iPhone X/8/7 distorted/ muffled voice issue on calls after iOS 11.3 upgrade [Fix]


 iPhone X/8 and iPhone 6,7 users are facing issue while using carplay app to make voice call while seating in their car.  When other person calls and iPhone 7 is connected via CarPlay to car, person on other hand hears  voice distorted/ blurred which makes it hard or impossible for them to understand. On the other side when iPhone is connected via Bluetooth there are no such issue seen and the call works just perfect.


Honestly speaking there are no working fix for the issue as it is a bug in iOS system and resetting/enabling-disabling setting will not help to fix the issue. However you can avoid the issue by following:  
Fix 1: Restore the iPhone to older version
A simple solution to this issue is to restored iphone back to the iOS version where (eg 11.2.6) where you have never seen this issue.
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Fix 2: Upgrade to latest iOS releases
Some users report that after upgrading to iOS 11.4 beta the calls seems to better quality of voice on carPlay but the issue is not completely fixed. So as soon as the iOS 11.4 is released it is recommended that to upgrade the iPhone to it as Apple may fix it in that.

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