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#Vertiv Introduces Upgraded Chilled Water Cooling Solution for High Density and High Compute IT Environments in Asia



The Vertiv™ Liebert® Air Handling Unit (AHU) supports high heat loads with minimal footprint

Vertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today unveiled the upgraded Vertiv™ Liebert® Air Handling Unit (AHU), a high-capacity, chilled water cooling solution designed to support high-density compute environments, while offering a more energy efficient approach to heat management. The Liebert AHU has a standard unit capacity of 300kW, and is now available throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and India (ASI) region.

The new Liebert® AHU chilled water unit utilizes water or air-side economizatons and high-efficiency EC fans, working with hot aisle containment to avoid the mixture of supply and return air. The Liebert AHU also operates at higher return air temperature and with higher chilled water temperature, increasing chiller efficiency. With its highly efficient components such as Electronically Commutated (EC) fan, Pressure Independent Control Valve and intelligent controller with multiple remote temperature sensors, the Liebert AHU supplies proper airflow, temperature, and humidity for supported critical IT equipment.

The new model of Liebert AHU is completely chilled water based, and designed with a fan wall configuration that allows for a smoother supply air distribution and higher efficiency hot aisle containment, compared to the previous model. It is designed to achieve the highest standard for fan efficiency of up to 0.2W/CMH. This model has a smaller unit depth, can be modularly installed and is easily serviceable.

The Vertiv™  Liebert® AHU adapts easily to a non-raised floor design simplifying installation, shortening deployment time and reducing associated costs, compared to raised floor systems. The Liebert® AHU cools high-density servers through horizontal air discharge, delivering an even airflow distribution and uniform temperature across the data hall. 


The Liebert AHU also allows provision for redundancy or future expansion as it requires no clearance in between units and may be positioned side by side seamlessly. Each unit is built to last and CE Certified for safety and reliability. During maintenance, personnel can access the components from the corridor side and no longer need to enter the data center hall. 

The Liebert AHU addresses customers’ needs for a higher-capacity yet compact cooling solution as kW/rack demand continues to increase and data center space is limited, and operates efficiently to combat rising energy costs. Likewise, its modular installation and non-raised floor application makes it an ideal choice for managers aiming to both reduce CAPEX and flexibly deploy cooling units as demand grows.

“Sustainability has become one of the most important points of discussion among organizations today and data center cooling poses a lot of opportunities to optimize energy use. Vertiv’s thermal management systems, including the Liebert AHU, can help reduce energy consumption in the data center and is one of the most effective choices for cooling high density environments,” said Chee Hoe Ling, vice president of infrastructure solutions at Vertiv™ ASI. 

For more information about Vertiv’s Liebert AHU system and other thermal management solutions, visit

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#Vertiv Launches Augmented Reality App for Immersive Product Exploration



Vertiv™ XR app allows users to see and explore equipment in a desired location before purchase and installation

Vertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today announced the release of the Vertiv™ XR app, a first-of-its-kind tool in the data center space that allows data center operators, IT managers and channel partners to visualize Vertiv products in the location they would occupy in any given facility. The virtual representation helps today’s data center decision-makers by providing a convenient tool to plan their space and provide support after installation, with the intent of improving understanding of how the infrastructure will support their compute and impact the physical footprint. The app is available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

The introduction of the Vertiv XR app is the latest advance in Vertiv’s widespread and ongoing digitization initiative, as the company continues to focus on the customer experience and expand the resources available to its customers and channel partners. Created by Vertiv, the Vertiv XR app is the first such tool to bring the kind of commercial-grade technology used for home remodeling projects to the data center space. The app was named “Best Digital Transformation Product or Service – Enterprise” in the Computing 2022 Technology Product Awards, and received a five-star rating from IT Channel, which called it “the best augmented reality app tested in 2022.”

#Vertiv Launches Augmented Reality App for Immersive Product Exploration

“With the Vertiv XR app, we are creating a bridge experience between in-person physical interactions and digital,” said Cristian Scarpa, CIO EMEA & Global VP Customer & Employee Technologies. “The app allows our customers and partners to make more informed buying decisions and recommendations, to visualize in a tangible way how new products will interact with their existing environments, and explore details about those products, all from the palm of their hand.”

The Vertiv XR app guides users through product selection and placement, using augmented reality to deliver an immersive, realistic depiction of the product in the location of their choosing – whether that’s a data center, office, lobby or living room. It allows users to see and explore various Vertiv solutions when and where they choose and stay engaged beyond purchase and installation by viewing complementary solutions and by streamlining social sharing of their experiences with Vertiv.

“This type of technology has been used for various consumer applications, helping homeowners see how new cabinets might look in their kitchen or different siding may look on their house, but we’ve never seen this type of application in the data center,” said Martin Coulthard, global vice president for demand generation marketing at Vertiv. “We’re giving them the opportunity to see this equipment before they buy, enabling them to make their Vertiv purchase with confidence.” 

The company’s sweeping digitization effort is focused on developing and updating digital assets that better serve customers and partners and engage with them on their terms. The ultimate objective is to enhance the online interactions users have with Vertiv, to make it easier for them to find what they need when they visit or use the Vertiv XR app, and to help Vertiv and its partners have more meaningful, productive engagements with customers and partners. 


For more information or to download the Vertiv XR app, visit

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Data Center Trends 2023: What Drives Philippines’ Infrastructure Growth This Year? #Vertiv #Technology



The Philippines remains one of the leading countries for new data center hubs. According to the Philippines Data Center Market – Investment Analysis & Growth Opportunities 2023-2028 report, the market is expected to grow at a compounded of 11.01 percent. 

This growth rate will continue to rise steadily from 2022 to 2027. This is mainly driven by the boom of 5G network connectivity, sustainable initiatives by data center investors, the rise in submarine cable deployment, and the emergence and adoption of advanced IT workloads in the country.   

“The growing number of data center facilities in the Philippines proves that the country is ready for digitization and digital transformation. But operators should know the data center trends in 2023 for more effective efforts to grow the facilities and infrastructure in the Philippines,” said Jason Lim, Country Manager, Vertiv Philippines.  

Here are some of the data center trends that will shape 2023 as shared by Vertiv:  

More demand means more regulations. Data center markets are hungry to expand their reach and services because operators are pressured to meet consumers’ demands. They must double up building data center hubs and their energy consumption. However, this poses a huge problem related to sustainability and their excessive consumption of natural resources (energy and water). 


With this reality, government and the public will demand operators to control and regulate their consumption which will slow the deployment. It started last year when Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) released a statement wherein they are eager to study and investigate the massive energy use of data centers. 

This 2023, government regulations will heighten, but that does not mean that hubs do not have potential growth this year. Data center operators must be more careful and strategic in constructing their hubs and expanding their nationwide network. To do so, they need to integrate high-efficiency UPS systems, lithium-ion batteries, and water-free cooling into their systems which Vertiv offers.

Metaverse arrives, the use of AI rises, and the 5G network strengthens. In a world where convenience and technology join forces, the metaverse becomes a key player in new and existing industries. 

Data Center Trends 2023: What Drives Philippines' Infrastructure Growth This Year? #Vertiv #Technology

The concept behind the metaverse is a world where everyone can live, work, shop, learn, interact, and more using technology and the internet in the comforts of their physical world. Under the existence of the metaverse is virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), social media, digital currency, and of course, artificial intelligence (AI).  

AI is slowly being integrated into Filipino’s daily lives, and businesses and operators are looking into it as part of their new technologies this year. With this, the Philippines need to keep up with the growing expansion of the metaverse by increasing and strengthening the reach of 5G networks because only 5G can support metaverse to provide ultra-low latency features that the application demands. 


Vertiv offers the technologies needed to support this: integrated rack, row, and room modules, intelligent high-efficiency UPS systems with lithium-ion batteries, air and liquid cooling solutions, intelligent monitoring and management systems enabling remote management, control, and service, and DC power systems and controls.

New thermal strategies for higher densities. Now that the Philippines expects rapid growth in data centers, the operators foresee using more power in data centers. But as a technology that uses high amounts of energy, operators are now exploring new thermal technologies to make it more sustainable.

One of these is liquid-cooling technology because it can keep up with the growing server power consumption. While this is not technically a new technology, operators have seen its potential and efficiency in high-density environments. Moreover, they can explore Vertiv’s technologies like rear-door heat exchangers, direct-to-chip liquid cooling, immersion cooling, and intelligent controls.

Indeed, the data center market is expected to present new developments in technologies, simplicity, and sustainability this year. And, as the country strives for digitization and digital transformation, Vertiv is here to assist operators in expanding data center hubs and participate in ongoing infrastructure growth.

The company provides solutions for the organization’s application by pre-engineering, pre-configuring, pre-testing, and pre-validating it against its unique requirements. It also offers cutting-edge, sustainable, and innovative solutions that improve the performance and scalability of data centers, communication networks, and other critical IT facilities. 


To learn more about how Vertiv supports the continuity of today’s vital business, visit   

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Vertiv’s Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS: The Best Tech Gift to Buy for Yourself #Vertiv



The good thing about living in the 21st century is that we have access to different technologies that will help us improve our lives. In the things we do, from ordering food to riding public transport, there will always be some high-tech tools and devices we can use to make these tasks easier and safer to do. 

That is why most of us want to treat ourselves with an exceptional device that can help us live a convenient and practical life. In this fast-paced tech world, we always want to get our hands on the latest tool in the market. 

However, it is time to drop those cliché items like wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and portable charges. It is better to give yourself something unique yet useful for your new goals.

Luckily, Vertiv is here to offer the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS, the most efficient power protection for small and home offices that are perfect for students, business owners, professionals, and families. The Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS is an efficient uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution specifically designed for small and home offices. Equipped with universal sockets, a mobile charger, and a compact design, the Liebert® PSA itON-SOHO line-interactive UPS protects vital equipment in every usage.

Here are the reasons why you should consider getting the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS as a gift for yourself:


Vertiv's Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS: The Best Tech Gift to Buy for Yourself #Vertiv

Protects your sensitive electronic equipment 

From small to medium-sized businesses, even to appliances at home, the availability of critical IT infrastructure is essential. Without reliable power protection, you risk equipment breakdowns and interruptions.

This is precisely what the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS can offer to you. It is a reliable line-interactive UPS with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that allows flexibility and reliability for any sensitive electronic equipment. Its built-in Boost and Buck lessens the risk of experiencing surges, spikes, dips, and failures in electricity.

Perfect for work-from-home professionals, students, business owners, and more 

In today’s time, where almost every tool is used with electricity, everyone can utilize the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS. The UPS is made to benefit desktop PCs, professional workstations, small routers, bridges and hubs, point-of-sale terminals, and small office applications. 


If you are a work-from-home professional or a student, the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS ensures an uninterrupted power supply that provides AC overload protection. At the same time, it has universal sockets, which makes the device flexible. It also has a designated space for larger power plugs. Furthermore, you can use the Liebert® itON-SOHO UPS as your reliable charging port because it has a USB port charge (for 650VA &850VA models) that has fast and safe charging capabilities. It can power up electronic peripherals like routers, modems, wireless storage devices, and even smartphones. 

If you are a business owner, its fuse protection feature ensures your business continuously goes up and running. It is compact and lightweight, making it easier to carry from one establishment to another. It has overload protection and an alarm and surge protector against transient voltages to protect your devices against unpredictable power surges. These features are essential to safeguard all your devices every day.

The best gift you can offer to yourself is to provide protection on your devices and efficiency for your different endeavors. Thus, Vertiv will continue to provide solutions for everyone to promote responsible technological growth. 

To learn more about how Vertiv supports the continuity of today’s vital business, visit    

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