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Vertiv Eyes to Expand Local Reach, Promote Importance of Data Center Growth in PH



Arunangshu Chattopadhyay during the W. Media Philippines Cloud and Data Center Convention 2023

Amid the growing data center market in the Philippines, Vertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, recently shared its solution offerings in the W. Media Philippines Cloud and Datacenter Convention 2023 held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taguig City on June 22.  

As one of the participating booths at the event, Vertiv highlighted the steady growth rate of the country in terms of connectivity and ongoing digitalization. According to Arunangshu Chattopadhyay, director of AC power and power distribution, at Vertiv Asia, investors and key players deem the Philippines a leading force in the Southeast Asia market. The interest starts from constructing a hyperscale data center and expanding infrastructure due to the ongoing 5G implementation. 

“We have been in the infrastructure business for quite a while, so this opportunity is perfect for us to meet potential clients and share our passion for being part of the growing market here in the Philippines,” Chattopadhyay said. 

He also shared the importance of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the growing market. According to him, the space they take is vital in the industry’s transformation.  

“We have been very present in all industries, even SMEs. But as we grow, it is part of our plans to reach more verticals and customers because we recognize how they can fast-forward the transformation and bring the market upward,” Chattopadhyay added. 

As Architects of Continuity, Vertiv offers cutting-edge, sustainable, and innovative solutions that improve the performance and scalability of data centers, communication networks, and other critical IT facilities.  


To learn more about how Vertiv supports the continuity of today’s vital business, visit  

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Vertiv Unveils Thermal Management Optimization Service To Help Data Center Operators Achieve Energy Savings in Asia



The Vertiv™ EnerSav offering identifies areas for energy saving improvements without the need for a major infrastructure overhaul

Vertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today unveiled the Vertiv™ EnerSav, a data center optimization service that helps operators identify cost saving opportunities within their critical facilities by reducing energy consumption without the need for a major infrastructure overhaul. The service is available throughout Asia, including Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Vertiv EnerSav optimization service is a low-risk, economic, and environmentally-efficient service offering for data centers and server rooms. It is done with the help and guidance of highly-trained Vertiv service engineers, who will conduct a detailed on-site assessment and gap analysis report of the data center’s cooling infrastructure, highlighting potential energy savings and return on investment calculations.

After comprehensive analysis of collected data, Vertiv engineers will recommend the appropriate thermal management strategy— either computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit optimization, hotspot elimination through hot/cold aisle containment, or air flow management. Then they will assist operators with solution deployment in the existing facility. Lastly, a detailed reporting on energy usage and reduction will be presented to show how the strategy and solutions carried out address the gaps identified in the initial analysis.

Male Asian engineer professional having a discussion standing by the machine in the factory ,two asian coworker brainstorm explaining and solves the process curcuit mother board of the machine

One of the solutions that help achieve energy savings within the data center cooling system is the Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM-S, a data visualization software that provides facility and data center management teams with advanced thermal management monitoring and control. It helps to reduce energy costs by using advanced algorithms but with a simplified user interface for ease of use.

For heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and chillers, Vertiv utilizes the External Digital Demand Response Technology or EDD-RT. The EDD-RT is an energy management device that combines IoT and AI technologies to reduce electricity consumption and maximize efficiency of chilled water systems without impact on the facility’s preset conditions. The EDD-RT maintains, then enhances, the manufacturer’s design characteristics, utilizing live energy consumption patterns to optimize energy consumption.

“Cooling has historically been one of the biggest energy consumers within a data center facility. Through the Vertiv™ EnerSav optimization service, we will help our customers achieve energy savings, potentially without the need to overhaul their entire facility. This is a practical, cost-effective way to optimize their facility for better performance,” said Chris Mandahl, senior director, services and project management at Vertiv Asia. “The goal of Vertiv EnerSav is to help our customers reduce data center costs by improving the operating efficiencies of cooling equipment within their critical infrastructure. It addresses key optimization challenges, such as increasing the cooling capacity and extending the operational life of existing equipment, reducing maintenance costs, and providing an optimially efficient site thermal management setup, all with the prime objective of reducing the data center’s monthly electric bill.”

To know more about the Vertiv EnerSav and other services, visit

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Vertiv Energy Efficient Infrastructure Data Center Technologies



Vertiv underscores commitment to ESG goals at annual partner summit 

Vertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, held the Asia Channel Summit 2023 from July 24 to 26 at the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua in Bali, Indonesia. The summit theme, Experience Vertiv: Technology Through Impact Solutions, focused on energy-efficient data center infrastructure solutions that support customers’ sustainability strategies. The summit hosted more than 200 attendees across Asia to experience how Vertiv’s wide range of data center and IT solutions support the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals of organizations.

“This year, we took the Asia Channel Summit as an opportunity to recognize and connect with all our valued partners in the region, while helping them experience how Vertiv creates long-term, positive impact on businesses, society, and the environment. Our partners play a crucial role in expanding the reach of Vertiv solutions, which help companies achieve their sustainability goals regarding energy and water efficiency,” said Daniel Sim, senior director for channel business at Vertiv Asia. 

A highlight of the plenary session was a key partner presentation on how collaboration can drive leading-edge technologies and business growth to end customers. Jacinta Quah, vice president, Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies, shared with the delegates how Vertiv solutions contributed to the success of its data center project for a licensed wealth management company. “The symbiotic partnership with Vertiv and the Dell relationship with the customer and partner was the key winning point,” said Quah.

Vertiv Energy Efficient Infrastructure Data Center Technologies

The delegates also had a tour at the Vertiv Experience Center situated in the event premises, to discover more about the latest Vertiv offerings, including power management solutions, rack uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, IT monitoring solutions, thermal management solutions, and integrated solutions like Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™, Vertiv™ SmartRow™ 2, and Vertiv™ SmartAisle™ 2. 

A unique activity of this annual summit was a community outreach activity in partnership with a local school. Vertiv staff and partners accompanied more than 60 students for a day tour at Bali Safari and Marine Park for fun and educational activities. The group also donated English reading/activity books to support their basic education requirements. 


During the gala dinner, thirty-six outstanding partners were recognized for their significant sales and business development achievements in 2022. It also featured classic Balinese sand art entertainment, providing a visual emphasis of the potential of technology and innovation to drive environmentally-responsible long-term goals.

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), are expected to drive data center growth and influence design deployments for current and future facilities, Sim remarked in his partners’ address, “AI and data are the future. The next wave of digital transformation is going to involve all of us. Vertiv will continue to be among the key enablers of this transformation and we invite our partners to be part of this journey.”

Learn more about Vertiv’s products and partner program at

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Future-Proof the Network: Strategies for ISPs to Prevent Infrastructure Downtime



It is no wonder how internet connectivity has changed our world because it has streamlined processes in every industry. Now, internet service providers (ISPs) find themselves at the forefront of the race to continuously provide faster speeds and seamless connectivity for people.

However, this does not come easy, as Filipinos continue to express dissatisfaction with the almost normalized cases of internet interruption in the country. A bill was even filed in the Senate, proposing amendments to Section 20 of the Public Telecommunications Policy Act. Senate Bill 2074 seeks to require public telecommunication entities (PTEs) to refund subscribers for telecommunication and internet service outages and disruptions. It also aims to ensure that consumers get their money’s worth for the internet services they have availed themselves.

Jason Lim, Country Manager at Vertiv Philippines, acknowledges this challenge for ISPs. “Internet service providers bear the huge responsibility of spearheading the prevention of infrastructure downtime and ensuring uninterrupted services for their consumers. But that does not mean these repeated cases of internet interruption and outages will persist. It is high time for ISPs to address this growing concern before it becomes detrimental to users and their services,” Lim said.

To fortify the network against disruptions and future-proof their infrastructure, Vertiv shares some key measures that ISPs can consider implementing:

Create proactive capacity planning. ISPs must ensure their networks can handle the growing bandwidth demand. Conducting network capacity planning allows ISPs to assess network utilization, identify performance chokepoints, and manage traffic volumes effectively. This ensures service availability for end-users and decreases degraded network performance.

Proper planning for maintenance and updates. ISPs cannot avoid conducting service updates and scheduled maintenance to keep their infrastructure up-to-date and provide the best solutions to users. However, they should plan the maintenance effectively and should not affect the network’s reliability. ISPs should also provide transparency reports to end-users and strive to complete all maintenance activities within the given timeframe.


Scale up data centers to accommodate growing demand. Scaling up data centers is essential for ISPs to minimize infrastructure downtime. This involves expanding data center capacity and capabilities to meet the growing storage, processing power, and connection demands. Scaling up allows ISPs to accommodate the increasing data traffic, enhance redundancy for better backup, improve cooling and power infrastructure, upgrade connectivity, and embrace advanced technologies.

One of the measures they can take to scale up is to invest in an adequate uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Vertiv offers the Vertiv™ Liebert® APM Plus, a modular high-density transformer-free UPS with exceptional features for mission-critical applications. Its modular and scalable configuration and its double conversion efficiency ensure operational cost savings, reducing the total cost of ownership  and the environmental impact. It also saves space by up to 50% over legacy systems and is fully compatible with today’s critical IT loads, which is vital for ISPs to meet the demands of users.

Prepare a robust disaster recovery plan. Unforeseen disasters, such as natural calamities or cyber-attacks, can severely impact an ISP’s infrastructure. While ISPs cannot avoid them entirely, they can prevent such events from affecting their operations by having a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan. Internet providers should invest in reliable software, hardware, and third-party services to maintain infrastructure uptime. 

Indeed, ensuring a robust and reliable internet infrastructure is imperative in today’s world. ISPs must address the issue of internet interruption and outages by implementing these proactive measures. The demand for faster speeds and seamless connectivity continues to escalate, and ISPs must rise to the challenge. Failure to do so affects consumer satisfaction and impedes progress in all industries.

And as Architects of Continuityä, Vertiv is here to help scale up internet connectivity and build a resilient internet ecosystem. The company equips solutions for service providers by offering cutting-edge, sustainable, and innovative solutions to drive economic growth. 


To learn more about how Vertiv supports the continuity of today’s vital business, visit 

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