Inside Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass Innovation

The Galaxy foldables are reimagining what’s possible for smartphone users worldwide with unique experiences and interactions. Samsung created this new category by making The improbable a reality through innovative new technologies and sophisticated, high-precision manufacturing processes. The key element to Samsung’s foldables is The Ultra Thin Glass, a proprietary material that can be folded hundreds of thousands of times while maintaining its durability and strength. with foldable popularity quickly rising, Samsung is perfecting The production of Ultra Thin Glass to deliver more foldable devices to consumers.

Inside Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass Innovation


In this video, explore a few of The key steps In creating Ultra Thin Glass, including how Samsung cuts, shapes and polishes each piece for maximum durability to ensure only The highest quality final product. Through Samsung’s leadership and obsession with device craftsmanship, Galaxy foldables are enhancing users’ everyday lives with smartphones made for The modern era.


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