Globe Provides Online Training and ICT Support Programs to TESDA

Globe has forged a partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to provide the agency with internet communication support as well as substantial knowledge of digital citizenship and cybersafety through online training.

“The partnership that we have with Globe will benefit TESDA and the Filipino people. The assistance that will be given to us will help our inspectorate committee in ensuring TESDA is well-functioning, and be on the lookout for corruption. Globe will also help us in digitization of our online courses and help improve our e-Learning courses,” said Isidro Lapena, Director General of TESDA.


“Our partnership with TESDA goes beyond connectivity support. It is about working together to help build a responsible digital nation. We’re extending support to digitize TESDA courses and learning modules. This includes digital literacy and online responsibility. We are also extending communication support to increase awareness and usage of the 911TESDA platform,” said Miguel Bermundo, Head of Citizenship & Advocacy Marketing in Globe.

Part of the partnership is TESDA’s recognition of Globe’s Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) which promotes responsible online citizenship through free workshops for students and trainors. DTP includes four learning modules, namely Digital Insight, Digital Impact, Digital Ambition, and Digital Discernment, which were conceptualized and designed to increase students’ knowledge of digital citizenship and cyber safety. The modules involve taking a careful look at one’s online behavior and helping develop insights on how the online world can influence decision making. In line with this, Globe will provide TESDA with modules that will be utilized in TESDA’s training hubs with initial training to be conducted in TESDA’s national headquarters.

Globe also provides TESDA with prepaid load credits that will be used in conducting a phone brigade for TESDA to verify attendees listed in its database. This will aid the government agency in improving the audit process of its nationwide operations. The mission is expected to be call-intensive so the communication support from Globe is expected to make TESDA’s investigation more efficient.

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