GitHackTools: The best Hacking and PenTesting tools installer on the world


About GitHackTools: GitHackTools is a the best Hacking and PenTesting tools installer on the world. BruteDum can work with any Linux distros or Windows version if they support Python 3.

Features of GitHackTools

  • Friend-ly Command Line Interface
  • A huge number os hacking tools
  • Support Windows and Linux, or orther OS. Better support on Debian or Arch Linux
  • Move to orther category with 1 command
GitHackTools installation on Linux
   You must install Python 3 and make first:
  • For Arch Linux and its distros: sudo pacman -S python3 make
  • For Debian and its distros: sudo apt install python3 make
   And then, open Terminal and enter this command:
git clone

GitHackTools installation on Windows
   Download and run Python 3.7.x setup file from On Install Python 3.7, enable Add Python 3.7 to PATH.
   Download and run Git setup file from and choose Use Git from Windows Command Propmt.

   After that, open PowerShell or Command Propmt and enter these commands:
git clone

   If you don’t want to install Git, you can download, extract and use it.

GitHackTools screenshots

Metasploit Installer on GitHackTools
Metasploit Installer on GitHackTools
Video demo:
Note: This tool may not install well with some tools on some Linux distros. Please tell me about your problems on Issues. Thanks!

Contact to coder:
To-do list:

  • Add more tools.
  • Add more features and commands.
  • More friend-ly.
  • Fix bugs if they are exist.
  • (Help me please)

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