Best Computer Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

Best Computer Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know
Learning is a never ending process. Learning new things helps us to improve our skill. I found many useful computer tips and tricks on Reddit. All these computer tricks are useful and worth sharing. So here I am sharing some tips with you.

General Computer Tricks

You can now create a simple folder to access control panel from your desktop. You can do this by making a new folder and rename it to “God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”. After changing name the folder icon immediately change to control panel icon.

Best Computer Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know
Best Computer Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know 

Note: Don’t try this trick on vista Windows 64-bit.

Problem steps recorder is a useful tool to record mouse clicks and takes screen shots. You can use this tool by Windows+R and type “psr”. This tool will compile and organize data on its own and can help you with solving problems on friends computer without remote access.

WinDirStart is a useful tool to find files which are consuming lots of space. You can find/delete unwanted files to free up space.

Reduce start up programs to reduce boot speed. You can do this by clicking Windows + R > type “msconfig” > select start up tab in window > turn off unwanted programs. This will reduce the startup time of your pc.

Note: Windows 8 moved this program to task manager.

Online backup. Back up your important files and documents in Google Drive, DropBox or any other popular online storage service to keep your data safe. This will also allow you to reach your data from any device.

Computer typing tips and tricks

Every writer felt that deleting letters within words take more time then retyping the whole word again. But how can you delete it without taking hands off from keyboard. You can do this with Ctrl + Backspace.  You can also move cursor to next or previous word by using keyboard shortcuts. Use Ctrl + arrow key left to move in the beginning of last letter and Ctrl + right to move in the beginning of next letter. In Mac use option and direction keys to move to the next or previous word.

You can write sub and super scripts in word document by pressing ctrl + = and Ctrl + shift + =. 
Microsoft word will retain original format of text you from a website. Paste plain text using ctrl + shift + V instead of normal ctrl + v for pasting. In notepad you can paste and then press ctrl + spacebar to remove any formatting. You can also use Puretext to assign any key to paste plain text.

Web Browser Tips

You can type website name and press ctrl + enter to add www and .com. You can use ctrl + shift + enter to add .net at the end.

You can jump straight to address bar with simple shortcuts like F6 and ctrl + L or ALT + D. 
Press Ctrl + shift + N to use incognito mode in chrome and Firefox on public computers. You can use Ctrl + Tab Or Ctrl + Numeric keys to jump tabs in browsers.

I hope you found at least one new and useful computer trick. Don’t forget to comment and share new tricks with other users. Thank you for reading. 

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