custom ringtones not working on iPhone 8 Plus and iOS 11

Many new iPhone 8/iPhone 8 plus users are facing issue with custom ringtones as it seems there are no custom ringtones. From iTunes as well users are not able to add the custom ringtones, the user is not able to drag anything to ringtones folder. The ringtones can be placed in as regular music song but can not be used as ringtone. The issue is very disappointing as iPhone 8 is unable to upload custom ringtones.

The ringtone missing in iPhone 8 seems to issue with users who have upgraded to iPhone 8 from older iPhone like 6s. The user’s complaints that the ringtones were there in iPhone 6s but none of them are present in the iPhone 8. It looks like that all custome ringtones are missing from iPhone 8 running on iOS 11. 

To Fix the custom ringtone missing from iPhone 8 :
Step 1: Connect your iPhone with the missing ringtones to your PC that is running iTunes 12.7
Step 2: After it connects, you will see your iPhone listed in the left menu, click on it to open it up. Scroll down to where you see TONES and select TONES. A window will open up and it will most likely be blank.
Step 3:  upper left corner, click on FILE and then click on ADD FILE TO LIBRARY.
Step 4: Window that opened, find your ringtone, click on it once and it will be shown as the selected file. Then…do not click on Open yet. Select the file again and this time, drag it to the TONES area and drop it. Nothing will happen. Go back to the windows window and click OPEN. The file will now appear in TONES.
Step 5:  select and added all the missing ringtones, click on SUMMARY, and then SYNC the phone.
Please note for macOS : on macOS compared to above steps is that you drag from the Finder into the Tones list to add rather than using the ‘Add File to Library’ dialog. This should fix the issue.
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Fix 2: convert file format
Take your ringtone that you created and put it in itunes.
Highlight ringtone; go to file/convert/create apple lossless version.
Drag apple lossless one to desktop.
Change suffix from m4a to m4r.
Plug iphone into computer, click iphone icon
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drag m4r into Tones
The ringtone should work now.

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