How To Become a Hacker in 2017 [Hacking Tricks]

How To Become a Hacker
Hackers are no ordinary people. They live a mysterious and abstract life. Their main skill is to think outside the box to solve problems. They equipped themselves with various coding languages and good problem solving skills. Their motivational drive comes from thrill of solving difficult problems with extra ordinary skills and intelligence.

How To Become a Hacker in 2017 [Hacking Tricks]

Hackers help a lot in modern day internet security. To become a hacker you have to go through a tough learning process for several years.

Few things you need as a hacker are as following:

How To Become a Hacker in 2017 [Hacking Tricks]

Personal characteristics of hackers


  1. Never ending learning process to increase their skill set.
  2. Solving problems one step at a time.
  3. Finding new ways to solve a problem.
  4. Dedication, passion and thrive for success.
  5. Hard Work 
  6. An intelligent mind.
All above mentioned things will help you to become a hacker from cracker.

Basic Skills To Become A Great Hacker 

Ethics and constrictive attitude is vital but skills are the most important thing in the life of a hacker. It separates the men from boys.
You must master below mentioned skills to become a successful hacker.  


You must learn few programming language to start as a hacker. There is a list of few programming languages which helps you in hacking.

  1. Python. Python is one the best for beginners. The design of Python is relatively clean as compared to other languages and it is kind to newbie’s.
  2. Java. You can also learn Java as your first language. But in recent past people prefer python over Java.
  3. C is anther monster language in programming. It is important because UNIX used it as a core language. C resembles C++ and if you know any of them you can easily learn the other.
  4. Other important languages are Lisp and Perl.

How To Become a Hacker in 2017 [Hacking Tricks]

All these languages use have their unique approach towards programming. Learning all will defiantly raise your programming knowledge but you are nowhere close to become a hacker unless you learn to think solve problems by not relying on single programming language.

Learn to use Open Source Unixes

You can’t hack anything using Microsoft Windows. These systems will not allow you to read and modify codes. So u has to use Linux or any BSD-Unix. My preference is Linux but you can also try Ubuntu and Kali.

Learn How to Write/Read HTML codes 

Most of the worldwide web is Hyper-Text Mark Up language (HTML) based. Learn how to build web page and to look in to codes of other websites to have inside on HTML coding.

Hacker’s Culture and your role 

No one becomes a hacker unless he contributes in hacking culture and he recognizes him by his name. You can contribute towards hacking culture by writing open source software or by debugging the one already exists. You can also contribute by publishing useful information in hacker culture on regular basis. All this will help you to gain more knowledge, insight and respect in hacker culture.

How To Become a Hacker in 2017 [Hacking Tricks]

Last but not least you have to acquire good writing skills in English. A combination of all above mentioned skills and time, hard work and dedication will help you in climbing the ladder of success as a hacker. 

Hope you enjoy reading “How to become a Hacker”. 

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