarios. 4D Game Vibration is also supported.


Authentic New Design, Premium Experience


The new X90 series comes with a bold new design inspired by the Fibonacci spiral to deliver a balanced and unique look. A horizontal band, or a Skyline, is introduced on the back cover to divide the functional zones clearly. The sectional design balances the visual focus, making the camera module look less protruding.


Drawing on the design of professional cameras, the new X90 series integrates the three rear cameras into one “Big Eye” to create an integrated overall look, representing the powerful camera system inside. Coated with Corning’s Gorilla Glass and ultra-hard, anti-reflective coating on the surface, the overall hardness of the glass lens reaches 6 on the Mohs scale. It is tougher and resistant to drops and scratches and has higher light transmission. In addition, the Big Eye is enclosed within a decorative surgical-grade, stainless steel Halo Ring for lens protection.


X90 Pro comes in a timeless Legend Black color. The back is covered with luxurious pebbled vegan leather, which is environmentally friendly, stain-resistant, and durable. X90 Pro has a rating of IP68[2] for water and dust resistance. X90 comes in Breeze Blue and Asteroid Black, both featuring an exquisite fluorite AG glass back, which is smooth to the touch, and keeps fingerprints and dirt away.

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Attract More Luck this Year of the Water Rabbit with vivo V25 Series #vivoV25Series



After wearing polka-dotted clothes, filling up the dinner table with round-shaped fruits, and creating loud noises when the clock struck twelve on New Year’s eve, Filipinos will still commit to more practices throughout the year which are believed to bring fortune and prosperity in one’s life.


But aside from putting effort into traditional beliefs on charms and fortune, one should also consider practical ways to realize life goals. Below are some tips and tricks from vivo on how to have a fruitful and successful 2023 with vivo V25 Series.

Attract More Luck this Year of the Water Rabbit with vivo V25 Series #vivoV25Series

Envision positive outcomes


Horoscope readings based on constellations are not the only way to have a glimpse of your future. Visualizing the attainment of goals can help you feel that luck is always on your side and that can motivate you to work harder and go the extra mile to make your visions come true.



To help you better envision and creatively put up dream pieces in your mind, fully knowing what you can attain in real life can be helpful. Look up online how other people made their way to success and get inspiration from it. Who knows, you can even go beyond what they have achieved because the sky’s the limit when it comes to reaching one’s dreams. Luckily, the vivo V25 Series has a reliable battery that gives it all-day power, allowing you to research and watch inspirational stories that you can use as motivation and reminders that you can always have the life you dream of. Even if the device runs low on energy, you can immediately use it again as it is also capable of up to 66W FastCharge, giving you longer hours to concentrate on goal setting and even daydreaming.

Play scenarios in your head where you finally got what you want and let this motivate you to do better and look forward to the days ahead. Feeling good and excited about your success will undoubtedly attract positivity and luck in your life.


Plan and take action toward your goals


Taking a step forward to get closer to your goals is the key to overflowing luck. You shouldn’t only rely on charms or simply wish for your dreams to come true. It takes planned actions, real movements, and dedication. You may be afraid to fail, but not taking a chance is the same as shooing luck away from you. Instead, you should be open to all opportunities and always look forward to every chance you can seize.

Attract More Luck this Year of the Water Rabbit with vivo V25 Series #vivoV25Series


As you take in new experiences, bravely face your fears and take risks, you may use a handy device like the vivo V25 Series to document your journey – from the small wins to every breakthrough. The vivo V25 Series has a 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Rear Camera as well as a 50MP Eye Autofocus Selfie Camera that can capture all your moments in great detail. Take a shot of the construction of your soon-to-open business, the gates of the university you’ve wanted to go to during the entrance exam day, or a selfie showing how confident-looking you are before your job interview. Saving these moments will remind you of all your humble beginnings.


Be well and healthy


Luck is worthless if you are not physically and mentally well. Disregarding its importance will prevent you from attaining your desired fortune and ideal future as all your savings will be spent on hospital bills and medicines. And this reminder is not only for those whose astrological predictions state that they will experience a health problem this year.


Attract More Luck this Year of the Water Rabbit with vivo V25 Series #vivoV25Series

If necessary, create reminders everywhere to keep you aligned with your goals while staying active and healthy. Your smartphone can play a significant role in keeping you in good shape. You can download health apps on it to notify you, subscribe to newsletters about nutrition, watch fitness videos and read health blogs and articles. The vivo V25 Series can handle simultaneous tasks to aid you as you work towards a healthier, stronger you. It’s equipped with 12+256GB memory capacity and a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1300 processor that ensures the device’s smooth and lag-free performance as you browse through all these resources.


You should not think about this health-slash-wealth journey as a burden. It should be seen as a necessary prerequisite to lifelong luck. Because staying fit will not only get you to the finish line of wealth and fortune, but it will also reward you with the trophy of having an ill-free life.


Use these realistic and effective ways to increase your luck and achieve a prosperous 2023 with the ever-reliable vivo V25 Series. This device and other high-performing vivo smartphones are available in all vivo concept stores and kiosks nationwide. Don’t miss your chance to win in the Paskong La vivo Loca giveaway festival that runs until January 31, 2023. Head to the nearest vivo store to stand a chance to win exciting prizes! For more information, follow vivo’s official website and its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


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vivo Y02s is Now Available in BIGGER 3GB+64GB Storage for PHP 5,999! #vivoY02s



The slim yet powerful vivo Y02s got a boost to deliver the best experience to Filipinos! From 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, vivo Philippines upgraded the storage to 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM  internal storage for the same price at PHP 5,999.


The vivo Y02s is vivo’s slimmest yet most powerful smartphone in its price range because it comes in a very thin 8mm body and is also loaded with a huge 5,000 mAh. In fact, it comes with a trendy 2.5D ergonomic design that can easily fit in your pocket or a small handy bag.


This smartphone has many uses making it a reliable companion for activities online and offline including social media use, photography, entertainment, gaming, and more! It has a 6.51-inch HD+ Halo FullView Display with 1600*720 (HD+) resolution perfect for everyday browsing or shopping, and a multi-Turbo 5.5, and Ultra Game Modes for an uninterrupted gaming experience.


vivo Y02s’ upgraded 3GB of RAM and 64GB memory is also powered by a large 5000mAh battery, Fast Charge technology which offers 10W charging via USB-C, and MediaTek Helio P35 chipset to ensure sufficient phone storage and a smooth performance despite having many applications running in the background.


It also does not disappoint in terms of the camera features. The vivo Y02 has 5MP Front Camera + Aura Screen Light that can capture beautiful selfies and 8MP main camera complemented by vivo’s AI editing software that can amaze you even in low light conditions.


For the price of PHP 5,999 coupled with an upgraded 3GB+64GB storage, the vivo Y02s definitely bring greater value! Get yours now in Flourite Black and Vibrant Blue at the nearest vivo concept stores or kiosks!


To know more information and the latest news on vivo Philippines’ promotions, events, and other announcements, visit vivo Y02s is Now Available in BIGGER 3GB+64GB Storage for PHP 5,999! #vivoY02svivo Philippines’ official Facebook page or website.

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