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Indirect costs and defense costs in the field of cybercrime are very high and significantly higher than classic crime. For example, in order to combat spam alone, produce spam software and provide education, billions of dollars are spent every year. the fact is that we, as a society, are very ineffective in the fight against cybercrime. Criminals, on the other hand, impose disproportionately high costs on the society. This mainly happens due to the global nature of cybercrime and strong external influences.

The Costs of Cybercrime Activities

Therefore, experts who prepared offer the following response: “As For the more direct question of what should be done, our figures suggest that we should spend less in anticipation of cybercrime (on antivirus, firewalls, etc.) and more in response – that is, on the prosaic business of hunting down cyber-criminals and throwing them in jail”.

 in practice, the term “cybercrimeis applied to three categories of criminal activity:



The Costs of Cybercrime Activities

Here are the category costs For cybercrime activities








The Costs of Cybercrime Activities

in terms of cybersecurity, the future is the most important time dimension. with respect to ensuring safety and eliminating threats, the activities undertaken in the present and the past are already too late; hence, IT is necessary to focus on the analysis of potential risks and opportunities that will occur in the future. This book demonstrates that the existence of cybercrime is an indisputable fact. At the moment, cybercrime development and its threat to cyberspace users are increasing exponentially.

IT is also known that cybercrime is expanding its range of operation and attracting ever more organized, sophisticated and covert perpetrators within its environment. Due to their political, economic or ideological motivations, these people represent the greatest threat to society because the societal consequences of their actions are much more detrimental than the consequences of traditional, financially motivated cybercrime.

The Costs of Cybercrime Activities

in This context, IT is clear that the perpetrators of criminal acts are not inactive, but are extremely up-to-date, flexible, adaptable and organized. IT is precisely these attributes that law enforcement agencies, legislative acts, organizations and countries should possess when encountering threats in cyberspace. However, the current situation shows that the opposite holds true.

the future is here, and IT requires that the participation of different actors, professionals and especially all interest groups be included in the plans For the development of cybersecurity strategies today.

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