How To Hack Facebook Account Password With Software | Fb ID Hacking Tricks 2017

How To Hack Facebook Account Password With Software

How To Hack Facebook Account Password With Software | Fb ID Hacking Tricks 2017

In previous article we discussed about hacking facebook account without any software. So in this articles I will discuss tricks, tips and type of software hackers use to hack facebook id and passwords.

Disclaimer : The purpose of sharing this information is to educate internet users to keep their facebook accounts safe. Hacking passwords of facebook account is illegal. Most countries have very strict law and consider it as cyber crime. 

How To Hack Facebook Account Password With Software
How To Hack Facebook Account Password With Software


Key logger is software which can record keyboard key strokes and platforms in a log and send it via email to hacker. These programs once installed are undetectable. A hacker needs only a minute on your computer to install a key logger. There are plenty of free and paid key logger software’s available online. Hacker will choose the one which suit his demand.

Many methods are used to lure someone into installing key logger on his own computer. One such way is to install key logger on a USB and drop it somewhere near the target. This technique is used my military intelligence on very high level to destroy atomic reactors. The first thing everyone does is to insert this USB on his personal computer. People mostly do it out of sheer curiosity about what’s inside or can they find the owner. This is a dangerous move as key logger will automatically install itself on your computer.


Protection from Keylogger

  • Firewalls are always handy when it comes to avoid keylogger.

  • Firewalls have the ability to sometimes detect suspicious keylogger activity.

  • Use on screen keyboard for typing important passwords. Banks are already using on screen keyboards. Update your software on regular bases.


Cookies are just like data packets saved on computer. Cookies actually help websites to give you a unique user experience. Hacker can also steal this data to gain information. Hackers on same WiFi network can steal cookies and exploit them to crack your facebook password. They can also clone cookies and trick facebook to gain access of your account. This type of hackers is professional.

This can be done by a simple and easy to use Firefox extension/add-on Firesheep. Firesheep software allow its users to collect and save cookies from same network in their browser. Hacker can click and gain access after loading those cookies in browser. Hacker can only access the account until the victim is logged in on the same network. It is nearly impossible for hacker to access account if victim logs out. 

How To Hack Facebook Account Password With Software | Fb ID Hacking Tricks 2017

How to Protect against Cookie Theft

  • Always enable secure browsing on facebook.
  • You can do that by enabling secure browsing in security settings.
  • Secure browsing enables HTTPS. HTTPS connections are not detected by any kind of cookie stealing software.
  • You can also use SSL extension on chrome and add-on for Firefox.Logout facebook when you are done using it.
  • Hacker can never have any access after you logs out.Avoid open public WiFi’s.
  • They are the fishing spots for hackers.Use vpn one Open WiFi Connections. Don’t share WiFi with neighbors.
This is another common method used to steal Facebook user’s password. Most people are unaware of these method but traditional hackers use this method to hack user accounts.

Browser extensions software Trick to hack Fb id

We use many extensions in chrome and many add-ons in Firefox to do simple task like accepting Facebook friend requests in bulk and other tasks. Developers can use these extensions to gain unauthorized access of your Facebook account.

This is a very common approach by hacker. Whenever someone visit a malicious website pop in attacks him from everywhere asking him to download a lucrative offering extension. Once downloaded, this malicious add-on/extension can give access of your account to owner of extension. Hacker might use your account to like pages and some other activities which you will find in Activity log. 

How to prevent Browser extension facebook hacking technique

  •   Don’t trust any website promoting browser extension.
  • Always search browser extensions in browser extension store itself.
  • They are trusted add-ons/extensions.Delete every suspicious extension from your browser.

Malicious Facebook application hack

There are many website which are not parented by Facebook still ask you to login using your facebook account. Whenever you click on login using facebook a dialog box appears. This dialog box asks you for permission. As soon as you click allow. The third party uses all your information from facebook.  

These third party applications can share posts, links on your timeline. They can also post on your pages and can steal your information. They can also use your photos. These applications can also share worthless malicious content on your timeline.

How to prevent yourself from malicious Facebook apps?

Don’t allow any third party website to use your facebook information. Instead of using facebook account to login use email id to sign up. Only give permission to websites parented by facebook.

Browser vulnerabilities hacking technique

Most programmers are always looking for any kind of vulnerability in browsers. Most browser vulnerabilities are often fixed within no time. But most users are always using older versions of browsers so programmers knew about vulnerabilities and try them to hack Facebook accounts. Hackers use various software and programming techniques to exploit this loop hole in browser.


How to Prevent being hacked through Browser vulnerabilities

You can prevent browser vulnerabilities by keeping then up to date. Browser companies update their browser version free from vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are often found and reported from other security experts to claim reward from browser companies.


How To Hack Facebook Account Password With Software | Fb ID Hacking Tricks 2017

Self XSS hacking technique

Self XSS Is a type of social engineering attack. It happens when a victim unintentionally execute a script. Which enable hacker to exploit weakness in the security. XSS is basically a venerability of web security. In this type of Facebook Hacking, Hacker promises you that loading a script in your browser will help you in hacking any Facebook account. As soon as you load this malicious Java script in your browser hacker can manipulate your account to add you to groups, post on your wall and tag your friends in comment.

How to prevent Self XSS attack


  • Never copy and paste any script promising you to help hacking others accounts.


Trojan horse hacking trick

Malwares like Trojan horse as disguised as any other software to lure anyone in downloading them. They also work as Remote key logger. Trojan acting as key logger has the ability to record and send key strokes to hacker. Hackers can disguise Trojan as Pdf, Avi file or any other software. A hacker can upload a Trojan horse on website. They can also send Trojan horse malicious software in USB or email. They work in back ground and often remain undetected for long periods of time. During this time if you login your fb account then Trojan can save your id, password in a log and send it to hacker via mail.

How to prevent Trojan (Malicious Software) 

  • Never install any software or program from suspicious website or unknown source.
  • Don’t download media files from suspected source.
  • Don’t insert any USB your found.
  • Install any good antivirus and keep it up to date.
Keeping you antivirus up to date will reduce Trojan attack probability by 99%. Antivirus programs have database of already existed malwares so they can compare downloaded files with already existed database. Still hacker manager to create new malwares. Which are not available in the database of antivirus so they remain undetected.

Zero day hacking technique

Zero day is a term used for undetected security vulnerability of any site of software. Hackers are also looking for Zero day vulnerabilities in facebook security as well.  To find zero day vulnerability in Facebook is nearly a rare event. Facebook runs a bug bounty program in which people from all around the world participate to find bugs in facebook and report them to win the bounty. Though this program facebook fix his security loop holes before any hacker use them for hacking purpose. But there are many people who like bounty big hunter are trying everyday to find loop holes to exploit them. There are few big vulnerabilities are execution of remote code in fb server, using phone number to hack an account, using API for hacking, brute force and many more.


Can you become a target of Zero day hacking technique

You should not worry about zero day vulnerabilities because using them against a common man is a very rare event. Hackers always use them against influential figures and celebrities.
I hope I cover all tricks which involve some kind of software in hacking process. Most of them are only possible for professional hacker. But sometimes teenagers with good computer knowledge can also learn this knowledge and use it to hack facebook accounts.

Comment and share your experience with others. I hope both these Facebook Hacking Trick Guides will help you to secure your account and password. 

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