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igloo street colNight Zoopkeeper is a excellent new site for students to help them w/ their Writing skills through fun interactive lessons/competition.  Also, it has an educational portal that allows educators to: assign lessons, track student progress, and assess their work in real-time.  This makes it easy for teachers to differentiate instruction and implement project based learning in their classroom.

Recently Night Zookeeper announced they are running two different Star Writing Challenges where the students have the chance(s) to get their writing published in the third Night Zookeeper book.

More info…

  • The winners of the two Star Writing challenges will have their writing published in the third Night Zookeeper book, The Penguins of Igloo City.
  • Students just have to visit the Star Writing page and click ‘accept this mission’ to start writing.
  • Students can take part in both challenges.
  • Teachers can learn how to publish and nominate student writing by watching this 20 second tutorial video.
  • We will be announcing the winners in a special live storytelling event on Facebook at the end of the month!
  • Challenge 1: “Write a report about a magical animal that lives in Igloo City”
    • Write a report about a magical animal that lives in Igloo City (max 500 words)”
    • Will run 1st-15th April
    • Maximum 500 words
    • Teachers must publish and nominate writing by 4pm GMT 15th April 2018
Click here for more info!!!

I highly recommend checking out Night Zookeeper by clicking here!!!

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