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#vivoV27Series Are you ready for the Industry’s First Smartphone Equipped with an Aura Portrait Algorithm? #TheAuraPortraitMaster



Capture studio-quality photo and video output with the vivo V27 Series, The Studio in Your Pocket

As an industry leader in mobile phone innovations,  vivo is once again introducing a first-of-its-kind smartphone technology to the Philippine market soon. Just a week after vivo teased its fans about a new smartphone that offers a unique way to level up your mobile photography game, it seems that vivo will not disappoint!

Before the month ends, vivo fans will finally meet another smartphone masterpiece – the #TheAuraPortraitMaster. Known for its impressive smartphone photography technologies, vivo developed the vivo V27 Series as a go-to device for photography enthusiasts and content creators alike.

Here’s what you need to know about the new vivo V27 Series and why it was dubbed as The Studio in Your Pocket.

Light up your Aura with the Aura Portrait Algorithm

Aura is simply the unique quality or energy that a person radiates but most people can barely see. vivo takes this energy to a whole new level as it equipped the vivo V27 Series with the Aura Portrait Algorithm. vivo fans will undoubtedly love this new feature as it enables users to capture their best aura anytime and anywhere.


The Aura Portrait Algorithm, is more than just a play of lights but an entire innovation that resulted from vivo’s mastery of the art of photography. From an additional studio-quality light source, a bigger ultra-sensing camera, up to more advanced portrait modes in a compact body, the vivo V27 Series is a true masterpiece designed to capture professional images and videos.

This innovation carries vivo’s full set of portrait algorithms such as color and brightness adjustments and bokeh capabilities for better image processing. Imagine having the same photo quality as your favorite magazine covers only with a smartphone. The vivo V27 Series allows users to take photos with clearer and more natural output, thanks to the Aura Portrait Algorithm’s power to make the skin look more vibrant and facial details more defined.

#vivoV27Series Are you ready for the Industry’s First Smartphone Equipped with an Aura Portrait Algorithm? #TheAuraPortraitMaster

Power up your smartphone with professional lenses

Known for its partnerships with global photography leaders, it’s no surprise that the vivo V27 Series will possibly carry a professional lens. The vivo V27 Series is expected to also be equipped with Sony IMX 766V for better image quality either in a well-lit scenario or even more in low-light situations – truly making it a Studio in Your Pocket.

Get ready for your vlogger era with superior image mobility


vivo V27 Series already ticked the professional lens and studio-standard lighting and yet it has more of what a Studio in Your Pocket should have.

Motion is as important as the rest in terms of photography and vivo makes sure it covers this feature in its latest flagship device. vivo officially introduces a more advanced OIS+EIS  Dual Ultra Stabilization in its V Series which was previously only available in its X Series. This feature perfectly complements the vivo V27 Series’ camera prowess to perfectly capture in-motion photos and videos for spontaneous and fun photoshoots right in your pocket.

Strut with an impressively unique and stylish device

For many years, many of its fans have referred to vivo as the brand that not only provides high-quality innovations but also visually-appealing designs. This time, the brand will introduce a new and unique color to complement the phone’s distinctive appearance. Because of its cool tone, the new Emerald Green colorway combined with vivo’s very own Photochromic 2.0 Technology delivers a stunning and eye-catching look to the new V27 series. This Studio in Your Pocket is said to have an ultra-thin body and the thinnest 3D curved screen in vivo’s V Series history– all for a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

As exciting as this news is, continue to keep your eyes peeled until vivo announces its official availability on its social media pages. Be sure to follow vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages to get the most up-to-date information on the new vivo V27 series.

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Top of the Class: Celebrate The Graduation Season With These Exciting #vivo Promos!



The much-awaited graduation season is here and vivo wants to make graduating students feel much more appreciated through a special promo made just for them.

To reward fans who are about to attain an unforgettable and fulfilling life milestone, vivo is giving away huge discounts and special offers on its reliable and premium Y Series line – vivo Y35, vivo Y22s, vivo Y16 and vivo Y02. Aside from lower price tags, a lot of exciting freebies such as TWS Voguards, 2-in-1 clock speakers, premium tumblers, and more are also up for grabs with every purchase.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a new vivo smartphone just in time for graduation! Promo will run from March 19 to 25 on vivo’s official e-store website.

Below are all the participating vivo smartphone models for this sale promo:


Model Original SRP Discounted Price Freebie
Y01 5,299 4,899 Premium Tumbler
Y02 4,999 4,849 Basic Earphones
Y02s 3+32 5,799 5,599 Basic Earphones
Y02s 3+64 6,499 5,799 FOOMEE QA05
Y16 4GB+64GB 7,999 7,799 Premium Tumbler
Y16 4GB+128GB 8,999 8,799 Basic Earphones
Y22s 8GB+128GB 12,999 11,799 Basic Earphones
Y22s 4GB+128GB 10,999 10,799 Basic Earphones
Y35 14,999 14,799 TWS Voguard
Y1s 5,299 4,699 Basic Earphones
V21e 17,999 10,999 Basic Earphones
V21 5G 19,999 13,999 Basic Earphones
X80 45,999 39,999 Basic Earphones
Y15s 6,999 5,849 Premium Tumbler
Y15A 7,999 6,799 Basic Earphones
Y21T 10,999 9,949 Basic Earphones
Y33s 12,999 10,999 TWS Voguard
Y73 14,999 13,199 Basic Earphones
Y76 5G 16,999 12,899 Basic Earphones
T1x 8,999 8,149 Basic Earphones
V25e 17,999 17,799 Basic Earphones
V25 23,999 23,799 Basic Earphones
V25 Pro 29,999 29,799 2in1 Clock Speaker

Top of the Class: Celebrate The Graduation Season With These Exciting #vivo Promos!

Celebrate your milestone with a vivo smartphone

Every moment during your commencement ceremony should be captured and kept – from the graduation march until the tassels of the graduation caps are moved from left to right. That’s why having a smartphone with enough storage capacity to store all these memories comes in handy. The vivo Y16 with 4GB+1GB Extended RAM and 4GB+128GB internal storage is the perfect device to immortalize all priceless memories on your graduation day.

On the other hand, you can keep the celebration going throughout the day using the vivo Y35 with a long-lasting 5000mAh battery power. Thanks to its 44W FastCharge technology, there’s  no need to halt the fun for too long  so you can continue video calling friends and family from abroad or reply to congratulatory messages in a flash!

If you’re keen to have a more affordable device with the same outstanding performance, there’s also the slim yet powerful vivo Y02 with a 5000mAh battery and capable of 10W FastCharge.

Celebrations don’t end after the graduation program so taking photos during the after-party from day ‘til night is a must. Use the 50MP Super Night Camera of the vivo Y22s to ensure the quality of your shots even during sundown. This camera feature will capture all your heartfelt interactions with your proud family members in clear, vivid detail. With the vivo Y22s, you can max out the night and relive your success with no worries about having poor-quality shots.


Whether you are a graduate or you have a loved one graduating soon, enjoy the gift of a functional yet affordable smartphone that will let you celebrate and capture your wonderful Commencement Day memories and more. Visit vivo’s official e-store website and add these vivo smartphones to your cart now!

To know more about vivo’s products and offers, visit its official website, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube pages.

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#vivo Announces PHP 1,000 Price Drop on #vivoV25e



Fans can now get the vivo V25e at a discounted price of PHP 16,999

vivo Philippines announced that the #NightPortraitMastervivo V25e is now available at a discounted price of PHP 16,999, giving the device a PHP 1,000 price drop compared to its original launch price of PHP 17,999.

The vivo V25e boasts a 64MP OIS Utra-Sensing main camera with Bokeh Flare Portrait that helps fans create portrait showpieces at night and a 32MP AF Selfie lens that allows them to capture stunning selfies in a snap. This stylish masterpiece sports one of vivo’s pioneering technologies in the industry, the  Photochromic 2.0, which accentuates the device’s back panel with different aesthetic colors when exposed to sunlight.

Powering the phone is MediaTek Helio G99 processor paired with 8GB RAM + 8GB Extended  RAM and 256GB of storage, providing fans lag-free performance and limitless capability to document all the moments that matter.

The phone also packs a huge 4,500 mAh battery and 44W Fast Charge feature which powers the phone up from 0 to 58 percent in just 30 minutes. The vivo V25e’s 6nm energy-save chip makes it an even more reliable device by delivering excellent battery performance even after heavy use.

Sporting the mesmerizing Sunrise Gold and Diamond Black colorways, the vivo V25e is available via vivo website, official Shopee and Lazada stores, concept stores, and kiosks nationwide.


To know more information and the latest news from vivo Philippines, visit vivo Philippines’ official Facebook page or website.

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Bring on the Sunshine: vivo Makes Summer Vacations Brighter for its Fans #NightPortraitMaster #vivoV25Pro #vivoV25e



With pro-grade cameras to enormous storage, vivo smartphones are the perfect vacation must-haves

Summer is just around the corner– meaning warm breeze, beach trips, days at the pool, staycations, and a whole lot of sunscreen are coming our way before we know it. If you’re one of the few who are still unsure of what to do this upcoming sunny season, fret not because vivo has a rounded-up list of fun summer activities you can do to make your summer stories one for the books.

Bring on the Sunshine: vivo Makes Summer Vacations Brighter for its Fans #NightPortraitMaster #vivoV25Pro #vivoV25e

Do cafe hunting

Who doesn’t crave iced coffee or perhaps milk tea during the warm season? There are a lot of holes-in-the-wall cafes that you can squeeze into your busy schedule. IG-worthy cafes can be found in almost every nook and corner of the Metropolis (and something’s always brewing!) so go out and visit as many cafes as you can. Fill your warm-breeze days with unrushed coffee hours, meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones over a cup of coffee or tea, and priceless memories. Make sure to keep a receipt of each adventure so pull that vivo Y35 out and capture FYP-worthy shots with its 50MP camera with large sensors. You can also take advantage of vivo Y16’s huge 16GB Extended RAM and 256GB memory to document and store all your cafe-hopping adventures.

Learn a new sport

The sunny season provides the best conditions to go outside and soak in the sun. It’s also the best season to get active. Take advantage of the warmer months by embracing your inner athlete and trying new sports. From calming to intense, there are plenty of fun sports to play that you can easily learn on your own or with the help of a friend. Who knows, this might be the season of learning how to ride a bike or skate, so keep the videos and photographs as reminders of how amazing your summer has been.

Bring on the Sunshine: vivo Makes Summer Vacations Brighter for its Fans #NightPortraitMaster #vivoV25Pro #vivoV25e

This flagship series is equipped with ZEISS-branded cameras and vivo’s self-developed V1+ chip that enhances your photo and video qualities. The lens also has Gimbal Portrait Camera and Active Centering OIS System that keeps the picture rock-steady even when you’re on the go and records your every movement effortlessly and with utmost stability, allowing you to #OwnYourMasterpiece wherever you go.

Other Summer activities to consider as shared by vivo fans

vivo also asked its fans for personal experiences they did during their breaks and their sunny season bucket list that others can try doing during the warm weather.


Tagaytay is definitely ideal for quick getaways this summer. Let the whole family tag along as kids and adults alike will surely enjoy the adorable attractions overlooking the Taal volcano and the fun and thrilling rides at Sky Ranch.  Complete the Sky Ranch visit with horseback riding and the “Sky Eye.”  “I went on a day tour with my family to Tagaytay to try a resto that offers special Bulalo and gives customers an impressive view of the Taal Volcano. I’m glad that I have my vivo V25e  with me because it was so easy to take a photo of the scenic view with all the vibrant colors popping effortlessly. Plus, its Photochromic 2.0 Technology complements all my summer OOTDs as it gives me aesthetic hues whenever I exposed it to sunlight It was so fun to document every itinerary with my #NightPortraitMaster vivo V25e device,” Joanah, 27, consultant.

Bring on the Sunshine: vivo Makes Summer Vacations Brighter for its Fans #NightPortraitMaster #vivoV25Pro #vivoV25e

While some may enjoy road trips and food tours, those musically inclined would be keener on attending summer music festivals. Just like Bhea, 24, manager who shares,One of the top things to do this summer is to attend a concert as there is an interesting lineup of artists and performers who will stage shows this year. From local to international artists, solo performers to groups, Summer 2023 is filled with exciting performances and I’d love to attend those that I can. I can’t wait to use the vivo X80 phone I bought last year to capture my first-ever concert and immortalize this experience into visual masterpieces. My vivo X80 device has been a great mobile photography buddy, so surely, this device will take perfect snaps of the concert I’m eyeing to attend this year.”

The vivo X80 Series boasts a partnership with ZEISS packed with the latest innovations in mobile photography and imaging technology. Both models under the vivo X80 series carry the ZEISS Optics and serve as a solid device for superior night photography.

Another camera powerhouse in vivo’s current lineup is the vivo V25 Series which is equipped with a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing camera. The vivo V25 Pro and vivo V25e variants boast a 32MP Eye AF selfie lens while the vivo V25 variant has 50MP Eye AF Selfie feature which all enable its users to capture pro-level images with just a tap.

To learn more about these exciting vivo devices that are set to be your new summer buddies, visit or follow vivo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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