Choobi Choobi Restaurant now accepts GCash

Mynt Vice-President for Business Development Luigi Reyes and Choobi Choobi Board of Directors Rachel Pearl Ang, Charlene Tanchan, Jennifer Go, and President and CEO Constantine Tanchan celebrate their partnership that enables Choobi Choobi customers to pay through GCash and Alipay.

The GCash-Alipay QR-based mobile payment technology is now available in the Philippines through a partnership between Mynt, a financial technology company owned by Globe Telecom, Ant Financial, and Ayala Corporation, and The Choobi Choobi Flavors Corporation which operates more than 20 branches nationwide.This enables all Choobi Choobi branches to finally accept QR payments from local GCash users as well as foreign tourists who are Alipay users.


“The GCash-Alipay QR will enable Choobi Choobi restaurants to cater to both local GCash users as well as foreign tourists who are Alipay users. Customers will experience real convenience and security. For instance, with the GCash-Alipay scan to pay feature, Choobi Choobi customers can easily pay the exact amount for their purchases using their phone,” said Anthony Thomas, President and CEO of Mynt.  Mynt is the operator of GCash.


“We are happy to partner with GCash and be the first chain of restaurants in Cebu which will offer this combined GCash-Alipay QR to our customers. We at Choobi Choobi are committed to  delivering our own grown freshest seafood and the best Filipino comfort food at the most reasonable prices.  This is an exciting partnership which will further make our customers’ dining experience more convenient. We also believe that this will open opportunities for us with the influx of Chinese tourists in Cebu. Choobi Choobi Restaurants will now be able to accept Alipay payments. Thanks to GCash,” said  Mr. Constantine Tanchan, President of Choobi Choobi Restaurant.


For GCash users, they can pay via the scan to pay feature in the GCash app while Alipay users may also use the same feature in the Alipay App.


Choobi Choobi is derived from a Fookien word which means “to enjoy” that’s how their tag line “Lingaw lingaw Kaon!” originated.

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