Cybersecurity must be a Critical Component of Customer service

LOCKS2 Cyber Security
LOCKS2 Cyber Security

Cybersecurity has become a necessity.

This was the statement made by Globe Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio during a panel discussion entitled “Beyond Connectivity and Access: The Cybersecurity Initiative” at the recent Industry 4.0 Summit.

“Cybersecurity may sound like alien terminology but business leaders must recognize it as a vital part of customer service given the growing threats to data privacy in this digital age,” Bonifacio said.

LOCKS2 Cyber Security

LOCKS2 Cyber Security

He pointed out that many businesses are not investing enough in cybersecurity and see it as unnecessary cost that can wait. This mindset can potentially expose customers of the company to the growing dangers online.

“As a business if you think you are not affected by it you couldn’t be more wrong. As you talk about IR4.0, you are actually talking about Cold War 4.0. Nowadays it’s no longer a real spy that is sent, it’s actually hackers. The adversary has become more difficult. They’re looking for financial gain or espionage,” he said.

“Cybersecurity is about ‘serving’ your customers. It is an integral part of customer experience. Whether your customers are direct consumers or enterprises as part of a supply chain — it is all part of customer care. It cannot wait and it is not optional. Cybersecutiy is something that you do to make customers feel comfortable like a retailer investing in air conditioning,” he added.

Globe invests US$60 millions annually in cybersecurity to protect the data of its customers and to comply with the Data Privacy Act, as part of the company’s good governance policy.

The company also provides a round-the-clock support to its Enterprise customers from its Advance Security Operations Centers (ASOC) and follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework that helps business identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cybersecurity threats online.

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