Facebook’s AI Bots Create their Own Language: A Huge Progress for Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots

AI Chat Bots Anyone?

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots

Facebook is always on the news. While the huge multinational company is managed by just a small team, most of its work is done by Artficial Intelligence bots. These AI software are headed by researchers from Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Lab (FAIR) and it is they who made this astounding discovery!

These researchers had left the A.I chat bots (better known as dialogue agents) to conversate freely between themselves, using machine learning algorithms so that their conversational skills would better. After some time, the FAIR researchers discovered that the chat bots had started deviating from the normal speech and had started talking with each other in an entirely new language. This language that they had created, was done without any human interference, script or help at all.

While this exercise was done to improve the chat bots’ skill at normal conversation with humans, it seems their language was not one meant for humans!

Anyhow, that’s not all. The FAIR researchers also made another astounding discovery too!

They found that the chat bots had become extremely skilled at negotiating. After they were taught to negotiate, these chat bots started applying several techniques which were not taught to them in negotiating. They would fake interest at something in order to “sacrifice” it for what they wanted in a negotiation as if it was compromising.

While this is an incredibly interesting discovery, it is certainly another stepping stone for artificial intelligence!

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