Level-Up your PBA Experience with Haier as your Smart Home Solutions Partner

HAIER Electrical Appliance Philippines, Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary by renewing the contract with the PBA into the 47th season. HPI and PBA have been partners since the 44th season, which is one of the longest partnerships of a brand in the PBA aside from sports brands.

Level-Up your PBA Experience with Haier as your Smart Home Solutions Partner

HAIER Electrical Appliance Philippines, Inc. has renewed its partnership with the PBA as the league’s “Official Home Solution brand Partner.” (from left to right) HPI Marketing Director, Lyn Villafuerte; HQ Marketing Manager, Wang Qun; HPI President and CEO, Yan Xuhong; PBA Commissioner, Willie Marcial; National Sales Executive Director, JB Bandol, and PBA Properties Inc. Head Jo Francisco.


This is great news to PBA fans who will know more not only about the players and the league but also see more about HAIER appliances, This includes washers, air-conditioners, refrigerators, and TVs, all equipped with smart technologies and can be controlled through users’ mobile phones. You will receive notifications when your dryer has completed its task, You can remotely turn on your air conditioner while You are still an hour away from Home, allowing You to walk in with a relaxing and comfortable temperature. smart ranges allow You to pre-heat your oven as You drive Home from the grocery, making sure You save time and effort. smart refrigerators will send alerts if someone did not close the freezer door properly.

smart TVs, of course, will let You tune in with the PBA action with HAIER clear screen and UHD TV models available which will level up your PBA watching experience. Watch and stay tuned in This blog and my social media pages since I will be reviewing a HAIER smart television.

Level-Up your PBA Experience with Haier as your Smart Home Solutions Partner

HAIER Philippines is optimistic to its future not only for its partnership with PBA, but also for its upgrading services and smart Home solutions for Philippine users. This is a great Marketing partnership to reach more Filipinos and know more about the Haeir brand as one of their Home partners not only for appliances but also for smart living. the HAIER brand will be shown on PBA games like in the commercials, stadium, and other PBA outlets

Level-Up your PBA Experience with Haier as your Smart Home Solutions Partner

HAIER has been serving Filipino Home for many years. “the consumer is always at the center of all our actions—network supply, product design, after-Sales service.” says Xuhong Yan, President of HAIER Philippines.

This is part of the aggressive Marketing campaign for HAIER and it will be not the last one, with the expansion of HPI nationwide, PBA helped a lot when it comes to brand awareness and familiarity together with the help of the brand Ambassadorship of the Youtuber, Influencer, Content Creator, and Actress, Ms. Ivana Alawi, with these, expect more to see the Haeir brands in the Philippines.

Yan Xuhong, HPI President and CEO, acknowledged that the PBA helped the company a lot in terms of brand awareness and familiarity when HPI expanded nationwide.

with the vision of PBA to be a sustainable Professional Basketball Association and will consistently be the dominant provider of quality sports entertainment in the Philippines, HPI as well envisions being present in every Filipino Home, to improve the quality of life, and to focus on customers’ needs. PBA is the perfect platform that This vision will come to reality.

Xuhong said HPI shares the league’s vision to be a sustainable Professional basketball association and consistently provides quality sports entertainment in the Philippines.

when we say basketball, PBA is a brand that comes to mind of anyone who knows his basketball. on This note, HAIER believes the PBA is an ideal platform to succeed in our vision to be present in every Filipino Home,” said Xuhong Yan, president and CEO of HAIER.

HAIER Philippines smart Home solutions

focus on the theme of “three highand strategic transformation, insist on HAIER brand global concept, in-depth interpret good life with Inspired living topic. Lead consumer requirement with full range of efficient, healthy and intelligent platformization and feminization products. Strengthen on Sell out as entry point, focus on high-end products Marketing and retail competitiveness of terminal stores, continuous innovation in the Content and form of Marketing, strengthen on display, improve shopfront image; optimize user interaction team, improve efficiency, become the first-class brand in Philippines with high-quality products and services.


Established in 1984, HAIER is a major Home appliance brand of HAIER Group. Over the past 36 years, HAIER has always been a pioneer in technological revolution and modern development. the all-new HAIER smart Home opens up more possibilities, smart Home experiences that go beyond your imagination and a life style with cutting-edge technologies. Sensing technologies for a Carefree life. Security Features for a smart Sharing network.

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