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Guitar has been giving us amazing music for a long time and it brings amazing tune almost to any songs. Want to know more about guitars, here are some amazing facts that you thought you know about the guitar. Enjoy 🙂

– The classical guitar has 6 strings.

– Parts of the guitar are described like the human body: head, neck, and body.
– The neck of the guitar has many lines on it called frets. They change the pitch of the string like keys on a piano.
– It was in the late -1800s that the modern classical guitar was developed.
– Strings used to be made from animal intestines prior to modern nylon technology.
– Many classical guita rists borrow music written for other instruments for performance since the guitar has not been around a long as some others.
– The guitar can be used to play melodies by itself or accompany other instruments and singers by playing chords.
– The guitars origins are to be found in central Asia and India.
– The oldest known representation of a guitar being played is a Hittite carving that is almost 3 and a half thousand years old.
– It is believed that the word ‘guitar’ has it’s origin in Persian. Tar means string in Persian.
– The Lute, an instrument that no doubt influenced the conception of the modern guitar, was played by the Norse hero Gunther
in the Legend of Siegfried. He played it with his toes while dying in a snake-pit.
– Nigel Tufnel of the band Spinal Tap repeated Gunthers trick in the Movie, “This Is Spinal Tap”.
– Although the guitar is generally strung with six strings, guitars can be bought with as many as 11 strings. 12 string guitars are
strung in 6 pairs of octaves. There are also different types of guitars that can have a multitude  of strings tuned to notes as drone strings as with certain slide guitar models, or strings to be plucked without fretting as with Harp guitars.
– The first electric guitar was built in the 30’s.
–  The composer Franz Schubert composed his music on guitar. He couldn’t afford a piano.
– Leo Fender, Inventor of the Stratocaster and Telecaster, wasn’t a guitarist. He played Saxophone.
– The smallest guitar in the world is 10 micrometers long. It was made by researchers at Cornell University, and when the strings are plucked by an atomic force microscope, they resonate, though inaudibly. 10 micrometers is about the same size as a blood cell, so it stands to reason that only a fairy midget could benefit from the thing’s existence.
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