Windows 11 2022 Update: Making the Everyday Easier with Lenovo #Windows11 #Lenovo #Update

Microsoft has announced the Windows 11 2022 Update, the first major Update since its launch last year, with a renewed focus onmaking the everyday easier.” with this new Update, everything users love about Windows is now easier to use, sporting a cleaner new design and smarter features, more efficient ways to be effective along with increased performance and security. Here are some of the highlight features coming to Lenovo Windows devices:




for gamers, this new Windows Update also features an Auto HDR calibration App that users can adjust lighting to exactly they like it.

in addition to these new security features, Windows 11 Pro is now putting a renewed focus on security for hybrid work. As the most secure Windows ever, Lenovo Windows 11 Pro devices delivers:



Lenovo has a deep bond and partnership with Microsoft that has spanned generations and Lenovo is joining Microsoft once again in leading users into the age of hybrid work and living. in close collaboration with Microsoft, Lenovo has already rolled out this new Update to Windows 11 to many of Lenovo devices, making it available to PCs such as:















Check out Lenovo’s products on their official website, to check if a specific Lenovo device is eligible for this Windows 11 2022 Update, please visit Lenovo’s Windows Support Center. new Lenovo Windows devices will come preloaded with the latest Windows 11 2022 Update starting later this year.


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