Payoneer Simplifies Global Transactions For Cebuanos

Payoneer Cebu Forum

The priority for many digital entrepreneurs in the Philippines is delivering quality services and trouble-free global transactions. Four entrepreneurs spoke before a large group of digital-savvy Cebuanos about how Payoneer solved cross-border payments during a recent Payoneer Forum in Cebu last May 27, 2017.

Payoneer Simplifies Global Transactions

“We are aggressively expanding our facilities in different places in the Philippines, Payoneer will be a big factor in getting client payments on time and very smooth so it’s easier for both of us,” said Michael Cubos, founder and CEO of Performance 360.

The second largest city in the Philippines, Cebu is home to a vibrant digital startup community and a sizable BPO industry. The Payoneer Forum attracted an engaged Cebuano audience.

The forum panel also included Purple Click Philippines CEO and President Piccina Alvarez, Kinder Fluff CEO Yasi Herbich, Freelancer Jason Dulay, and Payoneer Philippines Country Manager Miguel Warren.

“Our clients outsource us so it’s easier for them to do their business. I don’t want the payment factor to be another battle to sort out so I want the payments to be more convenient and super easy and very convenient for both of us,” Cubos said.

“So far, Payoneer has been really good and I’m really super satisfied with the transaction that’s going on. For me it’s a big factor that we can use Payoneer and put it in the billing part so I can send my clients a direct link to the invoice, you can just grab your card right away and fill out everything then pay us and we receive that in our Payoneer account.”

Dulay, on the other hand, has gone beyond freelancing to teaching Filipinos how they can harness the power of the Internet to earn and still be with their families. “We have over 10,000 students enrolled in our courses and we have around 70,000 who are part of our community.”

He said many in his freelancing community prefer Payoneer because they earn extra dollars.

Warren explained that entrepreneurs earn more because Payoneer offers better rates and higher foreign exchange rates.

“The traction that we are starting to get with small businesses that are leveling up here in the Philippines has been amazing. We have onboard BPO’s and search engine optimization companies such as Magellan Solutions, True logic, Lit vista,” Warren said.

“We also worked with a lot of outsourcing companies all over the Philippines. Virtual work for professionals based in Iloilo, Global telemarketing Philippines based in Manila, East Technology Solutions that is our Brand Ambassador, Alan Donato’s company based in Bulacan. And in terms of E-commerce sellers, we also have a lot here in Cebu like Loudbasstard, producers of locally made bamboo speakers. They’re users of Payoneer, we are super proud of that. And Kinder Fluff, another one of our speakers. She is an Amazon seller that sells pillows, she is also based here in Cebu,” he added.

“It’s one of the things that I really love about my job is working with these amazing entrepreneurs, understanding their stories, and really working with them to capitalize on global opportunities that we see before us today,” he concluded.

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