iMessage conversations out of order iPhone 6s/7plus

Many iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 plus users are facing receiving iMessages text out of order iphone and iOS10.  iMessage conversations are appearing in random order rather than chronologically with most recent at the top. This is making it difficult to find out the recent messages as all iMessage are out of sequence and in case you have many iMessage threads it may appear annoying to find out the message you are looking for. It is very easy to miss text messages. Even upgrading the iOS did not help as ios 11 text imessages out of order.
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New messages are not moving the conversation to the top of the list, and new messages within a conversation are not necessarily the most recent. It seems that imessage timestamp out of order. It appears that factory reset + restored, turned on/off iPhone do not fix the issue. Even when user restart the iPhone, found that some iMessages deleted and out of order.
Below step could help you to change order of text messages iPhone to expected order.

Fix 1: Change Date Time in Setting
The fix seems to be working on iOS 10 as well iOs 11.

1)  Go to General->Date&Time->Disable Set Automatically. Now change the time zone to something else.
2) Force exit the iMessage App by double tapping the home button and swiping up the app.
3) Open the iMessage App and check. iMessage conversation should now be sorted according to time interval.
4) Once done please change Date & Time back to set Automatically.
5) It is recommended to change your phone time is set to automatic.
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Hope above steps helped you to fix iPhone 6s/7s/ and iPhone 8 iMessage text out of order.

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