[Trick] to become a Level 1 Seller On Fiverr Within Week 2017

[Trick] to become a Level 1 Seller On Fiverr Within Week 2016
[Trick] to become a Level 1 Seller On Fiverr Within Week 2016
Today, I am gonna to reveal the secret how I got Level 1 Seller badge within a week on Fiverr. According to experts, Being Level 1 seller on Fiverr is the biggest success that a new seller can make within days or weeks. I am a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr and I achieved level 1 badge within a week. This post will be awesome for those who want to become a level 1 seller within a short span of time…

[Trick] to become a Level 1 Seller On Fiverr Within Week 


1. Create an Attractive Profile

Firs of all, create an attractive profile.Follow some tips:
  • Write a good introduction. The Introduction must have something telling about your experience. Use you own Good DP! or original DP in good quality

2. Create your Gig

Create your First gig, gig must have:
  • An attractive image!
  • In the image, you can use badges like Money Back Guarantee, 100% Guaranteed, 100% satisfaction, etc.
  • Good description.
  • Never leave tags empty. Tags are really important for the ranking of a gig.
  • Add gig extras to earn more!!
  • Add a video explaining your service

3. Get Fake Views for your gigs

Promote your gigs over social media and get views, clicks, etc. After you got good views or clicks, you will succeed in ranking your gig. I did that and got my first order ???? !
NOTE: This step is important.

4. Maintain 100% positive ratings

Maintain  a good and positive rating on Fiverr. Try to get 100% positive rating on the first Order. If you got 100% positive rating on first sale, you will get more orders.

5. Offer Gig extras to each of your Buyer

Recently, Fiverr launched a new feature by which you can offer  gig extras to your buyers on the order page. Offer gig extras to every buyer as gig extras are compulsory in achieving level 1.

6. Convert Buyers into Clients

How ???? ? Just use My Contacts Feature and make a contact with your buyers. Offer new stuff and earn more. This may convert or transform any buyer into regular buyer or client.
Quick Tip:
Prefer cancellation over negative review
Some Requirements to achieve Level 1 Seller badge on Fiverr.
  • Complete about 10 orders
  • Maintain 4.5 or above star rating
  • Must get a single order on Gig extras.
Remember: You can earn 2000$ per order after achieving Level 1 :) 

Final Thought

If you followed all the steps, then I am sure you will achieve Level 1. Good Luck and Happy Freelancing :) !

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